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Bill Buppert sends this War On The Rocks piece.




You cannot win without these.

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  1. Now that was a thought provoking article. It’s easy to oversimplify past events, especially when I wasn’t even alive to remember said events didn’t occur in a vacuum. Thanks for linking to it.

  2. “As former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger pointed out: “History is written through a rear-view mirror but it unfolds through a foggy windshield.”-says the guy with warehouses full of fog machines out by Dulles airport. I miss DC, spooky down there.

  3. received history is a bunch of flimsy stage-sets erected by the nominal victors and their apologists to sustain a specific structure of power. Once in a while, like a bolt of lightning at midnight, an event(s) occurs that briefly
    illuminates the real forces behind the stage sets: evening of 24 December, 1913 (when(((Rothschild)))/(((Warburg)))/[[[Morgen]]]/[[[Rockefeller]]] smuggled the Third National Bank through a weary, distracted Congress)….and the hit on the Archduke @ Sarajevo, 6 months later; 11/26/41 thru 12/7/41; 11/22/63 thru Tonkin Gulf; PNAC thru 9/11/01; Pizzagate; etc. Just doing a quick content analysis of Gavin’s insightful essay, we can see who’s been setting the stage for quite some time now: (((Eliot Cohen))), (((Phil Zelikow))), (((Sandy Berger))), (((Henry Kissinger))), (((Simon Schema))) et. al….and a few [[[–]]]’s. No doubt vast historical insights will continue to emanate from the “Henry Kissinger School of This’n That @ Wherever”.

    • Haxo, you cynic! You mean that there are institutions out there whose only real purpose is to legitimize the ruling class??! I’m flabbergasted!

  4. LightninBolt

    Long article but very informative. About the “book suppository man”, the “grassy knoll man”, the “umbrella man”, and the “welfare man…LBJ”…should really call him, (LBJ), the “winking man” after the slaying of JFK. Destruction and Chaos was the order of the day during LBJ’s reign and after Camelot’s (JFK’s) death…(a progressive against a “blue dog” democrat ,the kind we need to come together as one America. Today. Well, don’t hold your breath…
    I’m so sorry to say….be vigilant!

  5. Thanks for the article and those 3 P’s… considering your training and experience, your 0.02 cents is far more valuable to me in just a few words than some conservative moguls entire articles. Just sayin’. Happy Friday everyone!

  6. Reading this, then trying to imagine either Trump or Hillary, or anyone in Congress reading it and absorbing the message – nope, can’t imagine it.

  7. What do we really know? Something. Nothing. A little. What we think of history doesn’t matter. How we make it, does.

    • There you go Sean, as you say. That right there, “How we make it, does.”
      That is my sense of things too, and my take away from that excellent essay linked above.
      The underlying current of history is usually far below the radar of the political elites, though they prefer to think of themselves as the movers and shakers.
      I think in the context of the great leap of liberty, they are incapable of grasping the nature of us dirt people. We are in a way the real movers and shakers, and we ourselves are of all people sometimes as blind to that as the political elites. It is the law of unintended consequences and the motive power, or audacity of indomitability, of something that runs through the veins of us dirt people that is the upstream of everything determining factor over-riding everything else.
      For unlike any people on Earth in this epoch, we alone are unique in this, we have this primal power to define and change that undercurrent of history and destiny.
      I’ve thought long and hard on this, I think it makes a lot of sense. For explanation justifying my contention, I say just look at the “movers and shakers”, what they do, how they behave and act, and in every instance there is a common connected thread. They all are either acting, or reacting, it seems everything they do is predicated on the underlying imperative, in one way or another, to the truth us dirt people have sovereign and primal rights, and the motives and reasons, almost to a man the “elites” of whatever class or ideology, are circumscribed around taking, stealing, denying, imposing, enforcing, foisting or coercing us dirt people out of our freedoms, prosperity, and property, or into some form of tyranny designed to remove us of our inherent fundamental natural rights.

      So if this guy’s theory of Strategy and Statecraft has veracity, I think it is pretty clear we as Americans, us dirt people, the Deplorable’s, we are the underlying determinators of our era’s history.
      Rather profound wouldn’t you say?

      To me the convincing component in my supposition is it is the simplest component in world affairs. No Nation State, the US Government included, in particular the actors occupying the seats of power and influence, at their least, at their best, are administrative dictatorships, that not only have any of them ever created an iota of freedom or liberty, at their best they are incapable of protecting or defending any freedom or liberty without the threat of revolt or revolution of the dirt people to keep them from being worse than they are, never mind honest.
      In every case, the one common thread, is that every state no matter it’s composition, tends to tyranny, benign, good intentioned, or worse, and it is always the dirt peoples burden to accept or throw off the burden of nation state tyranny, it is the dirt people and their primal liberty who are always the object of usurpation, who else is there?
      So in a sense, more than a sense, in the grand scheme of things, us dirt people are the determining dynamic that shapes history, because everyone else wants to control us, rob us, deny us, because to have political power outside the purview of the sovereign individual and the liberty below the sovereign feet of the dirt people in this world is to impose tyranny on the dirt people.
      In the ultimate scheme, what other dynamic is there more influential in the shaping of the power of the strategy and statecraft of the worlds power elite?
      And what does that say about the natural inherent motive power and threat to world power us lowly dirt people and our liberty possess?

      • MichiganderJim

        “So in a sense, more than a sense, in the grand scheme of things, us dirt people are the determining dynamic that shapes history…”

        Sure, always been that way. That’s why looters and moochers go about it the way they do…so somebody else will do the work! It’s nothing but slavery writ large. Never was, just different approaches to it.

        Meanwhile Sean’s got the key but it might as well be a foreign phrase. “How we make it,” is indeed the only thing that matters because it’s the only thing that happens. Problem is, asking people to accept the fact that they have the ability–and hence the responsibility–of making things, can be very upsetting to modern snowflakes. They figure it better that someone else take care of it. That they needlessly suffer and die for this belief is irrelevant to them, so faithfully do they accept it.

        Take a look at the lines for the showers, or even most Americans now, and tell me that ain’t true. “Anyone but me…”

        For the ethical derivation of this madness, both Jon and Curtis are excellent sources.

    • Come on Sean nobody wants to make history they just want to complain about the history that is being made for them…

  8. Boys, it’s only history, if “THEY” say it is. Imagine where we would be if the truth of our history, was told.


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