Got Comms?



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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Those are the ones I used 40+ yrs ago, great phone.
    But I’m sure glad I bought my German ones when the were still $40/pr. Dated around 1980, both of them. Now I see them at around $100/pr.
    Wire prices are down again too, stock up now. Got 2 spools of NIB US wire .5 km/spool for under $40!

    • If you don’t mind me asking you being you have 1st hand experience, how well do they work in regards voice clarity and battery life?

    • Agree, both on the venerable -312 as well as the nice German variety (which you “$tole” price-wise compared to now as you point out 🙂 ). These things, with a variety of wire types, are simply “a good thing” to have. Glad I picked mine up awhile back with some extra glow-lamps to make a caveman-switchboard. A pair did duty for awhile up at some hunting property & saved some hikes to get some help or tell someone to get on the 4-wheeler to get a deer out, etc.

      Buying tip on some of these -312’s out there. If you can, talk to the seller on the phone and make clear you want them to send you one tested to verify the ringer is fully-functional. It’s not a hard fix but a PITA to source part, dig into it, etc. I do have one kept with ringer disabled & operates using aforementioned lamp wired on to indicate incoming call, good for the distant location if need arises in the interest of quietude.)

  3. 0321, where can one find these, and the wire?

    Thanks in advance.


  4. Already have the phones (and an SB22P/T field switchboard) plus WD1/TT wire…

    But, these can be run off of any wire – regular house phone wire (not hooked up to the phone system, please), ethernet cable, etc…Just pick a pair and use it.

  5. What was the designation on the old analog switchboards with the black/white indicators? The only snag I see with this sort of thing is laying & maintaining the wire if you are pinched for manpower. Some fool is always tripping on an exposed loop (always seems to happen) or somebody digs and hits it. Never had one of the pictured phones fail.

  6. Not sure if these exact phones were mentioned, but our friend Brushbeater recommended this type of phone recently in one of his articles. That said… probably something to seriously consider….

  7. Once while volunteering with the comm man and another
    jarhead, we left our bivouac just before sundown and
    headed up & down, up & down hills (numbered of course
    on our handy charted “maps”), until finally reaching our
    objective. We silently breached the guards until close
    enough to notice a comm wire, whereby the comm man,
    being more savvy on comms, grabbed his K-Bar and cut
    the wire. I remember the screaming coming from the
    Command Post Tent, lots of brass – “WHAT THE FUCK!!!!”
    It was nighttime by then, about 2200 hours. Then
    we started popping flares and firing for effect, then quickly
    navigated our way back to the bivouac area. Even kicked
    out some jarheads out of our shelter halves we had set
    up prior to our mission upon arriving (about 0300 all tired and ready
    to rest some 🙂
    Note: This event was during war games, as part of an
    aggressor platoon against a Division over in South