It’s Time For Democrats To Fight Dirty


H/t to Maggie’s Farm for this spittle-flecked manifesto.

No wonder civil war remains on the discussion list.

Who in their right mind would want to live with such madness?

Support the California “CalExit” secession movement.

Add the coastal Northeast and Northwest as well.

Allow city-states such as Chicago and Denver.

Let them go.

45 responses to “It’s Time For Democrats To Fight Dirty

  1. Roy Elliott Hurley

    As someone living in Denver I’d love to see cascading secession of the so-called sanctuary cities and states. Denver is in a slow speed failure. Let’s allow them to segregate themselves for the sake of quarantine.

    • It’s already beginning to sort itself out and the divisions between countryside and city are jelling.
      This election is indicative of the lines of demarcation. It must be a terrifying cold reality to the left. Rightfully so. Nobody has warranted and so fully earned the cold anger and scorn of the dirt people as this human extinction movement. And if the left thinks doubling down is going to cause fear and compliance with it’s agenda, it is out of it’s fucking mind and existentially self destructive in absolute terms.
      The last 10 years has seen an exodus of the more lucid and aware citizenry heading for the hills and preparing. It is no small thing. It is a movement of people who know exactly what they are about and where they want to be and for the most profound reasons possible. That is a long time and a lot of people who have a rational grasp on the coming festivities. This sea change is not without it’s influential and cultural effects. I’m talking about a plurality of people who are certainly not useful dupes or free-shitters, these are people who want to, plan to, and have taken action, in the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, by getting out of the people traps called cities. They prepare, become properly armed and trained in martial activities, are learning the ways of agrarian and secessionist self sufficient/determining living.
      There is some serious dynamics developing here. At some point it is going to evolve if it hasn’t begun already into a new grass roots insurgent culture of die hard indomitable people in numbers more than adequit to create a force of solidarity with control of vast resources and territory. Which is very important, as no resistance of the kind necessary to defend and preserve personal liberty and it’s blessings, can be successful without holding territory and it’s resources.
      That in my mind is the line of demarkation between the left and the dirt people, the forward edge of the battle zone so to say.
      The Fed thugs have done the future of this flyover country territory an amazing favor by locking up billions of acres of resources and territory. They are not going to be able to defend, never mind secure all that territory, they don’t have the man power, the violent force resources to hold the countryside in the iron fist grip needed against American Freemen, and as this land and it’s vast resources has laid virtually reserved for their future use for decades, it will become invaluable resource for the dirt people.

      The Fabians and their vassals have made a serious strategic blunder. Marxism can not be successful without securing the countryside. Stalin and his henchmen where correct in creating Kulakization, in collective farming, factories, extractive industries. Disarmament and pogrom of the dirt people is an absolute pre-reuisite in establishing totalitarian rule over nation states the size and scope of America and Russia. The Banksters, transnationalists and their cultural marxist lapdogs have somehow mixed up the priorities of implementing their one world order, or their timetables, the so called Overton Window is seriously out of kilter.
      I suspect they have become obsessed with navel gazing into their delusions of dissonance, their moral superiority. The intelligentsia is a paper tiger, bereft of the bloody mindedness that made Mao and Stalin such genocidal maniacs. In some ways we have turned a corner as people, where after the genocide of the 20th century, there is almost an instinctive sense in enough dirt people where they will not be caught out before it is too late to defy and defeat such tyrants, not in the West, regardless of our faults and foibles.
      I think too the 2nd Amendment and the culture of arms the genius of the founders established, which has not only survived, but flourished, in the face of every marxist attempt to extinguish rightful liberty of self defense against tyrants. It alone is the savings grace as a bulwark that protects so much of the other primal rights that keeps the flame of freedom and liberty very much alive.

  2. Rainbows and Unicorn farts. Won’t not never happen.

  3. Great – the Balkanization of America. Seems like we have seen this picture somewhere else with (dare I say it?) spectacular results. On the other hand, it is good to see in print, the ranting’s and mind set of the ‘other side’: keeps things real yo – it’s just a reminder of why I, 1) live way out in the sticks with (mostly) like mind folks, 2) have a store of ammo/firearms/food and 3) why I do not under any circumstance trust either political party or the ‘government’ as a whole.

  4. CalExit? Hell I was hoping for a combo San Andreas earthquake and 700yr pacific rim tsunami in a nice tight package. New beach front and no liberals to be seen.

  5. CalExit, or any other exit will never happen … and the resistance will not come from conservatives, but from the DNC. California is essential to the democrats winning the white house: Without California there probably wouldn’t be another democrat president for 16-20 years; therefore, sadly, California will always be a part of the union. They’re just talkin’ shit. Ain’t gonna happen.

    • If the Dem voters in CA go against the desires of the DNC the next thing you know CA is in “demoncrap” crisis. Will CA Dem politicians nullify the will of their own voters? I say let them vote on it and if CA Dem voters want to go… LET THEM GO. It’s the Demoncrap party that likes mob rule so let them have a taste of it.

      It was impossible for Brexit. It was impossible for Trump to be elected. It was impossible for Catalan Spain to vote for secession. It’s impossible for any future political upsets in Europe. It’s impossible for the EU to break up. It’s impossible to secede. C’mon people wake the fuck up all those things you think are impossible, might not be impossible.

      Unless you are some brainwashed cult of Lincoln bootlicker, Secession is Constitutional under the 10th Amendment. Any sovereign state wanting to leave Lincolns leviathan peaceably… can do so.

      Grey Ghost


    Two things: 1) Be careful what you wish for. If the Kalifornia Soviet Republic wants to secede, fine. But what about those State-Of-Jefferson counties up north who have been wanting to cut ties with the bed-wetting cosmic-white progressives and human debris in the rest of the state? Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.Once you set a legal precedent, you have opened the door to others who will demand the same right. Take a good look at the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. That is the future.
    2) So you are now a sovereign country, Kalifornia. Where are your army, navy, and air force to defend you? At one time the state had the seventh largest economy in the world. Once you cast yourselves adrift, the Chinamen and other wolves in sheep’s clothing will be salivating over the agricultural potential of the San Joaquin Valley, the rare earth mineral deposits in the Mojave Desert and other resources. Environmental considerations? Yeah, right! The Chinamen will take good care of protecting the Kangaroo Rats and Delta Smelt, Not! We are living in very interesting times.

    • DTW, well said!.



        Thank you, sir! I still communicate with my patriot friends in Curry County who are fighting the good fight against the Leviathan. Take care of yourself and keep a weather eye on Salem. Those socialist mooks are as dangerous as cobras.

  7. tangotango 03

    holy shit balls…..

  8. FREEDOM!!!!!!!

  9. The U.S. will have had its first civil war [ 🙂 ] long before any of this jerk’s wet dreams come to pass.

  10. I pray to the Almighty CA is allowed to secede.

    Having no pre-existing oath of allegiance to it, I would afterwards feel free to do everything possible to overthrow it from within, while helpfully ridding it of any number of pestilential cancers for some good number of decades hence, and drag it kicking and screaming back to the land of sanity and severely circumscribed democratic republican government.

    As it was when it established in 1850.

    As it is, with a dozen or so critical military bases, it isn’t going anywhere with respect to the current nation, so get used to that. The lefty lunatards who dream of secession can wait until reality slaps them in the back of the head to find out about that.

  11. What the elites have failed to factor in, is that some of you will be actively hunting on the Riviera…

  12. Oh, and David Faris’ manifesto isn’t simply spittle-flecked.

    He’s barking-mad delusional.

    The best thing to do with that, is either to shoot him – a privilege accorded to all rabid dogs – or else let him rant on in his tiny oblivion of nothingness, to his pitiful army of sad little pandas. Once, that is, they stop wetting themselves and cease thumb-sucking in safe space Loserville. Which will be sometime around 2063, at their current rate of adjustment to reality.

    That Faris rhetorically appeals to the happily-departed Boehner, and the soon-to-be-neutered Ryan for reasonableness and assistance in meeting Democrats hallway (to pure communism) amidst the Obamanation, after the all-Democrat midnight vote for ObozoCare, shows a political tone-deafness unimaginable outside a lunatic asylum. Or a Democrat caucus. But I repeat myself.

    He clearly fails, even after the most epic bed-shitting landslide upset of progressive communism in political memory, to grasp the obvious truth that the spineless pussilanimous foot-dragging of Boehner, and the Quisling acquiescence of Ryan, is what didn’t simply fuel the Trump tsunami, it poured rocket fuel on the fire, and then helpfully added a cord or two of fire logs made from pressed gunpowder.

    He sounds, for all the world, about as coherent as a Polish cavalry hussar general in November of 1939, bitching that just one more cavalry charge would have ultimately defeated those damned panzers, if only they’d had a few more wooden lances.

    Send him a Depends and a pacifier, and tell him to go wipe the shit out of his ears, after he gets his head out of his ass.

  13. Mr. Farris shows an amazing lack of critical thinking skills. My favorite part is

    “If Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer cannot continue their heroic work into their late 80s”.

    He should ask harry reid and the dems in the Senate how getting rid of something can come back to bite him in the ass. If the left (or the “right”) prevails in their efforts to dismantle the US Constitution, what happens if a fascist loon (Hildabeast for instance) takes over? He should remember that killing Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals was perfectly legal in Germany. They also killed a lot of mentally challenged people that could not think critically. I believe Farris and those of his ilk cannot live in the real world, made up of humans, a few that want absolute power. They believe in utopia. It has never existed on this planet.

  14. Wow.
    I’m noticing that the left is CONSTANTLY screaming about “Constitution!” and “Constitutional Process!” lately.

    Somehow when things were going their way I didn’t notice the same adherence to that level of respect for the “Constitional Process!!”.

  15. Note the “othering,” with the “free-market fundamentalist,” talk.

    He’s too stupid to realize that’s a feature instead of a bug.

    On the list he goes, good for keeping your enemies close.

  16. The peoples republic of California is under water to the tune of One Trillion Dollars in unsecured pension liabilities.
    1 Trillion.
    And that is most likely the most egregious proof of the corruption that can not be kept hidden. The 2nd-3rd and so on order levels of corruption associated with creating the graft and fraud of a trillion dollars in only pension liability? It’s anyones guess what the whole truth of it is.
    The mind blowing corruption and influence involved in creating such a debacle leaves no doubt how insane being associated with that kind of insanity is. They are beyond being another country. It is an alien civilization. Deserving of Ragnorak on biblical scale. It’s marxistgeddon utopia of almost unimaginable proportions.
    If for no other reason alone, that is justification for their divorce from the FUSA.
    They will be lucky if they don’t end up having an internal civil war that makes what happened in places like Ukraine and Argentina seem like a county fair.
    Even Snake Pliskin wouldn’t go in when it happens.

    • Au contraire.
      CA holds no monopoly on pension madness, it’s probably just the most egregious example among 47 or so out of 50. As you’ll find out in your state too, more’n likely.
      People wonder why I stay, and this is it: the whole communist worker’s paradise is going to come down, and I’ve paid the dues to have earned the right to see the statues of Lenin get pulled down. Unlike D.C., CA can’t try to print their way out of the crash that’s coming. It’s gonna leave a helluva mark, and then the toothless banjo-playing kinfolk who’ve nested here will be going back home to live with their clans, followed closely by the illegals and their anchor babies. Get ready for the homecoming, sportsfans.

      But Google Kurt Russell’s recent response to idiots shilling for “gun control”: Snake Plisken is already here, and he’s on our side.

      • No doubt about the pension Armageddon potential elsewhere, here in WV on population scale percentages it may be worse, but most here are living below the national income average already, it’s probably not going to make the impact of infrastructure intense heavily populated places like big metros. Just Californication style brings it to, as you described, a whole different level. Aside from Chicago, they got all the main ingredients in the makings of 3rd world shithole ala “Mexico!”
        The travesty is how they corrupted a literal paradise of living and resources, they didn’t kill the golden goose out there, they ran it over so many times it’s like a week old runned over deer on I95 in high summer in Georgia, pulverized to a greasy dark red smear on the asphalt.

        We don’t need no steenkin’ pensions!

      • I declare Eternal War on one and all who persist in the damnable calumny of “toothless banjo-playing kinfolk.!”

        “Deliverance” was a bad movie and along time ago. The idiot kid on the porch “playing” the banjo- wasn’t, nor could he. Stick a stake through the heart of this tiresome and wholly undeserved slur.

        I have most of my teeth, play the banjo very well, love and venerate the music and the culture from which it came, and I have a lot of kinfolks.

        As for the rest of your comment, and most of them here lately, I wholly agree with you. Enjoy watching the downfall of hose who have ruined the once glorious and beautiful California.

      • I think you have about as much chance of being right about that as you did Ebola…Well actually your Ebola prediction might be the better bet so I would say you will be shitting yourself and bleeding out of every oriface before your jumping up and down like a schoolgirl…But you just stay right there and keep hoping…

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. Can I suggest Cal-leave-fornia. Say it like Ah-nold would.

  19. Jimmy the Saint

    Some collectivist posts a similar rant every time the Dems lose an election.

  20. The day after California secedes, the 90% of the State that isn’t insane – the rural, non-coastal areas – should secede from the insane portion of California, and sell really, really, really expensive food and water to the insane portion. The insane portion might decide to drink sea water and eat each other, instead, which would be fine, too

    • Valid observation. It could very well devolve into Cali-disintagration-fornication. It’s a massive state, it probably can not survive itself for those reasons you stated. Its the size of the entire Balkan’s region. The Feds would have be totally consumed manpower and resource wise with holding it together. And we all have witnessed the clusterfuck the feds bring when they try to “help” in a natural disaster when they are faced with the daunting task of keeping neighbor and friend from helping each other. Imagine how FUBAR’d it will be when people are not in the mood for being niebhorly outside their tribe and locality to survive the stark reality of a state that is as divided as they have the potential to be.
      It’s looking more each day the division between two FUSA’s will be city and countryside. It already has become so socially, politically, definitely culturally, it just remains to be seen how it fully evolves economically and territorially.
      Comes down to it, it will be like a plague of Black Swans.
      The elites have much to account for because of what in their corruption and meddling they have sown on the wind of history.

      Personally, if it does drop in the pot, none of us can have imagined the things going to happen we are going to witness or be a part of, and that is about the only sure prediction. Nothing in human history has built into the potential and scale lying in wait to come to pass.

  21. This is what 90% of publik skool teachers believe.
    Now you know why we homeschooled our 5.
    They all voted for Trump.

  22. The Usual Suspect

    Lovely ! A declaration of war from the looney tune left.
    Destroy them in detail, use the powers they gave Obama
    in the hope of total victory to destroy white America to
    gut them and let them bleed out.
    Blue cities should be considered enemy territory and treated
    as such.
    Remove their future voters from our soil with prejudice.

  23. Anybody else notice that the article does not allow the reader to leave comments? So much for freedom to discuss or dissent.

  24. Diversity the cultural marxist dress rehearsal for civil race war

  25. The left dreams of this, this is it’s penultimate goal for White Christian America.
    It is why the left adores islam.
    This is what they really say when they say diversity:

  26. “So what should Democrats do? Take a page from the GOP playbook and obstruct everything.”

    I’m OK with that. The less the federal government does to me, the happier I am.

  27. Some Guy in WA

    My family settled in the coastal Pacific Northwest 140 years ago. And we’re going to just hand it over to these faggots? Fuck that. Hail victory.

  28. Don’t make the mistake off assuming all folks up here in the northeast are libs. We may be outnumbered, but we are not quiters. It gets tempting at times to pack up and go some place else, but I will not run from this fight. Over the last few generations many from away have moved up here. But just like the modern immigration problem, these people didn’t assimilate to our culture. They moved away from a craphole, and slowly are turning our way of life into their old craphole. Some posters are no better than the progressives labeling all of the northeast as nothing but lib land, this is where a real fight for liberty will happen. Look at the county voting maps for this year, The “red” verses “blue” county tally is a good indication of the fault lines.

  29. Michael Phelp

    Look at costal WA counties on the red/blue map. Please be careful who you accuse of that Bovine Scatology.

  30. Hell, I don’t mind if my home state exits. The revolution/civil war has to start somewhere. Everything East of the Sierra’s and San Andreas is red anyhow. I actually hope it works.

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