Porretto: Bring Back Our Country


A recollection, and a look ahead.

There is no longer one America.

Or even two.

Take the parts that are sane, and build a new nation.

It’s the only way.

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  1. colddeadhandsdays

    No. Why should we cede one inch of our country to filthy leftists? I say they need to driven out to leftist enclaves like Europe or Canada. If they won’t go exterminate the vermin. FUCK THEM.

    • Because the side of Western Civilization does not have the mass to defend itself, let alone impose its will on noncompliant Others.

      That’s why.

      It’s one of the most dangerous myths held as “truth” by the good guys: “Well, you just wait…one more step and then rifles and blades of grass and Rightful Liberty and sleeping giants and ‘Murika and booga booga booga.”

      I am not picking on you personally, but instead raising uncomfortable questions for us all:

      1) On demand, do you have enough bodies (let alone even partially-trained bodies) to secure a 360-degree perimeter of 300m from your primary residence?

      2) Assuming that you do, how long can you maintain that operation?

      3) Assuming that you do, against what level of opposition can you maintain that operation?

      4) Do you know in your immediate AO the Bad People that would need to corrected in order to reverse the trend towards tyranny?

      5) Assuming the answer to #4 is yes, do you have the force projection necessary to accomplish that mission and not jeopardize the primary mission in question #1 above?

      I could go on (and likely will in an upcoming piece), but I think you get my point.

      If not, it is simply this:

      It is very easy to type bold words about resistance to tyranny. It is much harder to build a rational plan on how to do so over time. It is harder still to execute on that rational plan, especially as the time axis grows longer.

      When Communist professors, newscasters, NGO leaders, clergy, and writers start disappearing or begin to appear dangling from overpasses, I will begin to have confidence that at least some traditional Americans are ready for the fight that is before them.

      Until then, I say METT-TC.

      • colddeadhandsdays

        What tyranny? The pussified left is going to attack us? Give me a fucking break. Bring it on. I’ve personally been in over 100 fights and come out on top out of righteous indignation and because I possess and aggression level off the charts when fucked with. Fuck all leftists. Bring it on. This isn’t military tactics but rather more like The Hatfields and McCoy blood feud. I realize most aren’t as aggressive as I am, many are rational, soft hands types that try to talk their way out of an inevitable fight. Not me. Learned that lesson with a bruised jaw early on. Trust me..someone is threatening you and wants to fight? Attack them and kill them if necessary before they have a chance. If they are superior refer to Sun Tzu or Rogers Rangers..give no quarter.

        You wanna let our country fall into Leftist hands without a fight? Good. Sit it out. My take is you’re going to open it up to a much worse battle against much more overwhelming odds at some point in the future if you do that. Better to Nippet in the bud before it can fester into something much more dangerous.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “The pussified left is going to attack us?”

          It has been steadily attacking – and winning – since the Progressive era. They’re just not using (much) physical violence…yet.

        • The pussified left is not a problem (in the actual fighting). The problem is the question of how many fighters they can rally to their side, primarily police and some military, many of whom will go where the money is.

          However pussies are well able to run the various organs of the Ministry of Propaganda. That too will be a problem for us.

      • outlawpatriot

        For the record, I’m now with Peter’s position. Certainly, a peaceful separation would be preferable to any of the other possibilities. I’m not sayin’ it’s possible or even likely. But it would be the best choice. 🙂

      • Jimmy the Saint

        One other important question to answer in conjunction with 1-5: do you have sufficient personnel to feed, supply, and treat your other personnel while they are (1) defending your household and (2) going after the bad people.

      • secure a 360-degree perimeter of 300m from your primary residence

        With metal cutting lasers on remote control swivel mounts to blind, pistols on drones, mines, flamethrowers, razor wire, and a 12 foot dirt berm, yes, I think the attackers can be discouraged. All of these things are currently banned by government. Which is the point. There is so much government that people who obey only a part of it are still militarily going to lose. Why do you obey any of it? Organize to stop paying taxes.

      • Create a web site that takes fake name signups like the free state projects did, so that people can see a critical mass exists before they take a costly action. On the web site you promise that if five million people sign up, on April 15th you will have most of your savings in your possession as silver and gold coins, you won’t be filing a tax return, you will carry a pistol everywhere, and you will remove the license plates off your cars. Anyone that still wants to give their money to government to make war on third world countries and buy corn syrup and starch for the poor and overpriced healthcare for seniors will be free to do so.

  2. I no longer have a country to call my own. I do have a culture — Western Civilization (Reason, Science, Self-Rule, Individual Rights, versus emotion, superstition, slavery to institutions and ideas, tribal group-identity politics). But I don’t have a country; I merely endure a set of political entities that claim dominion over the people located within the land-mass of my birth.

    • Do you want a country to call your own…?If yes your going to have to fight to make it so because it damn sure isn’t going to be handed to ya…Are you up for it or you going to lay down and die…? Don’t let the Bastards get ya down…

    • I feel your pain brother.

  3. “Take the parts that are sane, and build a new nation.” I would add, “then wait.” We know what the outcome is with socialism, disaster. It may take decades but the sane portions can over time just walk in into the insane portions and just claim them for they will all look like detroit today.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The “wait” part will be difficult. Look at what the Left controls – the coasts and the mouth of the Mississippi. Unless you plan on enacting some form of Juche, the “sane” part of the country will be cut off from most trade.

      It will also be hard pressed to defend most of itself, since its population density will be very low.

      • There is no way the net will be drawn that tight. Trade and black market will certainly happen without too much difficulty. It will be easy to subvert any bureaucrats attempting to stop or regulate trade.

      • The blue hives don’t control all the deep water ports in CONUS. True for most of the west coast but not all the east coast and definitely not all the Gulf of Mexico. There are plenty of deep water ports from Baltimore south around FLA to Brownsville. As to New Orleans, they control the docks but they do NOT control the mouth/”passes” of the Mississippi nor will that blue hive ever control it.

        Defending the “sane lands” would not be easy but I believe could be done with concerted effort… if need be. Several different tactics and strategies could be employed to stop them. One possibility is, IF they make an incursion… then just let them into the sanelands to the point their supply line is stretched too thin, cut it and starve them to death while making them fight for their lives. No quarter for any marxists, let alone those caught out in the sane hinterlands. IF they think they are going to play capture the flag/town and win the sanelands then they are sadly mistaken.

        Clearly we have two “sections” in American today. Just like 1860, but the geographical section “lines” are different. The left has now found secession with movements for Cali, and maybe OR and WA. Let them go set up their socialist utopia country. Good riddance! It’s at this point (many millions of marxists now removed from the voting equation of a CONCON) I’d be amenable to a CONCON to fix the toilet paper we have now or write a new one with tighter chains on the Fed.gov and destroy Lincolns leviathan.

        But hey, things are NOT bad enough yet for secession… but they will be. And when that day arrives, let hope that both sides want a peaceable split, because if not, then the second unpleasantness will commence.

        “All politics in this country is just a prelude to civil war.” — Billy Beck


        Grey Ghost

        • People also seem to forget that there is a significant amount of “red” – within those blue areas. I can’t seem to easily find any comparisons going state by state at the moment on the vote percentages of Trump vs. Clinton on a state by state basis, but I can say out here in MA – there were Trump signs EVERYWHERE and for a long time leading up to the election. You would see Killary signs here and there – and their number definitely increased as we got closer to the election – but Democratic support was by no means absolute.

          There’s a lot of “Democrats” out here who simply vote that way because they just don’t know any better IMHO. Yes – there are places where moonbatism is high and the belief goes pretty deep and they’re pretty in your face about it – but that is pretty much confined to a few specific zip codes.

          What’s my point here? My point is that if the “right” – or the “alt right” is going to expect to win , they’re going to have be something more than just against the left. If they can manage to leverage what just happened with Trump, and defeat the NeoCons and defeat the left – and come up with a story that appeals to people – then they might just win the whole damn country.

          If the lefties try to start a war – they’re going to find a significant guerilla movement behind their own lines, or a mass exodus of a signficant portion of their population. I’ve got absolutely no desire to live under some commie regime that has declared war on a breakaway “red” portion of the country.

          Both the left AND the right – would do well to remember all of this.

  4. My response to the author’s Catholic nostalgia:

    It is quite clear who allowed it to happen. We Catholics, about 1/3 of the American population, let it happen, shellshocked in the bomb blast of the Vatican 2 “Novus Ordo.” For well-catechized Catholics, the “New” Order, should have been suspect from its outset. We were blinded by a Freemason and Judeo-Communist sympathizer who illicitly ascended to the Chair of Peter though he was automatically excommunicated the moment he joined Freemasonry. Our first Judas goat tellingly took the name John XXIII from an earlier anti-Pope (1410-1415 A.D.). Can anti-Popes call or promulgated a legitimate binding Council? There is precedent. The answer is an emphatic, “No!”

    But who were disproportionately the instigators, agitators, and perpetrators? Who subverted the Chair and Curia? Who used Mohammed as a golem against Christendom? Who abetted Muslims against the Reconquista? Who published Luther? Who were the tax farmers and physician poisoners through the ages? Who murdered the Holy Child of LaGuardia, Simon of Trent, and innumerable others? Who produced H✡llyw✡✡d and talmudvision filth? Who gave us Communism, predatory Capitalism, and recently, in opposition to Luke 6:32-36, gave us “free market” “Austrian” Libertarianism? Who gave us “Christian” Zionism, “no fault” divorce, the ACLU, abortion, and NAMBLA? Who has given us usury, fractional reserve banking, debt-based currency, and instigated false flags, bloody revolutions, and profiteered from gentile-against-gentile wars? Who thinks that you are not even human, so you should be deceived, looted, raped, enslaved, and killed? It is not a difficult question for Catholics who have eyes that see. Tragically the modernists have injected irony, deceit, perversion, and heresy into the old question, “Is the Pope Catholic?” Get the memo: http://judaism.is

    • RE: ” and recently, in opposition to Luke 6:32-36, gave us “free market” “Austrian” Libertarianism? ”

      WTF are you talking about?

      • Details here: http://judaism.is/usury.html

        Special attention to the section headed, “A small sample of “Austrian” (read “Jewish”) anti-Christianity”

        • I call BS.

          First off you need to read up more on Austrian economics – and if you don’t want to do that – well then I’m going to ask what you’re alternative solution is? Right now we’ve got Keynesianism – which is tantamount to Communism and does not thing but support statism and the left.

          The Austrians at least have their heads together enough to actually be able to predict how an economy works with reliability. You probably won’t but I’d suggest checking out the Mises Institute and Lewrockwell.com where Austrian economics is written about extensively . Austrian economists support a free market, small government – and freedom. It also bases much of it’s principles in Judeo-Christian basic morality. Again (I repeat myself) – Keynesianism – DOES NOT.

          What’s your answer?

          And as far as your assertion that the Bible forbids usury – (which is what you seem to be basing your argument on) – Gary North has handled that one:


          Let us examine these assertions. I put her statements in bold face.

          1. “Usury” is now defined as charging “excess” interest, but originally it meant merely charging a fee or interest for the use of money. She does not define “originally.” If we are talking about the earliest documents, we should begin with the Pentateuch: the five books of Moses. Was the prohibition against charging interest limited to charging a fee for borrowing money? Let the texts tell us.

          Thou shalt not give him money upon usury, nor lend him victuals [food — “vittles”] for increase (Leviticus 25:37).

          Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother: usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury (Deuteronomy 23:19).

          Lawyer Brown could have gone to any online Bible search program, selected “King James Version,” and searched for “usury.” Or she could have used any KJV Bible concordance. She didn’t bother. She just made a pronouncement.

          In this academic area, she doesn’t know what she is talking about. She doesn’t understand the simplest forms of Bible research.

          2. Usury was forbidden in the Christian Bible. The word “usury” is mentioned only twice in the New Testament (King James Version). Both cases refer to a parable of Jesus known as the parable of the talents. In both versions, the rich man who represents God tells the servant who buried the rich man’s coin (making no profit) that he should have invested the rich man’s money with the moneylenders.

          Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the exchangers, and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury (Matthew 25:27).

          Wherefore then gavest not thou my money into the bank, that as my coming I might have required mine own with usury? (Luke 19:23)

          So, far from prohibiting usury or interest-taking, Jesus used the legitimacy of interest taking as a way to tell people that, as God’s stewards, they owe God a positive rate of return.

          In short, lawyer Brown did not do her homework. Thus, she concludes the very opposite of what the so-called “Christian Bible” teaches.

          3. But in Jewish scriptures, which were later joined to the Christian books as the “Old Testament.” . . . On the contrary, the early church adopted as authoritative the Hebrew Scriptures (in Greek called the Septuagint). Only after the four gospels, the Book of Acts, and the epistles were written did these documents become acceptable to the church as documents possessing equal authority to the Old Testament. That she could make a mistake this fundamental is mind-boggling.

          Her most important error, however, related to the context of the prohibition on interest under the Mosaic law. It applied only to poor people who were seeking charitable loans. See Exodus 22:25, Leviticus 25:35, Deuteronomy 15:7, Deuteronomy 23:20. There was no law against interest on loans for commerce.

          Second, anyone who defaulted on a charitable loan that extracted no interest payment could be lawfully enslaved by the creditor until the beginning of the next year of release, which was up to six years away (Deuteronomy 15:12). These zero-interest loans were collateralized by the borrower’s liberty. It was not cheap to declare bankruptcy.

      • Joos. Always the Joos. Collectivism is alive and well here on Western Rifle Shooters.

        • Exactly.

          I’ll admit I think there may well be a “Jewish” problem, but I don’t think that the adherents of Judaism are monolithic – and I don’t think it starts with any of the proponents of Austrian economics.


      Al: They may have given us the poison, but the bulk of the Catholic “faithful” drank it. I saw it happen at Bishop Alemany High School in SoCal(Class of ’65), with a bunch of left-wing Oblates of Mary Immaculate. they shoved the Kennedy family down my throat until I was ready to vomit, cheered the “civil rights movement”, and were chomping at the bit to implement the changes promulgated by that Masonic rat bastard Roncalli.
      Subsequent graduates who went on to “higher education” tuned in, turned on, and dropped out. They still showed up for the guitar masses and stylized vestments and decor designed by a bunch of “liberated” dyke nuns, but the dignity and majesty of the Latin Rite,the whole concept of Transubstantiation and the shame, guilt,and contrition for sins was long gone.
      The result was good men said no thanks, I would rather have a wife and family. Real vocations went into the tank. Pedophiles were recruited and things went south real quick. The only thing that held the dioceses in SoCal and other Blue Hives together was the influx of Mexicans and Flips who were too ignorant to see what the Catholic Church had become. And do not even get me started on the “Liberation Theology” of the Maryknoll Order.
      Always keep in mind that human beings have free will. People are basically sinful and vice-ridden. Unless a human being has accepted Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior, and insists on walking the walk as well as talking the talk, it does not matter how many Rosaries they say or how often they attend the Novus Ordo heresy which passes for the Sacrifice of the Mass. The (((Eskimos))) are not the problem. The fools who follow their siren song are the problem. Bleib ubrig.

      • Go find the short book ” Dedication and Leadership Techniques” – by Douglas Hyde.


        This document helps us to answer a question: “How did the Communists capture one-third of the world’s population by 1950, given the fact that Lenin had only a handful of followers in 1900?” This question raises others.

        To begin to answer these questions, a five-day seminar was held by the Mission Secretariat of the American branch of the Roman Catholic Church. This seminar took place on September 17–21, 1962. It was attended by a small group of priests, nuns, and laymen. The main speaker was Douglas Hyde, the highest-level Western Communist ever to abandon the Communist Party and join the Catholic Church.
        Hyde’s spiritual autobiography, I Believed, was published in England in 1950. This was two years before Whittaker Chambers’s larger but comparable testament, Witness. Hyde’s major book, Dedication and Leadership, was published by Notre Dame University Press in 1966. It
        remains in print, almost half a century later.
        The seminar had an agenda: to discuss those aspects of Communist Party training that could be adapted by Catholic activists, especially missionaries. Hyde had been a leading trainer of British Communists in the 1930s and 1940s.

        I am convinced that this is equally true of all broad-based ideological movements. Few people join them because their founders developed philosophically persuasive systems of historical cause-and-effect. They join because the movements promise moral uplift personally
        and even moral reform culturally.
        Second, Hyde told his listeners that a statistically abnormal number of communists he had met on several continents had this in common: They were lapsed Catholics. Why? Because of their idealism. The Church failed to appeal to this idealism, especially among youth. So, they
        departed into the camp of the enemy.

        Hyde is basically saying an awful lot of Communists he met – were lapsed Catholics. Why was that?

        I have felt for a long time that once a person adopts a collectivist/idealist mindset – they’ll just ping pong from one implementation of it to another. They might have started off Catholic – adopted fascism – and when that got defeated they went Communist – and when that crapped out – they became advocates of the welfare state. Nowhere in there was the option of a small government free market state that recognizes individual rights ever going to be considered.

  5. The “parts that are sane”, are not coherent entities politically, geographically, demographically, nor any other way, and thus not amenable nor useful, as currently debased, to forming any sort of nation-state. The amalgam we’re left with currently makes this reality unavoidable to any cogent observer.

    The mistake was in ever allowing our national bastardization, by allowing the Left’s troglodytes a number of havens and safe spaces from which to marshall forces and poison the gene pool going forward, which is the one thing those little dung beetles excel at above all.

    The only way to make a functional nation of such is to first purge it of dross, the same way you refine gold: through a terrible trial of fire.

    One ought to be careful what they wish for, but rest assured we’re probably going to get it anyways, good and hard.

    When it comes, those worst off will be more volunteers than victims.

    The wise will prepare to be neither.

    • The people I know of Jewish descent are too busy working their ass off and educating their children to run the world.Life would be so convenient with a true bogeyman. As of today ,12/4/2016, I blame all bad shit on the Ordo Fratum Minorum Capuccinorum.The Capuchin Franciscans.Fixed that.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. SemperFi, 0321

    As our own St. Peter has said to us, there’s no way outa this without a fight. Whether it happens next yr or in 10 yrs, there will have to be a fight, because this just can’t go on forever. Some of us have had enough of being pushed around, and in spite of all you chest beating armchair commandos, nothing has gotten bad enough for the first shots to be fired. But it is building up, and sooner than later, we will explode into many different factions who will no longer tolerate the other. Trump has only given us some breathing space, that will soon pass, and it will continue to build until one day, violence will erupt, on a level we haven’t seen since WW2, the eastern European version (you Amis have no idea what war really is).
    Keep prepping, this was just a drill.

  8. Porretto is not doing the math correctly. The same government that produced his childhood had just wasted half a million of its citizens, and five years’ national economic production, on military adventuring on the far side of a 1,500 mile wide moat. Nor was his childhood’s social situation a stable situation produced by government, instead it was a transitory spot on a 200 year slide down produced by government. All these negatives overwhelm the 1950’s positives.