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  1. No sense of irony, I see.

  2. Is this a real tweet? Is that real? Or is this person being facetious?

    • Being facetious.
      I have a Twatter account – so I went and found hers:

      Who is Alice Smith? The great-great-great-granddaughter of Adam Smith. Follow me on my adventures down the capitalist rabbit hole!

  3. Indeed they do Alice. They intend to either snuff you out or place you in an womb farm to create that new ‘Socialist Man’. The Life of Julia is a myth.

  4. “No, no. You idiot, you don’t even know the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism!” – about every Bernie supporter I talked to.

    Oh, really? Try this: some component the all powerful State will be elected by popular vote. I’m so reassured. I’m sure that is going to ensure a good outcome.

    Because the masses of people, stirred to vote by a year of competing agit-prop, smear campaigns, and false advertising are our most reliable mechanism for doing important things.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ““No, no. You idiot, you don’t even know the difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism!” – about every Bernie supporter I talked to. ”

      Given how gently the differences between National Socialism and International Socialism got worked out 1941-1945, I can’t wait to see how the differences between these two offshoots get resolved.

  5. You can also say that you don’t believe in gravity, but that won’t save you if you’re chute don’t open.

  6. colddeadhandsdays

    Kill them all until there aren’t enough left to fight. Then kill the rest.

  7. I have no idea who this person is, but you know it really bothers me about people who makes these statements or declare themselves socialists and never seek to move to a socialist country. There are many to choose from and with the internet, you can find the one you like best, nope; they just want to keep peeing in our pool.
    Go ahead alice, move to Sweden and facebook every day about how great it is. I imagine in a year she’ll be happy to come back to the remaining capitalism and free market the usa still has by comparison.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Per Thomas Sowell (I think, possibly Walter Wiilliams): the problem with communism isn’t communists, it’s that they insist on including you in it.

  8. I hope some or many listen to the following…
    Hour One Audio:
    [audio src="http://wwfar.com/mp3s/KOK_SAT.HR1.MP3" /]
    Hour Two Audio:
    [audio src="http://wwfar.com/mp3s/KOK_SAT.HR2.MP3" /]

    Taking me more than usual to type this, due to
    FLUCKING-UP MY BACK after rescuing a doofie
    cat hating Doberman tangled up and hanging
    from 5 foot chain link fence by his rear leg toes in two foot
    eastman betwwen ten foot wood fence, but I’m trying 🙂

    Please pray for quicker recovery this time 🙂


  9. The mega-State has plans for us: cataloging and optimizing society by disposing of 7+ Billion (uppity, non-compliant) DNA carriers, as well as encouraging the easily-led Select to multiply in an officially-approved orderly licensed resource-optimized manner. My future as an agricultural soil amendment, low-end food bar, or Diesel fuel additive is assured on the current path. The Donald may have added two years to the timeline, but we are still on The Path cut by planners like H. G Wells.

    • The remaining elite ,orbit the Earth, similar to the blobs of shit in Wall-E. I like your scenario. Need a machine that harvests the human. Similar to a factory fishing trawler.
      Immerse the carcass in liquid nitrogen,woodchipper…presto,frozen soylent in freezer bags.Trump will own the company.

  10. Looks like ‘Alice’ is another graduate of the gov indoctrination centers known as ‘public education’.

    Obviously she’s never learned what Hayek and others have to teach.

    The Road To Serfdom (High Quality)

    What Anarchy Isn’t – Larken Rose

    Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

    Here’s what ‘Alice’ and people like her really worship….

    Such people are welcome to their own self-imposed slavery; they’re NOT welcome to foist it on anyone else thru the ‘most dangerous superstition’ that is called ‘gov/authority’..when they attempt to do so then it’s time to go to the battle rifle in righteous self-defense and ‘veto’ their assumption.

    Yours In Liberty thru Anarchy!
    NorthGunner III

  11. Roland Deschain

    If that is not a joke, it is extremely pathetic.

  12. Give her another BLUE pill and reinsert her into the powerplant.

    Grey Ghost

  13. Can’t be real – must be a case of sardonic humor?

    While I continue to be impressed with the stupidity of human beings generally, there is something about the statement “Alice” makes (“… with a wonderful plan for my life …”) that makes me think she’s trolling here?