SiGB: Employment vs. Robots – It’s Not as Straightforward as You Think


A good read.

“Skills gap” means opportunity for young people ready, willing, and able to exploit it.

Good news for the young ones in your circle.

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  1. CA, I teach in an institution that is trying to fill that gap. Yes it is a college but we focus on the material arts, computing and robotics. So I have some advise to add —

    * Don’t blow off english classes. Just because you can speak it does not mean comprehension. Learn the WRITTEN form and have the comprehension level at 90%. The WRITTEN form is the way of business in email, contracts, invoices, plans, etc. Some 40% of entering freshmen at any college is now taking remedial english because they blew if off when it was free and now they are paying for it. Save yourself the five hundred to a thousand bucks.

    * Same with math. Not just the four symbols and how to use them. But also be proficient in basic algebra and trig. Again entering freshmen at levels higher than the english above are being forced to take remedial math. Save yourself another five hundred to a thousand bucks.

    Availing yourself of what the taxpayer was paying on those two courses in high school will pay YOU for a semester of college at any 2yr institution in the nation. In some areas two semesters.

    • If they don’t know the by-the-book stuff, it’s not important. If they legitimately can’t into english or simple arithmetic, then they have no business being educated unless they are wasting their own money.

  2. Oh fuck.

    The “young ones” are worse than the old ones. Consider who they learned from…


    100-200 million…

    • Too Fat…you really are a special kind of it with the 100-200 mil meme. You used the word dumb four times, which describes perfectly all your inane posts.

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  3. Our overlords in Washington DC see our new economy this way. Robotic jobs stay in USA while the blue collar jobs get sent to other countries.

  4. Calling “bullshit.”
    If the graphic were true, executives would be looking to relocate their manufacturing industries in, say, Switzerland, or Canada, rather than to any number of third world Shitholias where they actually reappear.

    Their problem with American workers isn’t that they’re too dumb, it’s that they’re not dumb enough to do the work required for 15 cents a day, enabling the value-added markup to all accrue to the executives’ suites, hence the exodus of jobs from any number of native industries to any given Trashcanistan.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, kind of funny that when we had tariffs on most imported goods, we were the dominant manufacturing power in the world, and the government could fund itself just off the tariff revenue.

    • Particularly so, when they can just go on the government dole as an alternative. Trashcanistan has no welfare so people are willing to work hard. Here there seem to be no incentives to do so. Also, there are so many people with bullshit degrees that they sniff at any work that is “beneath” them, not realizing you have to start low to get high. They want good jobs handed to them on a plate. I say fuck ’em.

  5. indyjonesouthere

    Put a 35% import tax on goods and services, end the imported labor scam through the work visa programs, deport illegals and non-vetted immigrants, end programs that the free shit army uses to ever keep from having to work, end ALL affirmative action to take away excuses to perform poorly, and allow for parent controlled school vouchers.

    • Why stop at half measures? End trade in goods and labor entirely with an iron curtain like the Soviet Communists did. That produced a great standard of living. I know, I know, ‘Communism will work if only the right people are in charge, which happens to be you’. The high wage low skill factory jobs only existed in the US 1950’s because all other factories had been bombed by WWII. High wage low skill is not normal.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Just like when Henry Ford automated model T production it destroyed employment in auto mfg. (and automobile related and enabled businesses)…

  8. White collar jobs are not immune from automation either.

  9. So, say you have young sons/daughters… I’m what direction do you steer them?

    Computer science? Engineering?

    • The trades would be a good start for the boys, nursing or something in the medical field for the girls…

  10. Sounds like bullshit.
    in the above infographic
    “May”, “believe”, “feel”.

    Sounds a lot like reaching consensus after a awareness raising experience. No source material referenced?

    Big accounting firms thrive on big government, big business, cradle to grave social programs including endless spending on worker indoctrination aka edumakashun (and the attendant loans) – small wonder they should suggest more.

    IF there is a shortage, I’ll bet that would be workers find being a barista @ $15/hr infinitely more satisfying than the same wage as a CNC machinist doing shift work in a soul destroying factory environment, with the prospect of being outsourced ever present. Were the wage to be commensurate with that of a VP of diversity there would be no shortage of qualified applicants appearing, for whom English is their first language.

    A coffee server position coupled with entitlements from the aforementioned big government, the choice might be pretty easy to make. Few people are interested in working for a wage that is equivalent to that available 15 years ago.

    I recall that companies once provided (as an investment in their future) apprenticeship like opportunities. wonder how many of the executives interviewed have initiated such programs?

    • Why should they? With government sticking its nose in company business and hiring/firing practices, it makes no sense to invest time and money in employees any more. You can’t get rid of the bad ones, and the good ones will move on at the first opportunity.

  11. There is no shortage. The people who have the wanted skills are not interested in being just another disposable “asset” that a company uses then dumps at a whim. I’ve been in the hiring role many times for these sorts of roles.

    The bigger problem is executives chasing quarterly reports instead of looking 1yr+ out at a min. These executives are complaining about not being able to get the cheap Indian AND having that cheap Indian be technically, and culturally capable. These executives want the performance of a BMW for the price of a civic. That is what they are short of…. BMW priced at a civic.

  12. I’m relatively young (for the liberty movement, 2a crowd, whatever) and almost anything I can’t do, I can learn. But at what price? Am I going to work in a corporate environment getting lectured by stronk women of color about my privilege, just to get my ass taxed off, all while being hated for being a straight white man who does a difficult or dangerous job?

    What’s the incentive? If I get far enough ahead, is there a old-fashioned wife who can’t go to Uncle Sugar and ruin me?

    I may be able, but not willing to be a slave to the parasites.