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  1. This bad, but not unexpected. Historically, 50-60% of people are leftists as a whole. In addition, TPTB have a tremendous propaganda advantage, as well as the ability to fix an election and hide the evidence of the fix.

  2. more evidence that Whites will not (be able to) vote their way out of the Judeo-globalist deathtrap. Not in Europe, and not here. Too many Whites have already signed on to self-liquidation via the (((Central Bank)))-financed Judeo-welfare state. Only substantial difference between ‘Murka and Europe is an armed non-Urban White population…which, however, Trump has thrown a wet blanket over for the next while. During which interval 7,000 legal//illegal non-Whites will continue to pour into the country every day, and the White death/birth gap – via the kosher Culture of Death (abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism) – will continue to widen.

    • You’re saying Trump threw a wet blanket over the armed, non-urban whites? What do you mean by that?

      • just look the continuing celebration of his “victory” among all White-Right factions, though Trump has already telegraphed betrayal on every demographic issue that matters. I know why the cucks and neoi-conz are happy – they’ll get what they want: Big Israel, Big War, Bigger gubmint, trillion$ in new debt via the (((Central Bank))). And I know why the alt-Right faggots (Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Milo) are celebrating: now they get to set up shop in DC and enjoy the 3-martini lunch. But why even hardRights like VoxDay and Anglin are still joydancing is beyond me. Mrs. Clinton would have brought the Storm, while Trump will only delay it. Meanwhile, 7,000 legal/illegal non-White collectivists continue to enter the country every day, and each and every day the White birth/death gap grows larger. We are running out of time, while the ZOG is electing a new People.

        • So Trump losing to the Seizure Granny would have been a better outcome, because it would have galvanized armed rural whites and sped up immigration to the point where Dems have a lock on national elections? Please explain how exactly rural whites and “non-faggot hardRights” would be able to improve the situation in such a scenario. As in: Step 1- be a voting block unable to win a national election. Step 2- XXX Step 3 – Achive objective XXX. Curious to know how you would actually see this taking place.

        • Things That Make You Go Huh?

          Why is it that everyone who complains that the shooting hasn’t started already hasn’t, you know, started the shooting already?

  3. Screw Europe. Their only hope now is to be conquered by Russia and the Russians will dispose of the anti-Christian scum which destroyed Christian Europe.

    Till then, forget them.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      By what Russians? Their population is shrinking dramatically, and has been for a long time.

  4. colddeadhandsdays

    Leftist HELL Hole Europe.

  5. The European press automatically describes anyone who isn’t a communist or half-baked socialist as “far right.” In the US if you believe that white people should have the same rights that are awarded to minorities, then you are also “far right.”

  6. You know,there was a Brexit/vote on Italian referendum today and we have France with Lapenn at least a strong showing and Wilder coming up for election down the road soon,wouldn’t completely write off Europe yet!

    As to whether enuff can pull this off without some level of violence,eh,probably not,but,will always support our brothers and sisters across the pond as they fight for freedom as they supported us here in the recent election.

    • I have written off Europe for the most part because they’ve allowed themselves (most places) to be disarmed. I will appreciate a wave of populism support in Europe, but they have given away their last tool against tyranny. Even if they elect populists, the tyrants can come back anytime. Even with populist leadership, it would take many years, decades, to sufficiently arm up such a disarmed population. And where would the arms come from? If I was a firearm manufacturer, I’d be happy to start exporting quality American arms to liberty seeking Europeans. But how long would it take to get an agreement in place? Are a few populist leaders at the top enough to make THAT big of a change in Europe?

      It’s one thing to chant and hold signs and vote for populists, but it’s entirely different to change a system so dramatically that your Liberty-loving section of the population rearms itself sufficiently.

  7. Americans are not Germans. Or Austrians. Or Europeans.

     If Muslim men were running around in groups sexually assaulting thousands of  American women on New Years Eve as happened in Koln last year, there would be blood in the streets. Theirs. We play cowboys and Indians for keeps. 

    Here are *our* American steps:

    Step 1: Find terrorists
    Step 2: Kill terrorists
    Step 3: Rinse and repeat until out of terrorists

    (from a comment on…)
    “Americans are different because the cat was let out of the bag in colonial days, when vast segments of the population could see the utility of arming themselves. There is no putting it back in. Americans are also different because so many ex-military are in the population, people with a lot of trigger time and killing. Americans are different because we have concealed carry; what other country has that? Finally, a much lower percentage of Americans are the opposite of “Good Germans”; anything the rulers tell them to do, they go out and do the opposite. So yes, Americans are different.” 

    We also subscribe to this:

    “Pain or damage don’t end the world, or despair or fuckin’ beatins’..
    The world ends when you’re dead.
    Until then, you got more punishment in store.
    Stand it like a man.
    And give some back.”
    ~Al Swearengen Deadwood S.2, E.6

    We will certainly “give some back” if Trump doesn’t stop the muzloids  (just a hint here;  he will). Hell, we may just do it anyway, just for sport. And have great fun in that enterprise to boot.  Americans will, eń mass, refuse to follow Europe’s “lead”.

    I, along with tens of millions of armed and trained Americans, have a profound sense of dignity and a good amount of shadenfreude about all you idiots that have been played for suckers and have been taken for a ride by your “betters”. Fuck our interventionist NeoCons and their lust for war. Fuck NATO. We saved your asses twice in the last century, beed denigrated and hated for it and we will refuse to do it again (BTW, how’s that Turkey thing working out for you fuckers?).

    Deutschland es tote. Europe, writ large, is toast. France is dead, as is Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands with England following close on Europe’s heels. Stick a fork in all you guys. You reap what you sow.

    • Are you sure?

      Sure that they are not?

      Would the media report such a thing?

      Would Americans do anything more than their brethren in the EU?

      Why do you think so?

      • My answer to your questions to Socabill are as follows, NO, NO, No, NO… Because Americans as a majority (for the moment) are descended from the countries listed. Because America created the UN, NATO and not only finance most of those, but also the EU, OSCE and many other open sky no borders bullshit organizations. Look at the host of NGO’s America finances and with your tax dollars. Look at their agenda’s. The international banking cartels that control Europe also control us. All of this liberal bleeding heart crap originated from the US to Europe through the voice pieces of the above groups, organizations and entities. Europe falls first, then us. If Trump attempts to make good on his threats he will face shooters that fell at the hand of “Ole Hickory”, Andrew Jackson but who were successful in taking out Kennedy. Why the Manchurian candidate was elected and why the Republican Congress and Senate did nothing to stop him. Because Europe was tired of bearing the brunt of bringing in all these refugees. But regardless remember it was the Bush’s and the Clinton’s who originated the bringing in of refugees. B. Hussein Obama only escalated it to a point it could no longer be kept hidden in the shadows. Nothing will happen till more white people are left homeless, hungry with no TV and they are being butchered on the streets like in Rhodesia …. And then … maybe then??

        • But it’s up to us to have a place ready to resupply, train, and send them out to fight now that they are awake… If not us then no one will and we will be in the same stew pot they are…People think they can sit on the sidelines and eat popcorn and laugh and I suppose those who don’t give a damn about Anyone or Anything can do that but your going to face the same consequences as the rest of us…

          • Hay ole buddy I do agree with you. It is just that the concept of a battalion size group of 3% let alone something larger baffles me as to how to get it rolling. People are too comfortable, and they don’t truly understand asymmetrical and 4th generation warfare and what it means to follow a plan let alone follow orders. Most are not used to that, most are too comfortable. Why does any white descendant of European group of people allow themselves to ever loose their freedom. I am dating myself but my grandfather was ranching when there were no property taxes, there were no income taxes, no gun laws of any kind and where he lived no sales taxes and life was good. Our ancestors turned over most of everything to the international banking cartels long before our parents were a gleam in their father’s eye. Remember I was at Ruby Ridge along with three other Wyoming families, I was at Jarbridge Nevada, I was at Klamath Falls Oregon plus a few other assorted group hugs while the federals were either killing or preventing travel on a county road or preventing water to its people for the ranches. After all I have ancestors who fought in the range wars here. We were those they called crazy because we wanted to take real action. We did at Jarbridge when we opened up that county road. There were a thousand of us there, all armed to the teeth.
            No one got hurt and it was a grand time. All the other times were disaster. Me and my group got asked by the organizers of the Klamath Falls fiasco to leave as we wanted to charge the two federals who had shotguns and blow the gates so the ranchers could get water. There were over 300 horses there. The organizers just wanted to notify the world of “their concerns”. My friends and my family continue to prep as does yours. But after all the events I have traveled to and spent money on and been prepared to do what ever was necessary to make things right. One time and one time only … Jarbridge Nevada was at least temporarily a success. But I have already seen the shade of the average prepper and average arm chair commandos. After spending 5 years in the Middle East in and around the security and police world and those I served with and then look at what I find back at home. It seriously concerns me. When folks loose their TV sets, might be able to pull a few more in, but in reality until they are faced with eviction and no place to go, when they are being butchered on the streets like what happened to the whites in Rhodesia then maybe. But I don’t retreat from my comment. Maybe then? Keep your powder dry up there. You need help, we have the capability to reach and support you. Cheers, brother

            • I hear ya Brother… Most people don’t make Liberty a priority so it gets put on the back burner until they are the ones being oppressed and then they squeal like little pigs and want the whole country to come to their aid…Hope your doing well Brother and glad that your on my southern flank…

      • I’ve asked before. Violent freedom or peaceful subjugation? Pick one. Why? This WILL be answered on a strictly personal, individual basis, by ALL, eventually.

      • Not now, but after the crash comes, yes.

    • ‘Finally, a much lower percentage of Americans are the opposite of “Good Germans”;…’

      I wrote that passage. This part I goofed on; what I meant to say was ‘Finally, a much higher percentage of Americans are the opposite of “Good Germans” ‘

  8. Ben Franklin was concerned that German immigrants could not be assimilated 250 years ago…Germans are simply too obedient to authority. Only Anglo-saxons and Scots have the right hatred of central government.

    • The Scots … in particular … are hard-core Socialists. Worse, even, than the English.

      “Braveheart” was nothing more than tripe out of Hollywood; it bears no relation to the actuality of Scotland.

      • It goes to show how a people are a product of not just their genes but also their time. The Scandinavians used to strike terror into people from Ireland to the Black Sea…look at them now.

        The Scots used to be clannish and quarrelsome, traits that served them well when they settled the American wilderness. Maybe so many of that sort came here that the ones left behind were of a more docile variety?

        Probably not. Probably in all cases just people who have lived for too long without real struggle, content to mewl at the teat of the State. I like to think we are different here but in truth probably not.

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    “Germans are simply too obedient to authority.”

    Why were we not informed of this earlier?

    Zombie Augustus & Zombie Varro

  10. Guns are outlawed in Europa. But road flares are not. A lit road flare rammed up a sodomite mooslims arse .Might make them see the error of their buggery on the serfs of Europa.

  11. Hardly a surprise, their socialist by birth. Socialists gotta do what socialist do. They will self destruct, “it is written”

    Italy is the real game changer. Worthy news regarding their election on yes/no should be coming out about now. Meta gable election results, not some bullshit talking head talking out their ass.


  12. And,Italy votes for hopefully,a step towards freedom and independence from the eu,time will tell.A shame about Austria but now on to France and the Netherlands,best of luck to freedom loving brothers and sisters across the pond,and yes,hope you move forward enuff to rearm your citizens!

  13. Countries have to hit bottom before you will see any meaningful action.