Buppert: Fascism – Same Boss as the Old Boss


A note from father to daughter.

The totalitarians have been winning in FUSA since 1933.

And they are winning today:

The Left’s Long March, Enabled by Corporate America: Ten Things to Know About Kellogg’s War Against Breitbart

Lose your illusions.

11 responses to “Buppert: Fascism – Same Boss as the Old Boss

  1. “Fascism as with all government –isms is simply another wrinkle in the long line of brilliant psychopathic schemes to separate the hard-working from their wealth by weaponizing envy and ensuring the cognoscenti that no one can manage anybody’s life better than…somebody else.”

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. So, ok, what’s the alternative? How do you get people to interact civilly without a 3rd party “mediator” who has access to force? Absent cameras at intersections followed by mailed photos/tickets (backed up by force), people can’t take turns at stoplights without 3 assholes who have to speed up and run through when it’s red. That’s the simple stuff people can’t even handle on a daily basis.

    Reality check: Your daughter and granddaughter are probably more likely to be killed by an illegal immigrant or a local drunk out on the road than by a jack-booted thug of the state invading their home. If the State enforced it’s own laws as written (and corrupt actors didn’t commit excesses under color of law) and focused on its mission, the common dirt bag doesn’t get to roam around unhindered.

    How do you mediate situations when your neighbor ignores property lines and starts building on your side or grazing his animals on your grass? Do you respond with individual/family force? How about when a private corporation (or a large extended family with non-related henchmen/mercs) which I’ll call “Negan Inc” starts draining your mineral wealth or steals your intellectual property without compensation? Do you propose using reason to persuade them to pay you or give back what’s yours?

    • MichiganderJim

      “How do you…”

      Thanks for the suggestions, but I’ll decide for myself. Hopefully others will choose not to advocate for–or worse, behave like–the devil, but I reckon that’s up to them.

    • GS,

      That’s it?

      Capitalism is two armed men meeting, shaking hands, exchanging goods or services, planning future business and leaving without having unholstered their firearms.

      If you’ll go to my site, I have wrote extensively on your “henchman” scenarios.

      These may help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kPyrq6SEL0

      Friedman has done yeoman’s work on this subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTYkdEU_B4o

      I’m trying to address specifics. We need a statist Neegan to maim and kill people b/c of traffic intersections? If you accept the premise that THAT must be done, you must realize that since limited government is impossible by historic representation and sheer observation; you must accept the inevitable leviathan state that MUST kill people who fail to wear a seatbelt or use a car seat or sit in their car and refuse to respond to costumed government Orcs who presume to able to bully at will anyone who fails to respond to orders.

      Having driven planet-wide and in Kabul and Manila recently; traffic signals are ignored but safety and self-interest makes for wonderful spontaneous order in avoiding collisions.

      I would hope that when you gather with your family this season, your reasoning for not harming them comes from within you and not because you are frightened by the existential wood shampoo the government may apply if do maim or kill them. I suspect you’re better than that. After all, we are ALL anarchists in our daily lives.

      In the cosmic sense, I think you are suffering from a failure of imagination because communism simply doesn’t work. Ever. It does leave quite the corpse-pile behind though.


      Bill Buppert

    • You may not have noticed that .gov PREVENTS you from acting now, and DEMANDS that you:

      enlist its “services”
      abide by its decisions no matter how egregiously wrong
      support a range of unwanted activities unrelated to its protection racket
      kowtow to its enforcers and bureaucrats
      act only with its permission

      How did you arrive at such a state of servitude?

      Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

    • It should be noted that the danger posed by hostile illegal invaders is SANCTIONED BY YOUR GOVERNMENT.

      Oh, and the drunk? Again, courtesy of laws regarding recreational substance use, passed by the same government.

    • Come on GS are you losing your grip on sanity;)

      • And no one here addressed how the simplest of trespassing or theft would be handled if the other people were simply stronger in arms or numbers because deep down they know we as humans will still default to might makes right for the foreseeable future.

        • GS,

          Under the institution of government, that is EXACTLY your state of nature now.

          Bill Buppert

        • Ahhh for the most part they are harmless GS so just let them be…OP wants to put them in a ditch but me I would love to give them what they want…;)

  2. Agreed Bill,
    communism, democracy, fascism, constitutional republic,people in lice infested loincloths with animal bones thu their nasal septums while they chant “unga bunga! fire god of mountain demands virgin sacrifice..ooga booga!!”..same differance just different advertising and packaging.

    Other people are welcome to worship at the feet of the false god that is ‘gov/authority’ all they want…I refuse to do so, let alone to have anything to do with such.

    Others can choose their choice of chains from the above.

    Anarchy/Voluntarism is my choice as it’s the most sane and logical option..and who wants to run around in a loincloth sporting chickenbones thru their noses.

    Yours In daily armed Anarchy/Voluntarism!
    NorthGunner III