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Fake news, indeed.


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  1. It’s called counting your chickens before they hatch.
    And it couldn’t happen to a nicer…uhh whatever.

  2. from #2, what issues ? I routinely heard by pundits that Hillary still never said why you should vote for her or what she was going to do. trump was very general also, but you knew where he was on any issue.

    • Vagina.

      That was the issue.

      Most experienced one ever to run, AAMOF.

      • Damn, I’m getting old. When I was younger, we sought the LEAST experienced vagina.

        How times have changed…

      • Some more tasty Heh! for your entertainment and glee.
        ( verbatim from- https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/trump-is-wilier-than-black-pillers-assume/ )
        Talk about Gaslighting:

        Trump Is Wilier Than Black Pillers Assume
        November 30, 2016 by CH
        Two recent news items from Trumperica that have stirred the shitlibs and their media friends to a frenzy provide a glimpse into the under-rated genius of Trump and his ability to logic trap his enemies into awkward hypocritical stances.

        Item One: Trump’s tweet about flag-burners

        This isn’t an idle emotional blurt from Trump. He knew what he was doing. By triggering all the pro-flag-burning shitlibs just days before his announced “Thank You” tour, he racks up tons of good will and favorable photo ops when protestors arrive to do exactly what he trolled them into doing.

        More sadistically, Trump is also aiming straight at thecunt’s corrupt, dying heart. He knows that Hillary Clinton, as a New York State Senator, co-sponsored a bill to outlaw flag-burning. This is trolling at a level that even Kek Kekself cannot comprehend.

        Item Two: Trump considering David Petraeus for Secretary of State

        Trump’s interview of Petraeus was designed to make the ClintonNewsNetwork take the bait, and to once again drive his golden shiv deeper into thecunt’s rotten heart.

        Trump is goring thecunt by proxy, exploiting the very media channels that have tried so mightily to hoist her dumpy dying body into the White House to do his bidding and crush thecunt into dust, scattering her pulverized legacy to the winds.

        Flag-burning ban? Hillary did that.

        Petraeus broke the law? Hillary did that, too.

        Just read what Trump said back in July about Petraeus.

        “The system is rigged. General Petraeus got in trouble for far less. Very very unfair!,” Trump tweeted in July.

        Trump’s courting of Petraeus is a direct shot at Clinton, who now has to deal with the media suddenly remembering that the laws Petraeus broke, Clinton also broke them and then some.

        4D-chess? More like forty twists of the shiv.

  3. Reading these excerpts from the Madam President issue that would have been released had she won is literally nauseating. One bald-faced lie after another after another. It reads like classic Communist propaganda. And we would be force fed a steady diet of this for the next four to eight years.
    We all dodged the ultimate bullet thanks to Donald Trump. Even the never-Trumpers should be thanking God and thanking those of us who supported Trump for the fate they have been spared by keeping that evil Communist witch out of the White House.

    • George,

      It reads like “classic Communist propaganda” because it IS Communist propaganda.

  4. If Trump did nothing else he saved us from “that”..
    We owe him a “yuuge” debt of gratitude and that’s just for starters.

  5. But we were told that she was “fighting for you.” Not one “journalist” ever asked who she was fighting, where, or for what. And we were “stronger together.” But evidently not strong enough.

  6. HRC is a career politician pedo who sacrifices children to Saul Alinsky’s god Lucifer. Pizza gate is not even the tip of the ice burg. When Slick Willie was POTUS.HRC & 3 high ranking woman Senators would fly once a month .For weekend festivities @ the Church of Satan, San Francisco, Calif.The commie bitch is not a white witch pagan. She is a 6th degree dame/ Mason /Illuminati / Luciferian . Whatever the left accused the Donald of.The left were the guilty ones 1000 fold. Check out You Tube Retired FBI Agent Ted Gunderson investigates drug trafficking, world wide Pedo sex rings & Satanic ritual abuse, abductions, and sacrificial killings. Our children are not ours. Review Epstein /Catalina Pedo Island /Bahamas/DNC..

    • Behind,

      “Hillary has eaten more pussy than I have.”

      – – – Attributed to Bill Clinton – – –

  7. Jeezus! These fuckers make Pravda look like rank amateurs.

  8. Subterfuge, or not, HRC has to be held accountable, one way or another. Don’t underestimate she and her ilk, their down, their not out.


    • If Trump is half the smart guy he seems, just wait.
      She is so compromised, has made so many enemies, pilfered some much money, insulted so many people, and has lived by blackmail and extortion for so long, she is a barren vagina walking trap of her own making. Not to mention by loosing, and politically it was hers to loose, she screwed the pooch with so many people who she conned and grifted, she’s a dead bitch walking. Just the law of averages and good old karma has to be her #1 enemy.
      There’s so much dirt on her she needs a street sweeper behind her to cover it up. It ain’t going to be so easy to assisted suicide now, the ones who can bury her and her phedophile rapist husband.

  9. Error my chapped ass! This was cold,calculated.,How could the superior beings be this inept? They are superior to you mere mortals! The superior beings have been spewing the bullshit so long…they bought into it. For a short time,before the donkey kick to the balls stepped in, they bought their own bullshit.Lying thieving cocksuckers,surrounded by pedafile satanists accompanied by murdering evil shitbags. You become a product of your environment. You filthy whores violated every law of professional responsible journalism. Fuck you.

    • “The people I know of [Islamic] descent are too busy working their ass off and educating their children to run the world. Life would be so convenient with a true bogeyman.”

      Maybe that parody will help you understand that you managed to pack three fallacies of logic in your short sentences back in the Porretto thread:
      the anecdotal fallacy of logic
      the straw man fallacy of logic
      and, because there is historical evidence for my proposition,
      the argument from ignorance fallacy of logic