Italy Outcome

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi speaks during a media conference after a referendum on constitutional reform  at Chigi palace in Rome, Italy, December 5, 2016. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi     TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RTSUMW9

No! Renzi Resigns.

ZH take.


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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    apparently there is no “FU” in Italian–only “NO” and “Basta!.”

    close enough.

    throw the bums out.

    Euro plunges to new lows vs USD

  2. Great news. After the right wing party lost in Austria, the anti-establishment groups needed something good to happen. Stay tuned in as they say. Italy 3rd largest of the EU members, then does away with the Euro as currency … believe excitement will be in the air.

  3. Trump phones Beppe Grillo….

  4. This is the beginning of the end for the EU. France is next.


  5. The anti-establishment groups needed a win after losing in Austria. Hope this will have a greater effect then anticipated. In general, you can not vote yourself freedom, it has to be fought for … but we shall see.

    • Or at least routed. The largest single empire, USSR, in the final throes died without a shot being fired. It was all the blood spilt to the run up over half a century that was ghastly.

      • Doc, I got bad news, USSR/Russia’s still alive and well. If our leadership doesn’t check their shit at the door. Those boys gonna be all in our face.

        If we gotta fight, I’d prefer to fight those responsible for the slow boil. Not those Rooskies.

        If leveler heads prevail, theirs plenty of room for some “sand box 101” exercises.


  6. Preference Cascade Bitchez!

  7. The dirt people really seem sick of the elites worldwide. Do the elites have a counter punch? I think they do. It’s the currency.

    • I won’t say no, anything can happen. But the funny thing is there is this massive push wordwide to kill cash, aka currency. That too I believe will fail. Indians have already taken bankers hostage. After a few heads explode at the central banks that too maybe abandoned.

  8. Austria disappoints. Guess they haven’t had enough of rapefugees just yet.

  9. “Major political parties are pushing to change an electoral law passed last year that would give extra seats in Parliament to any party winning 40% or more of the vote. That measure was intended to make for more stable governments. Establishment politicians now worry that it could help the populist 5 Star Movement gain power and want to rewrite the rules before any new national election.”

    Voting fraud, Italian-style…

  10. Yet another impossible vote has happened. There are a few more on the horizon. The EU is dead and now even the UK elites won’t be able to stop the Brexit because the EU will dissolve under the weight of each new impossible vote.

    Grey Ghost

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    “Do the elites have a counter punch? I think they do”

    The elites didn’t get to be the elites by being passive and meek. Their counterattack will likely be ferocious.

  12. One more to go —
    Amazing how fast the purge has been implemented.

  13. VooDoo6Actual

    NZ’s John Key resigning as well. Merkel next ?
    Watching the Rats jump a sinking ship w/o any chance of humanity holding them accountable for their crimes against humanity is frustrating especially when many saw it coming years ago & spoke the truth. It walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck, swims like a Duck, flies like a Duck but apparantently it’s a Pink Flamingo. What a bunch of disgusting POS.

  14. The EU is a proof of the fallacy of single governance over a large & diverse geographical area. Where else might that apply?

  15. A good man told the story of Nero, after playing his
    fiddle while looting the riches in Rome before, during
    and after the burning. He further continued that not
    to long after, assassins went and stabbed, multiple
    times, Nero in the face. Mind you, why would assassins
    stab “Nero” in the face many times, beyond recognition?

    Even, what happened to Nero and his descendants, if
    such a plot was conceived?

    Bottom line, that is what happens when “one purse”
    is worshiped.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”