SLL: Get Up Off Your Knees



Turn off the MSM, and cut their income stream to which you contribute.

Learn useful new skills.

Teach useful new skills to others.

Teach young people about freedom versus obedience to illegitimate authority.

Buy small gold and junk silver, along with ammo and other preps.

Keep your skills sharp and your weapons zeroed.

More madness is over the horizon.

14 responses to “SLL: Get Up Off Your Knees

  1. Having the guns, the ammo, the gold, the silver, all very nice. But If your first skill is not knowing how to grow food — thou art a dead man. Why do Russians have Dachas? Because they learned during the revolution that potatoes can be worth more than gold.

  2. Don’t disagree.

    Plan to repost the grower series from over at Kenny’s place after the hols.

    • …and keep your skills zeroed and your weapons sharp!

      Advice to get up off your knees and be self determining/sufficient, cast off the chains of corporate state slavery, give the state the Molan Labe good luck symbol, is the beginnings of true liberty. It isn’t easy, but neither is being a paycheck indentured servant. But one never gets easier, and one gets tangible results that pay tangible fully vested interest. The thing is to begin, and like many great things in life attained, small beginnings is sometimes wisest and best.
      I’ve taken to heart and life the advice of the liberty movement, the philosophy and ideas of Jeffersonian Agrarianism, the concepts of freedom, really the nuts and bolts of freedom, personal unfettered industrious economic liberty, learned myself a whole range of skills and studied practical technology in the last fews years. Designed and built an off grid standalone solar wind system, set up a blacksmith shop, making knives hawks and other implements, a machine/metal fab shop to compliment the blacksmithing and other aspects of DIY, getting setup for foundry/casting, building a roof water cistern, expanded my garden by 3 times. Developing a nursery of fruit and berries to compliment the garden, participating in share cropping with a neighbor farmer, learning the skill and technique of trade and barter, (thats a more difficult endeavor than I imagined), writing a how to manual for practical realistic home built DYI off grid power. Divested myself of all debt, embraced an austere more wholesome lifestyle and am incorporating this stoic poverty into as many facets of my life as practical and logical as possible, from food, healthcare, income, to enjoyment.
      It is a holistic thing that is always evolving. Some aspects are a chore and difficult without discretionary wealth to throw at them. Being a wage earner my entire life there things I simply do not have the capitol or resources to attain. But in the whole process, you discover ways to adapt, improvise, be inventive and flexible, or simply do without. Doing without is a really interesting, and interestingly, a really good skill to learn. There are humps to get over, but they smooth out after you get into the spirit of things. It definitely is a mind set thing. You have to teach yourself to be patient, as a virtue, perservere. The nine great virtues make a lot of sense here. Nothing happens over night, but it is like walking 50 miles, you don’t look at the miles you’ve made, but what miles to go, and they are less with every step.
      I think the whole community of freedom and liberty on the inter-webs has been of incalculable value, it would be a considerably more difficult challenge, personally, to get where I’ve gotten to today without all the info, data, ideas, thinking, advice, philosophy and resources that constitute the liberty movement.
      And the movement has matured in so many ways from just 10 years ago. It has evolved in my mind into an incredible movement of people. It is in no question insurgent, in the best light imaginable. The people and the activity is truly wonderful. It is representative of the motive power of people who choose the blessings of freedom.
      I believe nothing can stop it.
      In some small way I’m a part of that, I’m proof it begins with each of us. Like so many in the sphere of liberty.
      And the more of us who embrace these things the more freedom we have, it is that simple.
      No time like the time to get busy being free.
      Join the “Honorable Resistance”, learn new skills, grow food, Get right with your faith, create, tangible things, as John Mosby said.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Roger that! Workin’ on it, Boss! Grow our food, got plenty of potable water, neighbors are all on board, and the farm has excellent fields of fire.

  4. I’m feeling left out, I appear to be the only member here without a blog site or following. Lol. Fuck I crack myself up.


  5. Centurion, love that pic man!

    Here’s a link for quality non-gmo, heirloom seeds:

    Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed

    The Grow Box (an excellent way to grow veggies in limited space;
    would be ideal in a greenhouse for ‘year round vegetables’!

    Boston on Surviving Y2K and Other Lovely Disasters
    (bonus is that it has an excellent discussion of different livestock
    for the preparedness minded).

    While those of us with our heads in the right place are doing all that we can to stand proudly in Freedom; the enemy birthed in islam does the exact opposite as shown below (boy oh boy did the pc heads explode when this ‘toon first appeared..loved the butt hurt yowling and to my ears!!).

    Prep, Train, Network, rinse and repeat.

    Yours In Liberty! Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

  6. Agreed on all…but stop calling it junk silver. It’s degrading and it’s a form of brainwashing by the PTB to make you think it is worthless. Don’t fall for their mind games and word tricks. That silver, or Constitutional silver was once used as valid currency and (along with gold) has been used for hundreds of years. Are the symbols, artwork & eagles etc. on that coinage jthat represent a once great nation junk too?
    Those symbols have a lot of power. It’s a shame to call them junk.

    • Reference to the individual grade of the coins….

    • MichiganderJim

      “… it’s a form of brainwashing by the PTB to make you think it is worthless.”

      TPTB didn’t invent it and AFAIK it has two meanings. Some use it for bags of US coins with silver content and some use it for ingots, often commemorative, not produced by (so-called!) sovereigns or major producers. Personally I figure .999 silver is .999 silver. OTOH counterfeiting can be a concern.

      Except for the most extreme of instances, there is no such thing as brainwashing. There is only choosing to believe. Or, for some of the crap pounded into us as young children, there is waking up.

      Pretty sure that means it rests on each of us, not the others.