The Future Of The USA, Russia, And The New World Order


Read the discussion or the actual .pdf between Aleksandr Dugin and Olavo de Carvalho first – your choice.

A solid read to accompany your Sunday morning coffee.

4 responses to “The Future Of The USA, Russia, And The New World Order

  1. de Carvalho states, “Of course, this does not mean that I am in favor of nothing, or that I do not see positive forces acting in the world. Yet, precisely, these forces cannot be counted among the main agents in dispute, and do not have, at least at the moment, any global plan or strategy that may neutralize or disarm the three monsters. Among them I would single out: (1) Christian, Catholic or Protestant, communities from all countries; (2) The Jewish nation(Haxo will be “triggered”); (3) American conservative nationalism. Neither of the three is fighting for world domination. But the reality is quite different: by unanimous decree of the globalist blocks, all of them are singled out to die.

    If my sympathy goes to anyone, it is to these three who are sentenced to death. Not that I wish to oppose to the three projects of global domination three alternative projects which are presently anemic. If there were plans for the establishment of a Christian or Jewish or redneck world dictatorship, I would be among the first to denounce them, as I denounce the Russian- Chinese militarists, the Western oligarchs, and the apostles of the Universal Caliphate. But these plans do not exist. The fight of the three disadvantaged factions that I mentioned is not for world power: it is for pure and simple survival.”

    He is absolutely, utterly, correct.

    My philosophical sympathies with Professor Dugin begin and end with the concern for Artificial Intelligence and the associated metaphysics thereof.

    What is most concerning is Prof. Dugin’s inability to differentiate between rational actors like FREEFOR, the Alt-Right, American Patriots, Constitutionalists, Anarchists, and the other types of people who simply want to be left-the-fuck-alone. Those of us under Liberty’s Umbrella, are just as guilty in Dugin’s mind as the Globalist Oligarchy/Parasite Class.

    While Russia may be ideologically opposed to the Western “Cloud People’s” toxic, decadent “culture,” again, the failure to differentiate us dirt people from that broad brush stroking should be cause for alarm to anyone who values individualism and Liberty.

    I’m very familiar with Prof. Dugin, and if Lady Liberty had an Antichrist, it would be him. His failure to admit that, yes, Virginia, there is an “Elite” Consortium steering western civilization in a direction not infitting with the best interests of the citizenry indicates that he’s either a hyper-intellectual dupe, or is dancing to someone else’s tune.

    Regardless, Sino-Russ Sarmat II’s don’t give a shit if you are a Cloud Person or a Dirt Person.

    What the Cloud People and Russophile Orthodox-Christian-Jihadis like Dugin have in common is that they want you, and ultimately Freedom, dead.

  2. Per globalism, Russia, and the state: William Lind discusses 4GW with Southern Nationalists: