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  1. no, neo-conz, it has nothing to do with “poor people”. The globalist Judeo-Left hates Whites, and intends to exterminate then root and branch, a process already well underway. The (((Establishment))) remains po’d at Trump because, though he is one of their [[[own]]], he aroused a smidgen of White Nationalism in order to get into the WH.

  2. All roads lead to the AIPAC, Rothschild’s Bank of London & Judea. The tribe hates the goyium [mindless herd animal]. Juden – Masters of usury & shylocks.. Deceit is what the Tribe lives for. That and a near bankrupt Amerika. Who’s white population has been over run by 3rd world Hispanics & Bloody Mooslim Wog’s. Mere tools as TPTB want a poor ,dumbed, new class of worker bees.Who vote demoncrat. They want our kids & grand children to be mulatto mud ducks .Like O.J.’s kids. Diversity/Multicultural / PC. = the end of the White race. Kinda like the English claiming Prima Noctre on their Scottish under class. If we can’t beat them on the battle field.We will have to breed them out. Being Scottish /Irish decent . I have nothing but contempt for any liberty stealing central government.