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8 responses to “Banzai!

  1. every single article I’ve seen about the incident at comet ping pong yesterday makes a point to say it is a ‘fake,’ ‘ficticious,’ -or some other synonym- conspiracy theory.

  2. “If you repeat a lie enough times, people start to believe it,” Obama said.

  3. Fake News?

    I’ll bet a testicle the same scumbags wrote both these statements of marxist crap.
    The similarities are striking between the two false narratives.
    It’s the same scumbags.

  4. Remember the recently linked article on “The Narrative?”

    Narrative = Big Lie Infinitum, or

    Modus Operandi Progresso

  5. Get a good police scanner and shortwave receiver, and you don’t have to worry about fake news. Unless you like to worry and rend your garments over stupid shit.

  6. LightninBolt

    Dracler madness….lolol…

  7. Only approved agitprop.
    Definitely Orwelien efforts to impose totalitarianism.
    A system designed for the thought police to enable the tagging of images and videos deemed to be fake news and extremist content.
    I’d say if nothing stops them they will eventually figure out Amateur Radio will require a progressive cleansing also. Because if nothing else it is the uniquely dirt peoples WW grapevine.

    XOG Intensifies Desire To Remove Non-Narrative Content From Internet