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  1. the one adjacent to a “sacred Indian burial ground”.

    @ Indians: there are numerous Indian burial grounds under New York City, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, etc.

    • Everything is sacred burial ground, or sacred ritual ground, or sacred shitting ground… Get the fuck off of it, idiots. I have native blood in my veins too but I’m not trying to live in a wigwam and sing rain songs. It’s fucking 2016 and a pipeline is a lot safer and less intrusive than a crashing tanker truck or a derailing tanker train.

      • Are they trying to live in wigwams and shit on sacred ground or extort money?

        • Well the sacred shitting grounds become non-sacred once proper funding is agreed upon. You see, Native American sacredness at Standing Rock is like a light switch you can turn on and off depending on how it benefits you. It’s like that at a lot of reservations actually. “This is a scared burial ground. Oh wait, no it isn’t. It’s a scared casino/oil pipeline/shuffleboard court.”

  2. It’s the one Buffet wants them too…They would rather have his trains haul it since that is so much safer…

  3. It was a condemnation procedure. I don’t think the US can condemn Indian land, so must be nearby….

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I don’t think the US can condemn Indian land”

      Maybe not technically, but it’s not like that’s ever stopped them before.

    • The current path is NOT over Tribal lands. The objection is to an ADDITIONAL pipeline (built to a much better spec than current tubes) that would cross a waterway upstream from the tribal property water intake. The Tribes ignored all efforts to include them in planning over a decade, so they get no money from the pipeline touching their land. This is Tribal Council incompetence and mismanagement at the highest level to avoid benefits and plow forward into poverty & problems. But what did you expect, rlly?

  4. Old partner of mine is running sector security on this project. Tony tells me this pipe line is next to several other already in place buried, pipelines.

    That this tribe is trying to squeeze more money out of the company. The initial deal was cut, with another tribe.

    with Trump driving we’re going to see more oil, more oil lines, and a lot more jobs available.

  5. It’s all well and good when someone else’s land is appropriated but when it’s your …………???? Government can do it and now it seems that private entities also get a bite at the apple. The USC say’s so ……..
    Seems private property (even if ‘owned’ free and clear) isn’t so private after all. So much for one of the hallmarks of a ‘free’ country.

    • Eminent domain comes at you from many different angles.

    • KeystoneConfederate


      You said something, but I’m not sure what. Care to clarify?

      The only private land that the pipeline is on is land purchased from locals who have owned it for generations.

      I’m not sure on the specifics and the details of the different 1800’s treaties that cover the area, but there is no issue with reservation land in this case.

      • Just making a blanket statement (not trolling). It seems to me that, 1) government powers of whatever nature will exert their authority (legal or otherwise) to achieve their own ends (either in conjunction with private entities or not) and 2) we have become so fractured as a nation (various vying cultures/economic/political or otherwise groups) that there is no over reaching bond between each group unless there is some type of unifying threat).
        Although Texas is somewhat different than other States, I have heard of cases in Texas where land owners have resisted pipe lines crossing their land and losing via eminent domain – I suspect that there other cases throughout the United States.

    • I guarantee that eminent domain on Indian land gets more consideration than we would. They come to you with an offer. You negotiate and reach an accord or not. If not, they condemn the land, start the project and you go to court. It happens everyday.

      • Absolutely. Tribes get much more consideration, cash, bribes, and TIME than the 5th generation American land “owner” when it comes to mega-projects.

    • 33 states have enacted their own anti-Kelo legislation. Feds can grumble all they want but other than federal lands and indian reservations, its a state matter.

    • Someone who gets it.

      Private Property.

      All the other arguments come from the Collectivists.

      See above for further details.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    Their just doing the shake down pow wow, it is not
    on indian land, more pc bullshit.

  7. …yep,we F**ked em up good so many times,murdered,infected,lied,stolen from them over and over.Whats one more good and dry anal copulation?I mean,”with liberty and justice for all”right?Its just a little more,and a little more and….its all good as long as you are the one doing the f**king.Sound familiar?

    • overall, it was a fair fight. The Asiatic savages – running around naked, shooting arrows at each other, living in holes in the ground covered with animal skins – lost out to a superior White tribe. In fact, but for the arrival of the Whites, the “Indians” would still be running around naked, shooting arrows at each other, and living in holes in the ground covered with animal skins. Now the Whites – having gotten fat, soft, and lazy – are themselves being exterminated and race-replaced.

      • MichiganderJim

        Sheesh, don’t you ever get it right? You often get the principles right; I don’t know how you do it using such bullshit beliefs. Ha, maybe it’s instinct. I happen to know plenty about West Coast tribes, and for most of them (maybe all), every word of this is false.


    Modern-day “Indian Tribes” = useful idiots. Enough said.

    • Modern-day “Patriots” = useful for? Enough said.

      Anyhow. There is suppose to be another map with that one above (I’ve seen it) that shows all the gas/oil breaks on the pipelines across America. The point of that map was to show that these things are not as safe as one would lead you to believe. Which then went on to another point. The water that these kindred Indians drink in proximity to the pipeline(s).

      So, when you all bitch and holler when the EPA breaks open a mine, whereas the toxic goo from that mine floods the nearby river turning it into toxic cocktail, and you all grab your dicks and pussies in hor-er-er-er, think about that if this pipeline broke, and toxic goo’ed their drinking water. But, but… their dirty filthy Indians!

      Ya know, it was that “Rightful Liberty” guy who originally proposed that the Indian be moved out West to be “civilized” or die… or eventually murdered. It was his predecessor who actually carried it out.. although the “Rightful Liberty” guy did play a personal hand. When it comes right down to it, “Rightful Liberty” was only for the White Man, and the White Man only. Just thought you’d like to know that. If you say otherwise, you are stoo-pid. But, but, but… WORDS… and… ACTIONS… tell the story, and the intent.


      • It was a conquest disguised as a Republic. And now we’ve been conquered and they disguised it as multiculturalism.

      • Sure that could happen. Then they could sue the living shit out of the people who run the pipeline and require them to provide a constant replacement for their drinking water until the spill is cleaned up and the water is safe to drink again. Then again what is more likely to happen is that this pipeline will perform to spec just like the other pipes that it will be next to underground and nothing bad will happen for decades.
        Life is about risk. We take risks to reap the benefits of them.
        There is a lot of wisdom with the red man, but a lot of stuborness to.

  9. It’s what you get when you don’t pay certain types what they want, and route your infrastructure around them.
    Now if I only can strike oil, natural gas, or uranium on this hunk of high desert I’m living on… Especially that last one. I’ve read my copy of The Radioactive Boy Scout forwards, backwards, sideways, and have been hitting up all the junk yards and auctions in Gas Hills and Jeffrey City. I think we’re gonna change the name of that second one back to “Home on the Range” when the time comes.
    Hell, I’d be happy with a good haul of Pyrite from our famous Wind River Eocene Sandstone. Stuff makes good crystal detectors for sniffing aether.

  10. DTW, right on the tribes are being ” played ” by the EPA I’m Wyoming. And right here where I live, the courts had deeded the local Klamath tribe ” Time in memorial” rights regarding basin water,a few years ago.

    This past year physical water rights to the entire Klamath water shed were given to the tribe. It’s dead winter here, and the tribe just put out a ” water Call” which means any all water sources in this watershed are shut down.

    The Oregon Water Resource department in Portland is making the rules up as they go along. This is all agenda 21 shit. The tribe here, want their historical tribal lands back. It should be noted that the tribal members SOLD, their Res” In The early 60s. Drank their individual money away. And now want the property back.

    Some part of me, seems to think that’s not a bad idea. After all they could not fuck up the forests any worse then the US Forest service has.

    This sick view that courts can assign ownership of life sustaining water to one or two special interests groups, is a load of crap, We The People own the water, not a couple groups.

    Finding a rationale fees able solution is going to require folks to think in terms of what is in the best interest of everybody.

    Matter of time, and people will start dyeing around here, over these very issues.


    • Dirk,

      As you know, the monstrosity we know as fedgov, particularly in your AO the BLM and EPA, is simply tyrannical. Until a shadow, organized government is created to oppose the fedgov, nothing will improve.

      It takes some organization of people on the same agenda to effect change.

  11. ALCON,

    The map indicating the immense amount of existing pipeline astounded me. I didn’t have a clue there was so much transmission of energy in this country, oil & natural gas, via pipeline. Learn something every day.

    Pete, thanks for posting that visual. Amazing.

    • Next… Maybe WRSA will kindly put map of all
      the underground tunnels 🙂

    • Dan,
      Look closer. Notice the concentration of pipe on that map? 4 states — Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi. Any secessionist movement that succeeded in controlling those 4 states control most of the source those pipes carry and also imports/exports on the Mississippi River. Now think Ukraine-EU-Russia in an American context.

    • The down side is, each is a potential target,for enemies foreign and domestic.


  12. Read once that the Bush’s own the underground Oglala Sioux aquifer.

  13. It can be vehemently denied and politically shuffled but the native tribes culture now is a direct result of manifest destiny($$).The crumbs they are able get are miniscule regardless of the means.Extermination and cultural domination by the dominant collective against indigenous peoples is always justified”for the greater good”by those who know better.(usually under the guise of helping the poor savages)Kind of like….those irredeemable basket of deplorables will bend or die.Not long ago I seem to recall”this time we get to be the Indians”.Hypocrisy,its whats for dinner kids.

  14. If you like your pipeline you can keep your pipeline…

    Some guy,

  15. LightninBolt

    Obamnaut controlled Indian tribes…have to keep the Obamy LEGACY legit, right? Pay them, as well as BLMatter….