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  1. Sure that’s not a brown? They are bigger than uncle grizz. Something to do with not having to roam so much to hunt their food in places like Kodiak.

    Here’s some wonderful photos.

  2. Yup, Lessons 1-5 in “Why you don’t fuck with bears.”

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    It’s from Alaska.
    She’s a small woman and posed to make it look 12″ wide, in reality the other pics show a tape measure of about 9″. Still huge!
    I’ve seen them here in Wyoming 6-7″, with most about the size of your hand, but they are a smaller cousin of the Kodiak with max weight of around 650 lbs, half the weight of a huge Kodiak.

  4. Coastal Kalifornia grizzlies were the biggest because they had plenty of food and it wasn’t cold enough to hibernate. They got to be over 2,000 lbs and the Kalifornia native population welcomed the Europeans and their big guns because the huge grizzlies like to eat the natives.
    I wish all the progressives were as dumb as the Grizzly Man who offered up himself and his girlfriend for dinner to the bears up in Alaska. A thousand pound griz made a fine meal of them. It just goes to show you, if you give a liberal a chance, he may just do the right thing.

    • Timothy Treadwell. Don’t really care if I’m spelling his name correctly. He was doing his “bear maze” deal across the Shelikof Strait while I lived in Kodiak. He’d fly to and from Kodiak each year on his bear-huggin’ mission to the Katmai across the Shelikof. Met him in a bar..pixie cut blond hair, high squeaky girl voice…we all thought he was an idiot. The natives (Aluetiq) thought he was an idiot. Fish and Wildlife thought he was an idiot. National Park officials thought he was an idiot. He carried this bullshitery on for, I think, thirteen years until the BIG, OLD, brownie (not a griz) put a stop to it. Two people…eaten. All that was left between the two was forty pounds of human remains. The Natives, Park Officials, F&W Officials, and us fishermen all said at the same time..”yep, an idiot.”

    • Rainman, had always understood the Ca grizzlies to be smaller than most. I know entire Indian tribes would migrate because of them as they would enter the villages in force. A dozen at a time, much like wolfs.
      It’s been about 30 years or so since I’ve been to Los Gatos, There was a bar there called Mountain Charlies, the pictures on the walls showed a guy with a silver peso in his head as a patch from surviving an attack.. Lots of photos of bear kills, most of them small.

  5. Brown bear. Common on all coasts that support salmon runs in Alaska. We do have grizzlies in the interior…smaller than brownies but much meaner. Kodiak’s are bigger than mainland brown bears and are classified as a sub-species of the brown bear, which is subject to debate. Some naturalists think they are the direct decedent of the extinct cave bear do to their large size. I lived in Kodiak for 23 years and I think their size is do their eating so well. The salmon runs in Kodiak start in early June and continue unabated through September. All five species of pacific salmon spawn in Kodiak rivers and lakes. Kodiak’s have it easy compared to the other four species of bears in Alaska in terms of sustenance.

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