I’m Sure These Folks Are Interested In Ordered Liberty With Equal Justice Under The Law

Via The Burning Platform.

Let them go.

Build a new nation from the Remnants.

22 responses to “I’m Sure These Folks Are Interested In Ordered Liberty With Equal Justice Under The Law

  1. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/308703-man-with-gun-arrested-at-dc-pizzeria-at-heart-of-conspiracy

    Gee, I’m glad to know all that pizza nonsense isn’t true, I mean, the media whores would never lie or make up stuff, right?

    • False flag or another half-baked “patriot” idea.
      If you’re going into a room, have a plan of action and know how you will leave.

      • Roddy’s character had to ‘improvise’…worked though!
        Greatest Movie Quote of All Time

        Yours In Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

        • Actually I think that quote is from the first person shooter PC game:
          “Duke Nuke’m 3d” circa 1996. Damn good quote though.

          Grey Ghost

  2. Liberals are the most intrusive bullies!

  3. thesouthwasrght

    Well, at least the little beaner speaka da ingles. That’s a start.

    Then there is the oaf with the foul mouth. What I like to call a “familiar” from the Blade trilogy. My thing with this is that if you are going to wear that shirt, which I agree with totally, then man up and defend your view. Don’t sit there on the couch and let them road grade you for 10 minutes.

    • Short of just getting up and pounding the guy into pemmican, and throwing that chick up on the pool table for some good old fashioned online porn stuffing… The guy held his own, by giving these clowns all the rope they need to hang themselves in front of an audience.

    • I was thinking he should have launched her phone across the room. But he was probably being smarter than we are. The best way to “defend your view” in this case is to just laugh at them and put them on youtube. “Never interrupt an enemy in the process of making a mistake.” (Or however that quote goes…)

  4. What a pair… One from La Raza and the other an ignorant who punctuates his attempts at sentences with profanity.

    If there were ever two people that exhibited such a perfect level of disdain for cause and effect, I have’nt seen them yet. They completely fail to understand that both words and actions can and do result in consequences. One of the failures of our society is that people like this feel they can abuse, insult and threaten others without consequence.

    The recent election has agitated them almost beyond coherence. Their false belief systems and inevitable triumph has evaporated and they’re angry. They lash out thinking (correctly at the moment) that they can say and do about anything and get away with it. In the 50’s, 60’s and in many areas, the 70’s and 80’s, that young man would have received a beat down that would have been seen as justified due to his behavior and language. A reinforcement of societal views. Now, we have self entitled little jerks running around harassing and berating random folks because they don’t like their shirt or politics.

    Time for a course, or lesson in manners and respect for your fellow man and woman.

    • That the 2 jerks are so torn up about it is great. Beating his ass today would only get him arrested and probably hit with a hate crime when he had to punch the mouthy cunt to get her fingers out of his eyeballs.

      Just enjoy getting them all worked up while you sleep in your warm bed without a court date to mess up your work schedule. (somebody still has to pay taxes for her parents’ benefits)

  5. Virgil Caine

    No. The time for calm, contemplated, leveled response is long over. We no longer have that luxury. Violence, is indeed, a course of action. The utilization of which is going to be required on a more regular basis. You need to get your head wrapped around that now.

  6. The guy is a failed actor, listed on IMDB….

  7. wealthy farmer

    Funny thing is she would get killed down in Mexico for behaving that way. They all think their cell phone is a magical weapon that will protect them, then ensues an elaborate dance of passive aggression. No touching, to keep the all important victim status, but every other vile behavior and language is sanctioned in the effort to arouse the real victim to say or do something that can be used against them. Straight out of Rules for Radicals.

  8. These people wont always be in a familiar setting nor will they always benefit from video evidence. Do what needs doing, cautiously and without pangs of conscience. THEY would absolutely do so for you if they thought they could get away with it.

  9. Rolling up uninvited and talking mad shit should have consequences.

  10. Boy needs to nut up and and stop with the social media crap. An excellent opportunity to take out 2 socialist liberal scumbags..

  11. I saw two people that wanted their ass beat, real bad. Makes my knuckles itchy.

  12. this encounter got my energy level up. but how to learn these snow flakes a lesson that would not land me in jail. they sure as hell will not listen to anything said as they have made up their minds already. escalation of force? ask them to leave, call management? it just walk out then have them follow you to a location with more tactically advantage. then deliver lesson? but then there is jail time again. don’t argue with a drink or a liberal.

  13. It is not very difficult to be smarter than those fucking idiots.

  14. This is why they sell OC bear spray at the local store.

    Works on two-legged domestic jackasses just as well as ursidae.

    Comedy afterwards is just a bonus.