Mosby: A Review Of “Forging The Hero”



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3 responses to “Mosby: A Review Of “Forging The Hero”

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Thanks! Me likes; gotta get it. I’ve thrown Joe Campbell and his “tribalisms” and 1,000 faced heroes out the window years ago.

    My new motto: “Know your TRIBE; act accordingly.”

  2. robroysimmons

    I second the recommendation for the book, it could also form the core for a home schooling text as well.

    One critique, his last chapter wanders way to far off into the “Muh fair lady” conventions that lead to basically Third Wave Feminism in the Anglosphere and Sweden’s Matriarchy. Yeah it’s worth reading but I would temper it with a heavy dose of Roissy over at Chateau Heartiste

    • Would not worry about that third wave… When it all goes to shit, most women will willing fall right back into place. The ones that don’t… Well watch the movie hateful 8.

      Women are reason and belief based (most people are) and have a tough time with logic. Some are very talented and smart though.