Three From Herschel



Water As A Weapon Of War

Pizzagate IX

The Right To Bear Arms And The American Philosophy Of Freedom

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  1. Excellent posts. I will however not dig into the pizzagate links as that would rot my soul. I’ll be vigilant in watching for names of the guilty though.


    I spent over three years of my career as a Peace Officer investigating and doing trial prep on sexual assault/child abuse cases. I still lose sleep at night thinking about the extent of pedophilia in Amerika. The series LAW AND ORDER/SVU has presented some very well-crafted and true-to-life episodes about this sordid subject. Even if you do not like Dick Wolfe and all he stands for(neither do I), they are worth watching.
    This whole Pizzagate situation is just the tip of the iceberg. When it finally breaks open like a rotten pumpkin, the splatter will hit everywhere. The MSM, the clergy of ALL denominations, the military, school officials, cops(yeah, I saw it there, too), and politicians from local all the way to the White House are complicit.
    Most people refuse to acknowledge it because it is just too horrific. Sooner or later, we must all face the music and deal with this. The thought of capital punishment comes to mind. And, I am serious as a heart attack about this.

    • I feel like this would be the leak that breaks the dam, because if this is happening, people are going to ask “what the hell else has been hidden from us?”

      If you want to see a living definition if “shock,” it’s going to be all these people that are poo-pooing and saying that this all just a witch hunt/conspiracy theory/alt right thing.

    • I’m glad your serious as a heart attack.
      I too believe this is human behavior that has to be exterminated. It is like a terminal cancer that is infective.
      These scum trying to undermine this election and make the truth of them to be fake news are desperate to stop the truth from getting out.
      The guarantee of continued obscurity and activities was predicated on the organized corruption of a 2nd clinton crime syndicate occupying the most powerful seat in government.

      Question is, how desperate and how many at the top with the kind of influence and wealth to cause desperate measures to be taken to keep from being caught for these hideous crimes?
      How far can they go, are they willing to start a civil war in order to escape punishment?
      I mean those involved got to be terribly diabolical individuals in the first place. After what they have done to these children, nothing is beyond the pale.
      Know what I’m saying here DTW?

  3. Buy a Berkey (or similar) filtration system (with back-up filters), and one of the products sold by this company and you’ll have no water problems.

  4. It becomes difficult to sustain the thesis that the job of government is to protect us, when the protectors are kidnapping our children, fucking them and killing them.

  5. Paul, are you talking about when they are drafted, or the pedophiles?

    • Sorry, I was referring to the slime at the top, not ordinary servicemen, etc.

      • The ordinary servicemen of all the branches have been indoctrinated to believe in the lie of ‘legitimacy of gov’ and ‘gov authority’ just like so many others raised to believe in ‘the most dangerous superstition’.

        ‘taxes’ = theft of property
        ‘conscription/draft/selective service’ = slavery
        What more needs to be said?…

        Yours In Liberty thru Anarchy/Voluntarism!
        NorthGunner III

  6. Water wars are occurring across this nation daily. Our govt IS using water to hold communities hostage. The politics of water are vast, and multi layered.

    Consider that Los Angeles, is literally stealing water all the way north to the Calif Oregon border. Why, cuz they have the votes. They tell NorCal what they can do with their water.

    A matter of time before water from the Klamath River basins are diverted to LA, its for the children.

    Water is a God given right to access. The system of ” water rights” is a system that works well for the big farmers, Indian tribes, and other special interest groups.

    Water rights, water ownership will eventually lead to civil wars within the US.

    In the late 90s we went thru the Klamath Water Wars The civilians didn’t believe that black helicopters, with well armed men, were present. They were.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      Look at all that wasted water from the Columbia pouring out into the Pacific. It could be well better used watering golf courses and lawns in SoCal, and Las Vegas since they already drained the entire states aquifers dry.
      We need more pipelines!

    • no such thing as water shortage…

  7. Water is liquid gold. The “rights’ to water are granted to citizens of Colorado by the state. The state controls and distributes all water in Colorado.Water “rights” are yours because the state grants them to you.The state completely controls,by a network of laws,courts and regulations all the water in this state. Water,along with food, is the ultimate currency.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Water,along with food, is the ultimate currency.”

      Penultimate. Oxygen is the ultimate one; they just haven’t figured out how to commiditize it yet.

  8. Mano a Mano battles too; neighbors punching wells and raiding aquifers.