Well, It’s Not Like They’re Busy With The HRC Email, Clinton Foundation, McAuliffe Election Loan, Or Refugee Racketeering Investigations…


H/t to SLL for this piece on your FBI in peace and war:

The FBI Has Becomes The Enemy Of Every Computer User And Every IT Security Professional Worldwide

Kit Perez said it best last week on Gab:


19 responses to “Well, It’s Not Like They’re Busy With The HRC Email, Clinton Foundation, McAuliffe Election Loan, Or Refugee Racketeering Investigations…

  1. I would write something, but I don’t want the FBI to add another entry in my file they keep. Oh wait….Snap!

  2. Trust only those you know intimately and completely. FBI are masters of creating informants.

  3. And so goes Michigan’s electoral votes.
    Suck it.


    • Worst case, electoral votes from MI (my state) flip. WI and PA EV’s stay right where they are (recounts there resulted in *5* more pop votes for HRC, while last I saw, in WI it was actually a pop vote gain for DJT!), and DJT is sworn in on schedule.

      More likely case, WI and PA recount results are echoed in MI.

  4. Speaking of the fibs, there’s this:

    Not sure if it’s FF or if someone stepped off the porch. Either way it’s worth watching to the end where the Comet Ping Porn guy issues his warning to those who are “spreading false and malicious rumors. Last I checked there were some REALLY questionable photos on this guys instagram account that have been archived on the web. Maybe spend some time explaining why you had a picture of a 3 year old girl with her hands taped to a ping pong table? Or a baby with stacks of Euro notes in it’s mouth? Go ahead and explain that.

    • Fox same as the rest of the (((MSM))): a squirmy mass of faggots and pedos.


        Word. I would not be surprised if they “ate pizza” at Comet Ping Pong. I would not bet that this story sees the light of day, although it really needs to.

  5. LightninBolt

    Well what about HRC’s recount? Jill Stein has an announcement to make at 10am this morning…interested in what “shite” is said. Is this recount even constitutional? And whom or who is watching THEM do the recount? Surely someone is…Trump’s lawyers….these libdims are not to be trusted with anything…recount or election!

  6. An updated report, as of this
    morning, with complete state by state
    details of the recount BS.


  7. Keep believing in Unicorns, rainbow’s,
    leprechauns and patriot posers.
    And when you come for air
    from Kool-Aid land, Congress will have
    selected rodham as President.


  8. As the Anarchists have said, the govt. in this case, the FBI, has to destroy the Constitutional rights of the citizens, in order to save the Constitution. Anarchy itself looks better and better. Of what use is it to have loyalty to an organization that seeks to reduce everyone to a battery? Do they really believe tighter and tighter control of everyone, and everything, is the best thing for us all? I wonder if they have ever considered, that when they treat everyone as a criminal, that everyone will start to behave like a criminal? Madness.

  9. After being *online* since the late 1980’s, 2017 is going to be the year I get out completely.

    Some of you here I’ve *known* since the alt.clinton.impeach days.

    It’s been real.

    For me the web has been becoming more irrelevant each passing year to where now it seems at times to be more bullshit than it’s worth wading through.

    Though we’re way out here in the sticks this computer allows anyone at all to be right here inside my compound and frankly we just don’t have the room nor inclination.

    About 5 years ago my friend Steve threw his notebook computer across the room, stood up with his head in his hands and wailed, “There’s TOO much information out there!”, to which I instantly added, “And most of it is bullshit.”

    • The web is a good place to get serious about perimeter security, unless you’re planning to be Amish. Technology is keeping on with its exponential growth. Keep up with the arms race or become somebody’s food.

  10. I’m still looking for the words “Police Powers” in the US Constitution.

  11. If you thought there was a 4th Amendment… you’d be wrong. I consider this the final nail in the the 4A.

    Grey Ghost

  12. No One You Know

    If you’re online, use TAILS, Guerrillamail and encrypt your SanDisks.
    If not, use CW, water soluble paper and burn your typewriter ribbons.

  13. Lavoy Finicum was not available for comment.

    Wonder how their IG investigations going on his case. Odd that they got thru the entire refuge case, with a hundred players, and haven’t quit gotten around to this goat fuck yet.

    Fucking pisses me off, cowards.

    Dirk Williams