Stilton: 2020 Visions


Read the text, too.

6 responses to “Stilton: 2020 Visions

  1. Jeez in 4 years the man will be 78. Trump at that point will only be 74. Might as well go another 4 with Trump unless he really screws up.

  2. My father fought in WWII against the Germans as an artilleryman. He actually respected the German soldiers he fought against. He fully loathed the Japs until his last breath.
    Had he lived to see the iniguration of Barry the Kenyan, I can only imagine how much more he would have loathed that POS than the Japs.

  3. I believe that soon, we’ll see some new faces in the leftist crowd, and they won’t be crying, or sad. I believe that soon we will see faces that are full of hate, and vengeance. They are not going to be denied their “revolution”, nor their “victory”. Remember, when leftists are thwarted by politics from achieving their communist utopia, they get violent. They’re coming. And we are going to get hit.

  4. Maddog 2020. It has a familiar ring to it.

  5. colddeadhandsdays

    Hahahaha!!! He has -infinity chance of becoming Persident.