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When things get frisky, just ask what the poor wretches are bringing to the Developed World.

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    You are so right! But if I said all that publicly in my country ( France) I’d be sued, heavily fined by our Justice system, or even jailed! You are lucky to live in a (still) free country.
    Signed: an utterly Deplorable Frenchman.

    • Ernest,

      Do not fear, the US is not as free as you think!

      And the Donkeycrats are hard at “work,” attempting to make freedom a thing that gathers dust in a history book.

    • Alt-Right Bitchez!

      Ol’ Jim has been staking out the reality for awhile now. Here’s his latest take on the because vagina/take the Red Pill and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. The reason why One Man one Vote:

    • PS,
      Ernest, you ain’t alone brother, remember that. No matter how it looks, this going to be decided by us western Men.
      The god-emperor has risen, The Great Fuck You is only begun.

    • Thanks for your help back in the 1700s. There are many Commies here that would love to destroy America and like the Commies in Europe they want to import an army to do their fighting for them. The Fat Lady has yet to sing on that score. You have my warmest regards

  2. The wretches bring to the Civilized World a tsunami of barefoot illiterates who demand a life of comfort due to some perceived slight in the course of history. The only contribution I see is the reintroduction of diseases that had been irradicated in 1st World countries. May I suggest that ICE borrow a couple of AC-130s for border security for a while.

    • Bad Attitude

      AC-130s are overkill. Just mine the main infiltration points and wait for the fireworks. Ignore the caterwauling by the usual suspects.

  3. No doubt about it. Women love Bad Boys, and foreign Bad Boys are even badder….Any culture that lets women make important decisions is headed for oblivion.

  4. Agreed, ninety eight . six %…

    But don’t let my wife see this!

    I’d bet there aren’t three women of my acquaintance, and not too many more men, who could be forced to admit this in total by any means whatsoever… certainly not by facts, logic, reason or historical record.

  5. Western women seem to be working double-time to get themselves put into a burkha – or at least lose any semblance of the “rights” they’ve been whining for – for so long.

  6. Repeal the 19th Amendment.

    • Even if that happened .. which I would be in favor of .. about a dozen states had voting rights for th wimninz.

    • And the Sixteenth and Seventeenth.
      Those three, along with the unlamented 18th, were the crown jewels of Progressivism, and the exact ones that undid the constitutional republic we lost some decades past, unbeknownst. Exactly as originally intended when they were first formulated and enacted.

      The Founders were no one’s fools.

      Subsequent surrogates, markedly less so.

      For the chattering harpies who will begin to immediately whine at levels that will set dogs to howling up to three time zones distant, ask them what they figure their voting rights will be under a burka.

      Then tell them to do something actually useful, like making you a sandwich.

  7. Well I agree that the arguments for illegal importation of welfare dependents are in line with your idea there, but in my opinion the illegal immigration is nothing less than a weaponized wave of humans imported to destroy what’s left of the American dream while providing cheap labor to treasonous scumbags. I would also argue that since most of us are Christian and generally law abiding folk we simply haven’t stepped off the porch yet. That’s a big yet, commie fuckstains.

  8. For your consideration, an article on “Crazy Cat Lady” thinking that dovetails nicely into these blunt instrumentalities of truth
    Now, there is a rising tide of redpilled women out there that understand what is going on and have been able to see through the miasma of 60-70 years worth of liberation agitprop. Give credit where it is due where and when you find these gems.
    Women are incessantly cruel to one another in ways men do not fathom or understand. Give the ones in your life the shelter needed from the bittchstorm.
    One binary point for you to consider: does the woman in YOUR life trust you to make somebody else take the room temperature challenge should circumstances demand, or not? If yes, good. If not, well… you are on the wrong web page. Try or .
    That said, the Christmas season is not about being combative, or sparking the next Fort Sumter. Those exhibiting Lefty outlash will be quickly self evident, their beacon of crazy will alert you to the rocks and shoals to steer clear of. Until later. They just gave you an indicator, no need to break squelch… yet. Listening is indeed more important than talking.

  9. Aheinousanus

    It has not always been so, not with women in all civilizations. Many have done drastic things to remain true to their tribe; all the way up to suicide.
    Of course they had strong men as part of their society and not these manginas.

  10. As a real MAN not a feministic pajama boy hipster wanna be lumberjack metro-sexual fluid queer boy, your 100% right. Feminism has taken over and its complete BS!! Let men be MEN and women be women. There’s a reason we were built different, and that’s a good thing. Do people really want a woman with pms with her hand on the button? Most women gravitate towards money, plain and simple. And if they can’t get that they gravitate towards assholes who take it, then they spread those thighs to take that…

  11. Perhaps my handle says it all…………

  12. Quick question for all ..

    Name a time ANY woman had authority over men .. GOD sanctioned ..

    The answer is NEVER .. and with good reason.

    Another quick question .. name ANY country or culture that has survived women voting?

    The answer is none.

    • Actually, black society is a matriarchy. The men fertilize, but are otherwise useless. So there is one. God sanctioned? Not sure about that.

  13. The Usual Suspect

    All one needs to confirm this theory is to take a
    look at the number of advertisements to sell anything
    where white women are partnered with black men,
    ” It must be ok, everyone is doing it “.
    The media, Hollywood, New York Ad Agencies and the
    public education are mortal enemies.

  14. not particularly. The orcs are storming into the White nations because the borders have been taken down by a race whose Tikkun Olam it is to “kill the best goyim”. These tweets are, though, a good explanation for the White wimminz welcoming attitude toward the invasive blacks, browns, and muslims.

  15. …seems that the post left out the effeminate men …. a lot of them out there also which also demonstrate the same traits. Sadly, they may out number the women.

  16. well…the events in Germany, eg, are suspect for women acting like total idiots regarding the “welcoming” of immigrants. I have no explanation for the behavior that causes harm to the community,
    and the self. I am a woman, and I have zero of the traits that are listed by the dear Cornelius.

  17. Yeah, whaddevva… Tell that $hit to Joan of Arc.

  18. God Damn if working for a Silicon Valley SJW snowflake factory has not made me keenly aware of recognizing non-bullshit when I see it. Mr Rye has pretty much summarized the root cause of Western Civ’s decline in a few tweets.

  19. +10. Needed to be said and true as a bayonet. Who can take such strong medicine? Only those who wish to be cured. Within each man, are two men. The man he is, and the man he should be. Unleash the beast once in a while, and you’ll see the right one. Inside, we are rough men, willing to do rough justice, and all the things that MUST be done. Deeds, not words. Deus Vult.

  20. Men invade, women invite.

    Its caveman level survival. The victors kill the men and rape the women.

    Men either fight or die. Women just spread and take it, and nag on either side of that.

    That is why men must avoid conflict or win.

    And now you know why your wife likes to be tied up sometimes.

  21. ERNEST RUDIGER, there might be a way to say things like this in public. It’s called graffiti. It can last longer and can be harder to remove than your person can by the cops…still could send you to jail though unless you’re very resourceful. Angela Merkel is living proof what Cornelius Rye said is true. I dare say if a draft of women into the armed forces were ever done and women were put into non-coed frontline units (infantry/armor) I believe a different attitude would ensue and the garbage mentioned by Cornelius Rye would stop. This undertaking could be called “Project Amazon” undergoing the quest for the real “Wunderfrau”. BTW, Angela Merkel is “Blunderfrau”.

  22. No surprise that twitter banned @corneliusrye less than an hour ago.

  23. How Feminism Destroyed Europe

  24. Saw this somewhere recently…women want equal rights,equality of the sexes blah blah bitch moan.It only goes to prove that they have no real drive or incentive or they would strive to be better than men…………..which is why real men are always better.

  25. The territory women have the instincts to defend is man’s paycheck. Nevertheless, you can’t blame today’s problems on women. Western countries have been collapsing with too much debt every 200 years for a thousand years before women could vote.

  26. Can’t find Cornelius Rye on Twitter. Any leads on tracking down original source of these red pill truth bombs?

  27. Cornelius Rye:
    “Account Suspended”

    Of course!

  28. There are 3 things that will ruin a man.

    1. booze
    2. drugs
    3. pussy

    Keep all 3 on a short leash.