Cognitive Dissonance


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“…The Obama White House has aggressively worked to defeat allied leaders it has not liked and to elect or re-elect foreign leaders it does like. As the Times of Israel recently reported, the list of Obama Administration meddling in foreign elections is a long one…”

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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Would be nice to see Trump get this all ‘straightened’ out, then start publicly hanging every fucking enabler of this “fake new”, starting with Clinton, Obama, and McCain…….then work down the ladder to all the news networks who take their orders from Soros. And let’s not forget SPLC either, maybe a drone strike on them would be a good start, middle of the work day when they’re all ‘working’. Test out our own on shore capabilities.
    And as mtnforge has said, their blatant lying is only helping them dig a deeper hole, let’s cap it off with a fireworks show they won’t forget.

    • Drone strikes against Americans inside American borders?

      So when it comes time to start killing these American citizens without due process, are you going to join up and go door to door, office to office? Or did you want someone else to do that for you?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I personally am opposed to drone strikes, especially in the way the US has decided to blow up anyone whom they deign to be a target, in most cases innocent civilians. Americans are fascinated with droning people (look at the cool flight suits and medals they get to wear also), might as well make use of them here, in a more positive way, with actual worthwhile targets. 🙂

    • Let’s not mince words, let’s start at the top of the food chain, SOROS goes, then we walk down the hill and Fuck all of em.

      Why would someone hunting rattle snakes cut the tail off first. The snake just grows more rattles.


  2. And speaking of ‘obeyme’….(slightly OT, apologies)

    Obama Urges Soldiers to Question Trump’s Authority, ‘Criticize Our President’

    “In his final address to America’s armed forces, President Barack Obama reminded troops that once Donald J. Trump becomes president, soldiers have a duty to question his authority and criticize him. Obama also said the Second Amendment and global warming can be blamed for terrorism.”

    He also again defended islam again against charges of extremism.

    What a putrid sack of shit red diaper islamist baby!!

    Yours In Liberty! – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. I don’t see South Africa on the list and it ought to be. The propaganda mill also had a big part in running that country into the ground. I have spoken to enough Boers that came to the states afterwards to know it’s true. As far as the SPLC goes, no need to waste good drone money on them. All that is needed is a few good men to go in there and raid the place, round them up and drag them out by the hair of their heads kicking the shit out of them with steel toes into awaiting vans-black bags optional. Perhaps they would be a good choice to test out our field interrogation techniques as well. BTW, does SPLC stand for Specially Privileged Lawyer Cartel?

  5. Time is a huge dynamic that is driving this false flag narrative regarding Russian influence in the elections. Those behind it have to cram it all into a tiny timeframe before the Electoral College votes, they may be able to run it out till the Inauguration. Events will tell the story.

    The daily Bell posted an interesting piece on how the scam is progressing. It involves now the question of criminality and complicity in the “Russian Influence”, of course, miraculously, only on the winning side.

    But I have to say, it is a cognitive dissonance of unfathomable proportions, galactic grade bullshit, to pro-port that the Russians even if they actively attempted such a thing, could influence the singular votes of 50 million dirt people who voted for Donald Trump or voted against, or abstained out of conscience or protest against the Clinton Crime syndicate and the globalist world order the Clinton’e represented.

    It is clear as a crystal blue day The Great Fuck You hurt the fuckers right where it counts. They are desperate to take back the monopoly of power they truly lost. They are also whistling past their grave yard ignoring this truth of us dirt people. They can go after anyone they want, but they have made grave mistake mu,her two. They ignored us dirt people all these long past decades, and they are ignoring us to their utter demise by pulling this cheesy fucking stunt. It politics as usual in a country of dirt people who have made the great gestalt and gone past politics, of any kind. That was The Great Fuck You and what it is about. It never was about Trump or political parties, it is about identity, about what matters to us dirt people.
    To stage this Kubaki Theater is to put on display just how corrupt and devious these fucking scum are, it leaves no uncertain terms what they are about. They think they can ignore us and play these stupid games, they are really out of their fucking minds. That Great Fuck You was the last peaceful attempt at tolerance and natural humility of the dirt people. They steal this election, and it matters not how they go about it, the tiny vial of rule of law and the so called contract between the governed and the governors, the one thing that protects them from the wrath of us dirt people will be no more.
    For the disaster in the making these globalist scum are pushing to it’s limits in denying us our liberty, ignoring our consent, the English language lacks the vocabulary to describe what happens when us dirt people rebel, except for a borrowed term from Scandinavian mythology. “Ragnorak” is coming, it is the death of all things, in the final battle against this evil.
    The Great Fuck You was the last warning.

    • “It is clear as a crystal blue day The Great Fuck You hurt the fuckers right where it counts.” Ain’t that the truth and all they have is smoke and bullshit.

      • Right, illusions and lies, fabrications and deceits.
        We also got them surrounded, they are crowded up in their enclaves of treason and tyranny up against the wall, and nobody has their backs. Think about it, just who is going to rescue these scum from their own consequences. Their rank and file abandoned them on election day. Just when they thought they had the deal sown up. That has to be humiliating and profoundly troubling. All their influence, the mind blowing sums of stolen money expended, all the “assisted suicides” meant to keep the truth from outing, the treasonous importation of a foreign immigrant contract army, a totally in the bag complicit media machine, 1000’s of fellow political scum extorted and blackmailed with their criminal activities of corruption and perversions from pedophelia to 5th column associations, and they lost, they where given The Great Fuck You.
        That has to hit them right where it hurts them most.
        An irrelevant political elite suddenly found irrelevant and given the because fuck you thats why by millions of “subjects” is the existential thing. There is no redemption or re-aquiring that power literally snatched from their grasp. It won’t be long now, they will take this last shot at that power and fail, that power is no longer attainable no matter what they try.
        Even killing the messenger of Trump won’t work. If anything it will bring their demise quicker and more terrible the consequences. They will regardless fold. It will be slow at first and then it will suddenly collapse. The only thing that gave them power was the power given by consent, tacit, the fabricated appearance of consent, or otherwise of the dirt people. There is simply no other power to replace it with.
        Sure they might try the nuclear option and order the government to go violent police state on us, but consent is something you can not go and take, it only can be given. If they think the consent withdrawn was odious to them in a time of peaceful universal deceit, they ain’t see nothing yet. Let them try the use of force to make dirt people comply route.
        What they fail to appreciate is murdering, executing, and liquidating a few people here and there like the branch Dividiens, a contract hit on a Randy Weaver here and a LeVoy Finnicum there, enable gross acts of terrorism like 9-11 or Oklahoma City, put selected resistors and tokens of freedom in the federal gulag system to send a message to the rest of us was Real Politik where you have to break a few eggs to get things done you normally can’t, you ain’t a very smart tyrant.
        Dirt people remember those things, We are the consummate bitter clingers, and those bibles and guns and jobs, they actually mean something to us dirt people deep down in our hearts.

    • MichiganderJim

      “…put on display just how corrupt and devious these fucking scum are, it leaves no uncertain terms what they are about.”

      Right, which makes it the end of that story. There’s only do or don’t now. THIS is what is meant by “defensive” not being synonymous with “reactive.” That doesn’t mean go off half-cocked, though that should be an ever-present option, but rather that if one is going to put his mind and body into action…well, there’s always only now, but this particular now is screaming for rationality AND action.

      “no uncertain terms” Ha, an understatement. And logic always holds. It was never about the terms anyway; terms only apply when thuggery doesn’t.

      Certainty is worthless if it’s not turned into a choice. I’m available. Will travel, can pull.

  6. Criminal Accusations Emerge for Denying Russian Involvement in US Elections
    By Daily Bell Staff – December 11, 2016

  7. They have dragged in a doozy of a stalking horse, or is it a Trojan Horse, using the CIA to try and frame the resulting loss of political power of the election on foreign influence.
    The CIA?
    That’s desperation right there. Aside from the CIA is in no uncertain terms permitted to operate or partake in any activity on Continental American soil. They had to go with the CIA? 
    What does that tell you?
    The FBI and Justice Department is toast, they are either so compromised, or their rank and file are in internal revolt. Probably both.
    But here’s the thing, they want to talk about foreign influence?
    What do you call George Soros and his cabal of transnationalist marxists?
    Want to take it to another level here?
    These scumbags running this scam are the worst foreigners imaginable, traitors usurpers, American’s in name only posing as American politicians.
    There’s your “foreign Influence”, scum of the Earth foreign to every idea and principle this Republic is founded upon.

    Time to get out the ropes Men.

  8. At this point, it’s… An eye for an eye.
    Just a guess on my part, but if they shutdown websites as fake news… I’m betting a LOT of the LOCAL TV stations around the country will be shutdown by having to call 911 for firefighters. Or they could have their electric shutdown by any number of means or their satellite links/dishes taken out. The agitprop machine of MSM is physically vulnerable EVERYWHERE. I’m thinking if they take out the dirt people’s websites then there WILL be retribution of MSM buildings that suddenly have lotsa problems.

    The fucking Jihadi Communist Psychopath in charge has until 20Jan17 to try and nullify the election with the help of Sen McCain and Sen Graham in the Senate and fake reports by the CIA in order for him to stay in power… “just until a new election can be completed.” That’s what they always say. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, COMMUNISTS NEVER give up power willingly no matter the bullshit lies that spew from their pie hole.

    Steady as she goes lads, these assholes have to make the first move… nullify the election, shutdown free speech as fake news, try to collect guns etc… but once these fuckers cross that line it WILL burn the house down and someone should let them know early on or beforehand… they won’t survive.

    Grey Ghost

  9. lon a follower
    Along with what Nathan is revealing consider Peter Thiel, another rabbit whole of revealing information. For those who are willing to look. Remember those called the pay pal mafia?

  10. That list fails to include the support the Democrats gave Canada’s Trudeau during the 2015 election including staffing in the campaign, funding to third party groups etc.

  11. Too much $$ to be made not to sow”democracy”across the planet by force and subterfuge.Wars and rumors of wars,it wont ever stop until a overwhelming and opposite force halts it.

  12. Gatorbait3014

    Rhodesia was left off the list.

    Jimmy Carter a principle in this, with Andrew Young as his henchman.