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  1. Why fake news?
    That’s easy.
    To de-legitimize through agitprop and false narratives The Great Fuck You.
    That’s all they got unless they want to go full left-tard kinetic heavy metal on us dirt people.
    They talk a big story. But that is a choice they can not take. It’s simple. Everything the globalists have done to us dirt people has backfired and come around to bite them on their arse.
    The thing with the kinetic option is, as from Patrick Henry to Andrew Breitbart said, “we have guns”, (both those guys where right about everything).
    But to get back to the backfire part, it is about as basic as these things get.
    They start the kinetic option, backfire becomes the most legitimate thing possible, imaginable. Dirt people become manifest, the deliverer’s in that backfire. See, they start that shit, they open the floodgates of payback. This is an armed nation. Armed like nothing ever seen. An armed dirt people is a polite people, till they ain’t. Comeuppance is a dish best served when the globalist risk the kinetic option. The left-tards have got themselves in a pickle, in simplistic terms, they have no guns, not only that they have no culture of arms, they have eradicated the concept of armed absolute self defense by arms from their rank and file, they have castrated their man-ginas and created a class of cultural eunuch’s who have no idea of what an axe a shovel and a rifle is. Worse for them is they have no idea they have no idea what those things are for.

    For them there is no stuffing the tempest of the kinetic option once they start it back into it’s teapot, so for them, it is a pure numbers game of survival. For us dirt people it becomes a manifest thing. Well, because dirt people are, manifest people, it is a legitimacy in and of itself. The globalists have actually, in numbers, a very limited cadre of effective operatives, being the nature of the motives of the globalists, their agenda is something which is so distasteful and heinous, it requires the power and force of a huge State to enforce their agenda. Well, because it is illegitimate to begin with. And people being people, ones who adhere to the globalists cultural marxism strategy, they don’t have a lot on the ball so to speak in the manifest department. Basically, there just is not a lot of them also. Most are either corporate crony elites, big city elite class, pampered dilettantes, intelligentsia operatives, spoiled brats, professional victims, and a whole lot of toxic neurotic confused disillusioned sheep. The last group are potential cannon fodder common to all forms of tyranny.
    If your a Freeman, with your sense of individualism, your self determination in one hand, and the personal honor and virtue to defend yourself your freedom, family, and property in the other hand, break down this group of shit stirrers in practical terms to yourself.

    Me, and I can only speak truthfully for myself, I don’t see a whole lot of operatives of cultural marxism of the sheet metal chewing variety.
    And if it comes down to they choose the kinetic option, but for the grace of God I go, vengeance is mine.

    So it doesn’t leave them much in the way of options really. They have burned so many bridges there is the only option: to run the ragged edge of shit stirring just shy of starting a violent revolution by the dirt people, push the envelope to the limits, hoping to get results, without being exterminated by a thoroughly fed up disgusted pissed off dirt people.
    It’s all they got…
    …or being they are the human extinction movement, they go full left-tard, decide if they can’t have it all, nobody gets anything, lets destroy everything. It’s possible. The left-tards are the toxic-sapiens branch of the human race. They are on the verge of extinction by irrelevance, they are in peril of becoming the premier endangered species, and they know it.

    Sure these globalists have this mainstream looking monopoly on messaging and setting narrative. But it is a fragile construct. They have much control over the fiat money system. And by extension they could limit economic freedom as they saw fit to create power to control others. The Great Fuck You has laid that ideology to rest if nothing else, the alt-everything is become the zeitgeist.
    They had, key word here had, a death grip on the political system. And by extension where able to create any administrative or regulatory fiat suitable to shove up the dirt peoples arse’s, to limit activity in every facet in the sphere of us dirt people affairs.
    But underneath it all, what else do they have?
    What I see with The Great Fuck You is the curtain, the fig leaf of appearance of legitimacy, hence a particular power garnered from and of tacit consent of the people, was torn asunder, and has laid naked the ugly truth of illegitimacy hid behind that illusion of legitimacy for all willing to see.

    “Fake News” is their dying last gasp at revelency, but because it is exactly not relevant, it’s total lack of legitimate will backfire spectacularly.

    • Any ideas on imagery for TGFY icons?

      • How about a laughing smiley face with both middle fingers extended?

      • yeah, what comes to mind is ol’ fat Ned Beatty at the end of the movie “Shooter”, sipping whiskey (with his pinky out…) and smoking cigars with Danny Glover, gloating and saying ‘fuck you’ – and believing they’d “won”… right up to the time a few blood drops fall from the ceiling – followed by a dead body…
        The look on their faces, and their squealing squeaky fear filled voices just before they die… priceless.
        And, considering what their characters represent – perhaps prescient.

        • Grandpa, tell you what is going to happen, that last scene in Shooter is life stranger than fiction so to say.
          Somebody somewhere, is going to come to that epiphany, where they say fuck it, I don’t have time for this fucking crap, and they are going to take out an equity loan on their Mike Vanderboegh’s 100 Heads Life and Casualty policy. It will begin with a mayor here and a selectmen there, and it will be like a grass fire, it will spread so fast it will take the PTB by total utter surprise. They won’t know what hit them. The local law will understand within days and hours they best keep a low profile. All the pent up cold anger and suppressed motive power out there will become a beast of heretofore unimaginable proportions. It will create no go zones for government thought impossible. Areas where people will eradicate every scrap of traditional government. The only way in will be by Abraham’s Tank. The cascade effect on the structure of political power will be catastrophic.
          Don’t laugh, it’s not just possible, it is the logical outcome beginning dynamic of whats being done to us dirt people if nothing stops these psychopaths trying to rule over us. That just human nature here. At some point somebody has had enough, and wether by gumption or frustration lashes out in righteous dignity, they choose the ultimate option.

          The marxist scum and their long march dogma about usurping power in America from the top down inside out is instructive. It tells you everything you need to know how vulnerable and weak that power structure is. Without the bottom up insiders on the local level, the foundation of top down collapses. Everything these scum do is predicated on power over the dirt people, it is where that power is derived to begin with. That power is represented on the local level by the little totalitarians among us who abuse and wield that power given by the top down political elite. Without them it is like an army with no Sargent’s and Privates. Take out the key foundational reciprocal dynamic of that power structure and it is toast.

          Of course, the denial freaks and resistance is futile faggots will read this and have a coronary, never mind the trolls and shit stirrers.
          I’m just saying it is something certainly to think about and bears consideration not only for the possibility, but as an allegory to the resistance and defiance growing in hearts and minds in dirt people land.

          • If you are not already keeping discreet and detailed accountability folders on each Republican and Democratic party apparatchik in your AO, you are wrong.

            — Some Russian Dupe Waaaaacisss Fake News Site

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “what comes to mind is ol’ fat Ned Beatty at the end of the movie “Shooter””

          Not the first image that comes to mind when you mention Ned Beatty, unfortunately.

      • Bet you Mike could come up with a beauty. His previous off the cuff agitprop is dead nuts on.

        This my polite idea below.

        Is there any images of a smoking hole that was once a cesspool of elitist insanity aka DC?


        Last public execution by hanging in the FUSA.
        Looks like it was a festive affair.
        People would bring their children so they could witness first hand what unintended consequences are.
        Imagine attendance of corrupt treasonous hangings of public officials today.

    • Gaia is pissed off. We humans by-passed Mother Natures mechanisms for removing the physically and mentally inferior elements of a species.We have not only subsidized and assisted inferior beings;we have promoted them and lowered our standards.We have not allowed the cull to occur. Mother Nature does not recognize emotional input into the proliferation and health of a species.The “emos” have a very tough road in front of them. Mother Nature does not give a rats fuck about you and your petty bullshit. Remove yourselves from the gene pool. No legitimacy or relevance. Disappear. The scab has been ripped off ,exposing a useless,parasitic rotting piece of shit that is not necessary or useful..Assist in the removal by starving the monkeys and rewarding the fit ,productive members of society, you deem worthy. Mother Nature thanks you.

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  3. Would it not be true that all ‘news’ is fake to some extent? When the pols (of whatever variety) in the most recent past realized that a projected message of any variety could be broadcast (via news print, radio, television and now inter-net), it was game on: the only unknown (to some extent) was how the ‘audience’ (that would be great collective ‘you’ and I) received the message(s). BTW, thank you Alfred Bernie (sp?) for codifying how to get the ‘message’ across.
    For a simple exercise, try to think of an original idea you have ever had (or if in fact you have ever had an original idea at all) or, in reverse examine your own personal belief system(s) and attempt to determine how you came about that belief. The results might surprise you …….

  4. We’ve had bonkers “conspiring theory” websites since the birth of the internet. Nobody has made any attempt to ban them until “pizzagate” broke out. The establishment is trying to hide something and they’re scared and desperate.

  5. The BORG & it’s pre-planned ‘COG’ knows if it goes kinetic they lose infrastructure & incite uncontrollable panic. They lose in that scenario no matter whatever their ‘Stink Tanks’ postulate or War Game. The Hive Collective Mind of an armed resistance they cannot beat either. Sabotage, attrition, sedition & mutiny to their cause once the fence strattlers snap in & realize it is real & don’t have a chair left when the dystopic music stops. They are down to end game if they can force it. The longer it goes the more of a PR problem & exposure they have & continuously lose power. I’m way less concerned about China & Russia et al than the Pathocratic ‘Dark Triad’ (Narcissistic – Machiavellian – Psychopath cluster sets) minded MIBC sycopants cowards who clamor to Ziggy Brzezinski – Bush’s – Cheney – Rockefeller – Kiss-my – ass-inger BIS – Rothschild – UN – ZioCons et al types. They know it’s past the rubicon of Sea change & ‘the crucible’ is near.
    It’s unchartered – uncertain territory & they have been losing badly recently. The planet is rejecting their Orwellian – Huxley – Phillip K. Dick dystopic totalitarian 4th Reich – 5th Column architected by Ziggy Brzezinski et al. Tough times don’t last, tough men endure & donwhat is necessary when that chronicle & epoch reaches critical mass.

  6. Right so in the last 48 hours when I went to steemit to check for new “fake news” on the Comet Ping Porn story my internet connection was reset and I was bounced and forced to reboot. The story I watched yesterday showed an interview of A. Breitbart on Fox after he scooped the Weinergate story. The host was joshing him about ping pong which was completely out of context at that moment. It strikes me that AB had put 2&2 together and found 666? Seriously folks this shit is obviously causing some discomfort up there in the cloudspace.

    • Pizzagate is alleghory. It is how far the rabbit hole goes with these scum. It is evident they are beyond frantic to control the message, that are a cunts hair from pulling the plug rather than let it get out. They are attempting to kill two birds with one stone with the fake news/Russian influence false flag narrative.

    • All nets have a control station.

  7. Hmmmmm….seems even ‘The Farce’ isn’t free of ‘creating news/viewpoints’…

    ‘Rogue One’ Writers Subtly Protest Trump With Rebellion Safety-Pin Logo

    “Chris Weitz tweeted the following Friday morning: “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization.” Gary Whitta, the original writer on the project, responded in kind, tweeting: “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women.”

    As they say, “turnabout is fair play”….

    Trump-Themed Star Wars Posters Featuring MILO Spotted Around ‘Rogue One’ Premiere Area

    “I feel a great disturbance in da’ Farce…it’s as if several billion sjw’s and mangina’s heads just popped from being smacked by a rusty length of rebar called reality in their diaper pinned ears!”
    –Augie Ben Doggie..last of the Redeye Knights

    You’ll’ll cry…but ya won’t piss $20 bucks away…..

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  8. Imagine a threeper and a liberal in the same foxhole defending an IRS service center, because freedom scares both of them more than the other.