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  1. When the disinformation apparatus of the Dem/commie party complains about information, we have “fake news” as the lead story. Bernays would be so proud. Goebbels so jealous he didn’t do it first. Please post more examples to help put a wooden stake through their hearts.

    • kudos to Bracken for this.

      for “more examples”, just go over to and read almost any of the linked articles in their daily sampling of beltway pablum. And the Republiscam/Foxtard crap is no better than the Demoncrat stuff. The litmus test is PizzaGate: crickets from all factions of the satanic (((Uniparty))).

  2. A majority of murkins are sociopathic criminals.

    They fucking lie.
    They fucking cheat.
    They fucking steal.

    A disregard for laws and social mores
    A disregard for the rights of others
    A failure to feel remorse or guilt
    A tendency to display violent behavior

    If they can’t steal it, they do their best to destroy it. Park your brand new ride near a crowd of “average” murkins and see how little time it takes them to steal or damage it… They can’t help it. Fucking scumbags. I hate em.

    100-200 million worthless evil bastards who rob oxygen and resources from the productive – including the corrupt cops, judges, and pols who protect and serve them. We all know what needs to be done… Be honest with yourselves. The commies are winning because they fight to win. There’s no doubt they plan on exterminating 100 million or more.

    “do unto to others” – first… 🙂

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Amusing that someone who wants to see hundreds of millions dead would call someone else a sociopath.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. MSM has been fake news for years and most here know that.

    The thing to remember, that Matt has brought out, is the long term CIA influence and infiltration of the U.S. presstitute media. Look up OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD if you have any doubts.

    Grey Ghost

  6. The CIA director is a communist.

  7. MB,
    Sir, I have followed your commentary and insight for more than these last eight years. Your insight is impeccable. It’s long past due that these rats in our government get flushed out and destroyed. Perhaps, by the grace and mercy of GOD Almighty our nation can be brought back to ONE NATION UNDER GOD!
    Semper Vigilans

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  9. The lies continue,the best we can do is keep exposing them while to best of ability being ready to deal with what may be coming at us down the road.

    Mr Bracken,recently got a copy of “A Failure Of Civility”,bought though a bit pricey(worth every penny!) due to your review along with a few others reviews,a excellent read that the average Jane or Joe can relate to and wish I had read it when it came ou.I ,highly recommend and thanks for your review that sealed the deal for me,good information is our best weapon.