GoV: Pimping Out The Rhinemaidens To The Culture-Enrichers




It is intentional.

And the perpetrators own the system.

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  1. Shades of “Germany Must Perish!” all over again. Looks like the “alt right” folks were actually onto something with the word “cuck.”

    And, as always:

  2. There is something bigger going on here than even the destruction of western society. I’m not smart enough to figure it out, but it seems we are just skirting the edges with information like this.

    • Not much to figure out. It is the next stage of the attempts to infiltrate and destroy Patriarchy. The idea is to spread the seed of destruction of the West, literally. Dilute the West with the DNA of musloids. Those wild unrestrained females are the perfect foil of emasculation of the West, are longing for men who grab their spear and their sword and run off to the sound of battle. They love it, they will do anything to wash their naked bodies in a river of male blood. The cultural marxists have worked all these long years to neuter the men of Europe. turn them into quivering bowls of jelly their woman secretly despise.
      The cold hard truth here, is if your Patriarchy, you got no use for the bitches. They are tools now, they will rue the day, get what they deserve for abandoning their Matriarchal duty, the Patriarchy when they are needed most.
      Pretty soon the Sword will once again become the symbol of Western Virility and power. The Sword is the great Phallic of courage and virtue. AR-15’s are a mighty weapon and the queen of combat, but the Sword, to put the enemies of the West to the Sword, is there nothing finer or more appropriate an affirmation for Men of the West?

      • the woodsman

        Can you explain why these sorts of genocidal policies are enforced in all White countries and only White countries? Seems to me that “destroy Patriarchy” does not fully explain it. They sure as heck are just fine with Muslim patriarchy!

        • because the Whites – cf. the Roman-forced Jewish diaspora, Crusades, pogroms, holocausts, etc. – are the only race to have systematically opposed the Jews’ universalist Tikkun Olam in its Judaic, Marxist-revolutionary. and current corporate-Zionist/globalist incarnations. Blacks, Browns, Muslims, the Jews easily control. And with fellow Asiatic collectivists – Chinese in particular – the Jews get along fine. Jews understand that, to prosper and rule permanently, the Whites and their civilization must be annihilated.

        • You explained it yourself.
          I quote you: “…these sorts of genocidal policies are enforced in all White countries and only White countries…”

          Very seriously, and respectfully, what you wrote says it all, it is a perfect explanation that puts it in perfect perspective. If you haven’t groked it yet, being you stated the truth yourself, you need to step outside the normie thinking your using and run with what your own question implies if you are to figure it out.
          I’m not busting your balls here. Frankly, your ignoring the facts even though you stated the facts. It is the only way your going to have an epiphany.
          Sincerly, I hope it hits you upside the head like a freight train.

        • Here is a different perspective for your mind. It is relevant, only from another angle.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Think Manson’s “Helter Skelter” on a global scale. An elite eliminate all but the brutes, which will then be kept as servitors. It’s not really all that complicated.

      • I don’t know any man who doesn’t love swords. All boys play swords with sticks. I’ve seen grown men, field grade officers in their 40s and 50s, have a giddy smile when they handle a ceremonial sword. Makes me ponder a connection to a previous life?

    • “I’m not smart enough to figure it out…”

      Yes you are. Begin in Romans 1 and proceed through Romans 8. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  3. just plain todd

    i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again……..mankind has entirely outlived his usefullness. the europeeans for sure. Murikans are right behind them. we all are gonna get what we have coming to us for our inaction. the average human is a pile of shit. some more so than others. merry xmas muddaphuccas!

  4. I’ve said for quite some time now that war is again coming in Europe and Germany is, once again, going to bring it on.

    Civil or otherwise.

    60 million in the last one and they have learned nothing whatsoever.

    • Except it’s not Germany and that’s the story. The Germans are so weak they can’t even stop this invasion for fear of hearing their countrywomen utter the accusation “NAZI!!!”

      This is who they let run the show…

      They are cucked or they would have started shooting by now. Put this story in Texas and what do we think happens? That’s why they didn’t try it in Texas. And they would like to. If they could hold down every white girl in the West and force a copulation they would happily do it.

      Roe v Wade isn’t recognized in Sharia so good luck with ladies!

      • So you would run them off or kill them like you do the Mexican invaders?

        • If public officials served up our girls, using our schools, to “immigrants” those public officials would have not have any safe spaces. The bodies may not even be found.

          In our cities, that might work. But not in areas dominated by Conservatives.

          The “immigrants,” well we might have to work on that. We just elected an asshole who said he’ll do something real about it. That’s a good first step.

        • Yes! Are we some how so removed and advanced from our great grandfathers who took this land in blood by driving the Indians to reservations. The time for being nice is over, they can’t be civil and have nice things so we must go back to men we have always been.

    • This time we will stand shoulder to shoulder liberating our current home, and distant mother, and fatherlands instead of destroying our blood relatives(which caused the best men to not to pass on their heroic traits). The time is coming President Trump’s election only buys time.

  5. Here is a smattering of recent links to FU on, for those so inclined:

    Since Soros’ and Merkel’s invasion started there have been over 200,000 crimes by these rapeugees ranging from burglary, simple assault, and shoplifting to rapes and murders in Germany alone in just the past 12 months.

    Then there were the two terror attacks in one day pulled off by Syrian refugees in Germany this past July.

    And the four Syrian refugees nabbed in France for plotting an attack in Germany.

    And the Syrian asylum-seeker arrested in Germany for hacking a woman to death with a machete.

    And the two teenage Syrian refugees who confessed to strangling an Austrian man to death in his bathtub.

    Meanwhile, the mayor of Oersdorf got his ass kicked but good for attempting to force rapeugees on his tiny town of 870 people. Quite laudable, I’d say. Looks like at least *some* Austrian men still have balls.

    Oh, also, in that story is a mention of Berlin cops having to quell a riot by 50 “asylum seekers”.

    And Oktoberfest’s turnout this year is the lowest since 9/11. Gee, I wonder why…

    And the Cologne sex attackers (which your police did *NOTHING* to protect their women from) planned it all out in advance:

    And another…

    (^^^ that one’s in Germany too)

    And another, this time in Cologne:

    How about the 90 year-old Grandmother who was raped by a 19 year-old muzloid in Dusseldorf:

    And this one from Mark Stein e titled “Descent into Evil about a musliod that was set free by the Austrian Supreme court after the anal raping of a 10 year-old boy because he had a “sexual emergency”:

    How about this one? A pro- sharia cabinet minister now installed in the German government thanks to Merkel…

    Here’s another one about that  WONDERFUL German police force ignoring emergency calls from their women being molested and raped by the muzloids Merkel has welcomed with open arms:

    This last one is a “Must Read” for a comprehensive overview of what has/is happening in Germany specifically and in Europe in general since the muzloid invasion began, entitled “Had Enough Therapy?: “Multikultistan:” The Price of Muslim Immigration in Europe”.  

    Looks to me, and many millions of other Americans, that their men have been gelded by decades of feminism, PC priests and pastors, and collective guilt as the German’s place in history that started two world wars in the 20th century alone and systematically slaughtered 12 million innocents in death camps in an attempt to rule the planet.

    Genesis 16, describes the sons of Ismael (Arabs): “He shall be a wild man, his hand against every man, and every man’s hand against his.” 

    *That* is the real spiritual birth and still, and always will be, the core of Islam.

  6. Can’t blame them.
    White males in their 20s are interested in one night-stands and copious amounts of porn.

    Those males was to breed these women and the white males dont.

  7. The Fourth Horseman

    If my daughter took part in this filth, she would be disavowed totally and written out of my will.

    Period, no questions asked, no argument.

  8. The Usual Suspect

    It is interesting that this female American Jew Judas goat
    is happily presiding over the destruction of the Swedish
    caucasians by dragging them through the mudslide.
    Too bad someone has not shived the bitch and left her corpse
    in the street.
    Of course that would not stop the cultural suicide of a people
    bent upon it.
    50 years of mind scrubbing and indoctrination to diversity is
    a potent weapon.

  9. Actually, what the some european woman are doing is far worse. The EU women are quite aware of all the rapes and sexual assaults and some of them have taken up a disturbing way of dealing with it. I’ve read where many guilt ridden fems have gone into the refugee camps and offered up themselves for gang sex. It is apparently ongoing. In an effort to stop the refugees from raping their sisters, daughters, friends and mothers, they are offering themselves up as sex meat. Their actions are contrary to everything they have been taught about rape in school. That rape has nothing to do with sex and it is an act of possession. It appears to me that the end result of radical feminism is for women to offer themselves up for gang rape.
    Prepare to avert your gaze from the horror. This will not end well. Amerika should not intervene in this next European holocaust. Never in the eons of human history have we ever seen this mass ritualistic self suicide of ones own race and culture.

    • I’ve heard that as well, but here’s what the altruistic feminist is doing; normalizing rape.

      So she isn’t protecting anyone, just making it clear that Western Womyn will tolerate such things if not promote them which means more women will be raped.

      This isn’t suicide of self, it’s a forced suicide pact only possible by disarming and emasculating Europe. And before we get ahead of ourselves, the “blue islands” of cancer in the US are the exact same.

    • Any referances or links about the offering themselves up?

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. The Walkin' Dude


  12. ALCON,

    My suggestion is you worry about the invasion of fUSA happening across the Mexican border. Courtesy the moslem Marxist soetoro-obama and the 535 + 8.

    While you concentrate your concerns on Europe and the Middle East, the fUSA is going down the crapper.

    • Dan,,while ” They ” have us focused on the southern border, those guys are walking across the Canadian border with zero border patrol concerns.


    • As much as we say we are Americans, Europe is also our home we have blood connections to the soil generations deeper than we do to here. We can atleast defend ourselves here. Our brothers would have to stage a coup in order to get even the basic weaponery we have here. Their militaries are also filled by conscription or just a general lack of jobs and not like the patriot movement minded people of atleast our combat arms. We can take a lot of abuse but one day enough will be enough

  13. Jeffrey Learned

    The bloodthirsty Satanic, Bolshevik Zionists pounced on the Germans even before the war was declared “over”. Those terrible “Nazi’s” have been methodically neutered (each generation) since then. Expect caramel colored mulatto’s to rule Europe, and beyond, any day now.
    No matter how irate and pissed off, we “older” Americans get, from reading articles like this, the same game plan is well underway for the take over to happen here. So, put away your small arsenals, pull out that custom make oak “rocker”, and enjoy the scenic view from the porch, because it’s now too late. The Millennials and Generation Z, as a collective, are totally possessed and under their spell.

  14. I guess a nation really is more than “values” and “constitutions.” Could a Nation actually be *gasp* Blood and Soil?

    Civic Nationalist America = New Brazil
    White Nationalist America = 1950s America

    The racists were right, just get over it and move on

  15. SemperFi, 0321

    Brainwashing; a simple and painless punishment for a group of people who had the audacity to stomp the shit out of their neighbors every generation or two. Much milder than the old electroshock therapy, and easier to use on large groups too.
    But I’m even more amused by the large numbers of Americans who think it isn’t happening here……yet.
    I’m sure Fox News would have warned you, right?

  16. Never too old for my arsenal….Jeffrey.

    • Jeffrey Learned

      Yes, but Alaskans are entirely different breed. No Bolshevik Cupcakes up there. At least there weren’t when I lived up there…Wasilla.