Robb: An Electoral Coup Is Underway


The Reds will not stop until they are stopped.

Related, with names.

Also, from ZH: 10 Electors Demanding Intelligence Briefing on Russian Interference

Nothing is settled.

Even if the EC play fails or dies a-borning.



30 responses to “Robb: An Electoral Coup Is Underway

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I’ve seen and heard the name kasich being floated around a lot more.

    Keep the powder dry.

  3. They throw the election away from Trump, and towards Hillary, this country will erupt into gunfire from one end to the other. Remember the episode of Twilight Zone, “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street?”

    • no it won’t. Most of the Trumpaholics will continue doing what they are doing right now: sitting in front of the (((teevee))) – watching NASCAR and Twilight Zone re-runs, sucking on a beercan, and contemplating the 2018 fake-election. When they’ll go out, vote at the (((globalists))) again, and change nothing for the better. Again. Personally, though I still have hope that a sufficient revolt in the EC will make Stormbringer – Hiligula – our C-in-C, the intellectual side of me says not going to happen. Like it or not, it’s the Trump smother for the next 4.

      • What intellectual side?

      • I was going to top post that I kind of want this to succeed but I’ll respond here instead.

        The last eight years (and arguably the last 100+ years) have been marked by people THINKING the ballot box was a legitimate means to have grievances addressed and resolved. Now many of us have watched that fail and have many examples.

        If Donald Trump (love him or hate him) is not inaugurated on Jan 20 2017, the ballot box is dead. No debate, no excuses, no wishful thinking, no more Constitutional Republic. All that is left is violence of varying degrees. Retaining Barack Hussein Obama in office past 12:00 on the 20th is violence.

        Now you might be right that a majority stays in front of the teevee. But remember the magic percentages 30/10/3 which is less than a majority.

        Are 30% angry enough to support a war to restore the Republic?
        Are 10% willing and able to materially support that war?
        Are 3% willing to shoot Liberals and their accomplices in the face?

        And worse (for them), the war was started by far fewer actors than the 3%.

        That’s all that matters. If they succeed we will get to find out.

    • They throw the election away from Trump, and towards Hillary, this country will erupt into gunfire from one end to the other.

      It’s not that the republic will necessarily “erupt into gunfire” but we cannot escape the fact that the population who had supported Trump’s election overwhelmingly own (and have practiced in the use of) military-grade semiautomatic large-capacity longarms of intermediate (kurz) power like the AR-15 design.

      We’re not talking about shotguns or handguns suitable for home defense, or bolt-action hunting rifles suited to taking deer, elk, or even bear, but the increased acquisition across the American population of weapons designed for suppressive and man-killing fire in combat ranges out to 300 and 400 meters.

      Since the initial inauguration of Obozo – our flagrantly unconstitutional Indonesian-in-Chief – in 2009, those of us politically opposed to the progtard priorities of the American political left have been arming ourselves to resist by force of arms should the necessity become inescapable.

      It’s remarkable that neither the leftard politicians nor the snowflake dupes squawking at those kakistocrats’ urgings seem to grasp the fact that so very much of us Trump voters would LOVE to stack up their corpses in windrows.

      • Just remember the majority of these same people you speak of See a no guns sign and leave it in the car as they’re headed to gun rights protests.

  4. Know your electors and be prepared to extract the price from them should they disregard your will. That is all.

  5. These people have never had any idea of the level of fire they are playing with.

  6. This won’t happen for precisely the reasons set forth in the post…unless liberals really are that dumb…

    • The means justifies the ends with them.

      Never underestimate these people and they’re not stupid they know exactly what they’re doing. We just cannot comprehend this evil so we label it as stupidity.

  7. colddeadhandsdays

    PLEASE!!! I have the popcorn ready for this one…

  8. Trump will still be POTUS-E on 12/20.

  9. All I am going to say is Have A Plan, not as a group that can be infiltrated, but individually, quietly, without honor or glory, but with a purpose.

    • And might I suggest a Plan B and Plan C. Plan A almost never survives reality.

      Grey Ghost

  10. ……..same old same old….the” THEY ” are going to do whatever they want and trump and the hildabeast and obummer et’all are all in on it…it is a big club and we ain’t in it and it is the same club they are going to beat us over the head with….that’s just the way I see it…..

  11. As much as this crap pisses me off, Trump will be president. And he knows who his enemies and friends are.

  12. Stealth Spaniel

    Screw this Democrat Plan. We WILL get the party started! I’ve been working as Christmas hired help this year. Today I sold a frigging grocery cart of ammo. I’d say someone has plans. Let’s join the Festivities if the leftards are getting out of line.

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  14. Haxo, dear boy, there were about 81 groggy militia men at the ready on April 19, 1775. There are a lot more ready now, they ain’t groggy, and they don’t have to be in the millions. And do recall that a lot more showed up to give the British a warm hello as they nervously tried to make their way back to Boston. The Japanese killed about 2500 in their first attack on us. We killed about 180,000 in our last attack on them. Big things have small beginnings. And there are always lot’s of people who do nothing but carp from the sidelines. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. And take the rabbi with you.