The Solzhenitsyn Solution

Solzhenitsyn 1953

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7 responses to “The Solzhenitsyn Solution

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Ain’t nothing wrong with the MSM and the American left that a fucking bullet to the face wont cure, permanently. They want to dance, I’ll gleefully pony up 2 bits for the fuckin jukebox.

  3. Yes indeed. “They know they have but a very short time”
    comes to mind. But the “takers” overlook all the sheetwise/work&turn/
    work&tumble, not to mention word of mouth and even telepathy 🙂

    The article though does bring up the best point:
    “Home is where the heart is,” and local communities,
    expanding from, and towards others, is the best
    SIGNAL that would bounce right over the “Fake News”

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”
    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  4. the (((Beltway/Hollywood))) Kaballah is no more capable of effectively censoring the anarchic digital media than they are capable of effectively doing anything else. Other than lying, stealing, and warmongering.

    • Total censorship, no. Effectively total censorship, yes. Today millions of people can be reached by an amateur blogger and hundreds of times that by a Breitbart-like entity. Cut that to literally dozens and while you can’t stop the signal, you can make it sufficiently localized it is a non-entity. You and I wouldn’t be having this conversation, and we would have never heard of WRSA and the others. Lugenpresse never trumps meatspace, but it can certainly only give you that option.

      • one of my ‘net operations (which I would never think of linking @ a family site like WRS) has been attacked and taken down by the (((PTB))) 3 times. It is now in its 4th incarnation on a free-speech server, & currently gets c. 600 unique hits/3,000 page hits per day (roughly 50/50 US/worldwide), and these numbers are increasing at about 10%/month. Because the site is based on a bait-and-switch involving the Basic Instinct, these numbers will eventually go asymptotic. If (((they))) kill it again, I will buy my own server and put it out again. (((They))). Will. Not. Win.

  5. The Fourth Horseman

    Kinda like the freaks and morons in section 1 VS the other 12 in the Hunger Games? The commies in section 1 are never going to stop until the hinterlands completely and violently revolt against this marxism and cut off the head of the snake.