The White War



Don’t read it.

And remember:

Diversity is our vibrancy.

It must be true.

Women of all genders say it is so.

11 responses to “The White War

  1. Last time I checked the knock out game was not white on white.

    • exactly….rival “White factions”?? Not really. It;s the Jew-officered urban unicorns, rainbows, and skittles – which includes c. 1/3 of the Whites in ‘Murka – vs the other 2/3 in flyover country. For a fact, there are certain self-proclaimed “Whites” – (((Tim Wise, Anna Baltzer, Baz Dreisinger, etc.))) – who deliver lectures about non-existent “White privilege”…but these are, of course, anti-White Jews running a scam.

      et aussi: Chateau Hartiste is essentially a “gamer” site…not in the sense of VoxDay’s GamerGate, but as in Manosphere/Cherchez la Femme. And the guy who runs it – Roissy – has a real name: (((James Weidmann))).

  2. Back just about ninety years ago here in northern Wyoming, one of my wife’s grandfathers was a dryland farmer/rancher nearby to a developing oil patch. Times were droughty. No feed for animals or people.

    He decided to look for work in the patch. The animals’ conditions were such that they could not carry him on his work search. So he walked about twelve miles to town in search of work. Was told, several times doing several trips, that there wasn’t any work for him. At the time, he could see work activities and signs that hiring was being done, but none for him.

    After another fruitless search for work, he was advised by an observer to say next time he walked those miles to town, that he was willing to join the Klu Klux Klan. He and his family and his animals were hungry enough that he was willing to join the KKK, so he did.

    And his tribe has survived.

    • Interesting story. My own Great Aunt told us of watching Klan marches down mainstreet in my Smalltown, IA in the 20s.

      I always found it ironic that the 2nd Wave KKK of the early 20th Century was strongest in places that provided immense amounts of manpower per capita for Lincoln’s Unjust War, places like Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, etc.

      Seems the post-war migration of blacks out of the South was not appreciated by those that “put down” slavery.


    Keep prepping. Keep buying ammo and training. This is not over by a long shot.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Stealth Spaniel

    White men and white women are willingly muddy-ing up their DNA. For women it’s blacks and Hispanics: for men, it is Orientals of all stripes, black women on welfare, and some Hispanics. I have to wonder why these people so cheerfully consent to their own demise.

    • One of the driving forces is, “We’re all God’s children. God knows no boundaries. Jesus loves the little children…”

      The “goodwill” propagated by churches is only feeding the problem. Almost all of the local churches are bilingual. I quit a PCA Presbyterian church for several reasons, but one was the Mexican ministry. I got tired of the emails requesting prayer for Jorge that he will make it back safely after being deported last week.

  6. Broadway show “Hamilton” casting call… whites need not apply.

    The cultural marxists have been slowly destroying our language and justice system with the implementation of the “false” ideas of political correctness, “hatespeech” and “hatecrimes”. I think the FU Whites have now said enough is enough.

    Grey Ghost

  7. That cat must be smart. He uses big words.

  8. And the Left wonders why people flock to Nationalism, and mebbe even nazis. Duuuuh. They’re being driven there by the Leftists. Hitler wasn’t just popular because he put Germans back to work. He gave them pride and hope. Here we go again.