True And Truer


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  4. OK, I should’ve looked it up first. Maybe you have slowed down a bit,,,
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  5. Whats crazy about this whole Russian false narrative is there is a certain kernel of truth to it but not in the way it is portrayed as Russian influence on The Great Fuck You.
    The Russian’s long ago in their old Soviet Marxist form, created these liars, they are the Red Diaper babies of the long line of Fabian infiltrators of our Republican government. The Russian’s helped to nurture these Fabian spawn. This is the end game, rather the unintended consequences, of failure of Fundamentally Transforming Amerika.
    That old Soviet is gone, funny how it happened, in almost the same exact fashion, the Russian dirt people had their Great Fuck You with Perestroika, the Poles with Solidarity.

    The minute we dirt people revolted election day we destroyed the long march of the cultural marxists.

    The Soviet Russian marxists, because long ago helped their allies in America, created this monster, the amerikan Nomenklaturer class we call the political elite who have been dismantling the constitutional govern for their power wealth and pleasure, created the all time leviathan administrative tyranny.

    It is rich beyond words this amerikan Nomenklaturer class is complaining the Russian’s are behind The Great Fuck You. Using the Russian’s as a stalking horse of false narrative The Great Fuck You is illegitimate is double standard of orders of magnitude squared, tells you how mind blowing noodle baking stupid and ignorant inbred this class of elites truly are.

  6. Deninnger’s latest, linked at left, lays out what happened pretty efficiently. It wasn’t “the Russians” at all…that’s just the (((neo-conz)))/CIA at their usual warmongering. Apparently the DNC e-mails were gotten at via simple phishing of passwords, with the inside guy being Sanders advocate (((Seth Rosen))). He who was subsequently found shot in the back of the head by “parties unknown”. But probably known to the principal DNC/Hiligula hatchetman: (((John Podesta))).

    which brings us back to PizzaGate: remember that leaked (((Podesta))) e-mail (pre-PizzaGate, pre-(((Rosen)))) which referred to “wet work”? At the time some of us thought it indexed Scalia’s peculiar transit. Maybe. But the brazenness suggests that it refers to something that was more routine with these DC satanists: murdering of an entire group of abducted, raped, tortured children. Belgian pedo-ring style.

    a third thought: if we win, any one individual or corporate entity involved in the cover-up of this terminal, satanic (((Deathcult))), from (((Jake Tapper))) to the entire (((NY Times/WaPo))) crowd, needs to be treated exactly as if they were among the prime movers.

  7. Right you are Haxo, and the deeper I dive into PizzaGates’ hellish depravity, the harder it is for me to wrap my head around this kind of evil. I thought the depravity of ISIS playing out on youtube was evil incarnate until….PizzaGate. People like you, who think deeply and see at a distance are always mocked by those who live in the moment. In the end however, it is the short-sided who will find themselves blind-sided by a host of unintended consequences, and endure (or die) the most painful outcomes. Should this grow the needed legs, the Jake Trappers’ crowds will understand that there is a cost of cowardice.