Eastern Washington Lawmakers File Bill To Split State


Let them go.

H/t Ms. Wolfe.

11 responses to “Eastern Washington Lawmakers File Bill To Split State

  1. Read the comments in the linked article. So much love and tolerance by them Coasties. NOT!

  2. I’m unaware of the local politics…….why can’t the legislature break up the state? Why does it take an act on the Federal level to do so?

  3. They can not let us have our own Senators. It defeats the purpose of taking the cities and thus, controlling the entire state and the US Senators.

  4. Why not just disengage yourselves commercially, and stop attending the complete legislature, and start attending one of your own, at a place of your own choosing, and just ignore the other side of the state? Just leave. Set up your own stuff, and just ignore what comes out of Spokane? If they come to herd you up, resist, by any means necessary.

  5. Fuck the Westsiders… We have more in common with Idaho than we do with the West. Their attitude shows why we keep pushing for this.. Eastern Oregon is in the same boat, we should both be pushing to join Idaho.

  6. Yeah, and somewhere around here I’ve got my patent application for an instrument landing system for flying pigs.

    While they’re up, I’d also like world peace, the phone number of this month’s Playmate, and a pony.

    But if this gesture was intended to commemorate the original “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…” letter, I commend their respect for history.

    More’n likely though, it’s just a pitch for a side-gig from the same folks running the Bigfoot Hunter’s Roadside Museum and Café. Business slacks off in the winter.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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    WA Rep McCaslin is a friend of mine. He is a straight shooter and a 2nd Amendment supporter who understands the true definition of liberty. Rep Mark Shea took on the local DHS lick spittle, Spokane County “SHERIFF OZZIE” who acquired some of Barry’s surplus MRAPS to “protect the citizens from Tea Party terrorists.”
    The trouble with Spokane County is the amount of Cosmic Whites, Gonzaga Jesuit Marxists(including the fired Mizzou professor and screaming hag, Melissa Click, and “religious” NGOs like Lutheran World Relief, who are poised to inundate the area with muzzies and other third-world dreck. Time will tell. I am still buying ammo.

  9. Interesting in WA/OR the CONservatives want to leave the western half coastal region and in CA they want to leave the U.S. By all means let them go.

    Oh wait I forgot, things aren’t bad enough… yet, but they will be.

    Grey Ghost

  10. N.CA, E.OR, and E.WA should join Idaho. I believe this move would expedite matters and stun the Westies. Those that share the Eastie values would be free to move and contribute to the stature of the next Texas