Electoral College Rumbles


Baugh: Faithless Elector Update

ZH: The Names Of 40 Electors Who Demand Russian Interference Briefing Before They Vote

Stay frosty.

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  1. The bastards won’t stop until they are stopped. Once and for all. Simple as that.

  2. Hang on folks it’s a Goat Rope Circus for sure.

  3. The way I see it ALL but one are DEMONCRAP electors… they are not going to vote for Cruz or Kasich or ANYONE else but Hitlery. They are attempting to sucker some more Republican electors to their “side” and vote for some other Republican. This strategy seems doomed to failure to me, but we shall see come next Monday.

    Grey Ghost

  4. Bring on the war, THE JEW


  5. Thanks for the update. The libbies are all worked up and hopeful about the 19th, every one of them I’ve spoken to gets a Christmas grin when I mention it. On the other hand, the righties seem blind to PEOTUS stuffing his cabinet with swamp creatures. The delusional perspective on both sides is breathtaking. Perhaps the Don was meant all along to be on the ultimate WWE card. Frosty indeed. Thanks again for staying on this story.

  6. Influence!? The only valid “influence” I’m seeing is the classic hideous corrupt influence of the globalists and their decidedly amerikan vassal political operatives at work.

    So 40 faithless electors, anyone notice almost all come from Dumbfuckistan and all that implies regards every kind of leftist political corruption, influencing, vote rigging and gerrymander possible happens?
    The faithless electors where already the lefts hole cards, they didn’t just all of a sudden become faithless objectors, they are precinct system operatives, it is their job to throw elections already.

    Original 10:
    Christine Pelosi (CA)
    Micheal Baca (CO)
    Anita Bonds (DC)
    Courtney Watson (MD)
    Dudley Dudley (NH)
    Bev Hollingworth (NH)
    Terie Norelli (NH)
    Carol Shea-Porter (NH)
    Clay Pell (RI)
    Chris Suprun (TX)

    Newly Added Electors:
    Edward Buck (CA)
    Donna Ireland (CA)
    Vinz Koller (CA)
    Katherine Lyon (CA)
    John P. MacMurray (CA)
    Andres Ramos (CA)
    Gail Teton-Landis (CA)
    Olivia Reyes-Becerra (CA)
    David Scott Warmuth (CA)
    Gregory H. Willenborg (CA)
    Jerad Sutton (CO)
    Robert Nemenich (CO)
    Nancy Shepherdson (IL)
    Dori Dean (MA)
    Jason Palitsch (MA)
    Parwez Wahid (MA)
    Paul G. Yorkis (MA)
    Robert Leonard (MD)
    Salome T. Peters (MD)
    Melissa Mark-Viverito (NY)
    Stuart Appelbaum (NY)
    Stephanie Miner (NY)
    Melissa Sklarz (NY)
    Andrea Stewart-Cousins (NY)
    Sam H.W. Sappington (OR)
    Beth Caldwell (WA)
    Bret Chiafalo (WA)
    Deb Fitzgerald (VA)
    Terry C. Frye (VA)
    Jeanette Sarver (VA)

    • And one of the faithless electors from Dumbfuckistan just happens to be the daughter of the newly Moonbeam-appointed Attorney General of Dumbfuckistan, Xavier Becerra.
      What are the odds?

  7. “40 Electors Demand Russian Interference Briefing Before They Vote”

    All of whom are from rabidly blue states and who already are going to vote for Hillary. They mean nothing. They’re as insignificant as a kernel of corn in a turd. They are getting more and more desperate in their death throes.

  8. If Trump isn’t POTUS-E on 12/20, Chris Suprun should be packed and headed to California and changing his name.

    • You taking a collection to get him there?? 🙂 He’s flat broke and owes creditors. You read this man’s life and I shake my head questioning who vetting the guy to be an elector.

  9. “When Democracy Becomes Tyranny

    I STILL get to vote.”

    • MTN,

      Democracy IS tyranny !

      Take 100 people. They vote majority rules. “Democracy” at work.

      51 people vote YEA. 49 vote NO. Democracy you say. Sure ain’t Freedom. Certainly not for the 49 losers.

      Democracy IS tyranny.

      • MTN,


        “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.”

        – – attributed to B. Franklin – –

        Of course, I’m preaching to the choir.

      • Dan, you can debate me all you want, but I know you know exactly what that great little axiom created by Mike Vanderbough is about.
        Instead of grousing about what it all means in a nit picking way, why don’t you apply a little constructive solidarity about fighting back instead?
        Democracy is the process. Our system of government is based on the will of the governed, we are a Republic with republican form of government.
        When those with unchecked power co-opt our form of government to their ends at the expense of our will and consent our process of democracy turns to tyranny.
        We are still free men as long as we refuse to consent. And that is a democratic choice right there. That is what our arms and how voting with them are ultimately for.
        At the end of the day it is the tyranny breathing down out throats that requires the energy of our hearts and minds.
        Besides, why do you think the Fabian bastards chose to be called Democrats and Liberals to begin with. Hint: like they do with everything to hijack the original meaning and intent so they can bullshit people into believing it is something it isn’t in order to destroy memory of it dangerous to their agenda.
        Like equality, or diversity, racism, liberalism, all the PC terms turned around.

  10. They key thing here in all this we must remember, it is not and never will be about Russian or any type of influence. This about The Great Fuck You and us dirt people. We won because we withdrew our consent for the sonsofabitches, and they can not accept it.
    But you will notice how cunningly they have turned the narrative into a Russian Boogeyman. So in my mind it goes much deeper than just creating their usual false narrative/crisis as a means BS by rigging the electoral system with faithless electors, this is the elites sending us dirt people and our Great Fuck you a return message, and that is we don’t matter. Well they are terribly mistaken.

  11. So Trump gets 305, instead of 306.
    None of these electors, with the exception of captain puss nutts from Texas, comes from a state that Trump won. These are votes he was never gonna get, so what’s the point of all of the fear porn?
    Odds are that anyone reading site is up to speed on most threats, and is preparing accordingly. Unless and until there is legitimate Intell that would indicate more than one idiot is going to betray the voters of his state, I suggest we concentrate on more pressing issues.

  12. Again, it’s not going to happen.

  13. These people (being nice here…) are relentless.

    Election night and it’s aftermath was a tremendous blow go them and had them back on their heels babbling for a couple of days, but like true fanatics, they’ve regrouped and are working at destroying Trump in any way they can.

    Realize that it’s very conceivable that this ends up in the streets, a la Chicago 1968. Be ready and prepare to be one of those that takes to the streets to counter the rent a mob a it’s lackeys.

    They’re gambling that IF they can force a outcome acceptable to them and their masters that we’ll once again accept the result and get backjn line. We didn’t buck precincts that voted 100% for Obama of precincts that had more votes than residents, so their estimation could be correct.

    Or, maybe not. Maybe it’s their “Bridge Too Far”.

  14. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/12/donald-trump-electors-lessig-232598

    Then theres this. 20 republican electors thinking of flipping. And theres still time to roll more.

  15. Any of you catch the hatchet job on that boob from Texas. Read it on ZH, had to laugh, look what running his soup coolers got him.

    A moral man standing on his convictions.


    As for the rest, I’m all for them being briefed. As long as they or their state pay the bills. Airfare per diem, room and board. Their party hacks, and will,vote their own parties line.


  16. I signed the petition today to have Suprun removed as an elector. As sketchy as his background is, I don’t see how he was ever MADE an elector, in the first place. Petition to the Gov. only needs another 749 signatures when I signed it. Pussy motherfucker better find a hole and crawl in it.

    • Sean while I don’t like suprans position, one article on ZH, who is quoting a rag, I’ve never heard of, isn’t nearly enough evidence for me. It’s clear someone buttfucked this guy, other then himself.

      Is it Blackmail, OR is it BLACKMAIL? Did they get to him before, or did they get to him after? I don’t know, I just know something stinks like shit on this one.


  17. The Usual Suspect

    As the flannel clad pajama boys and their feminazi cohorts
    follow the paid provocateurs to waters edge they say, ” Hey
    this river Rubicon is swift flowing but shallow, nobody can
    ever drown here”

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  19. There is going to be some serious whining out there when this ploy falls flat…