Me Neither


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  1. When they can manage their own lives, I will listen to their complaints.
    Until then, I will continue to categorize them as immature, irresponsible, and not to be trusted with anything important.

  2. I remember when Bill Clinton was President. He gave a speech at some college in Portland, Oregon in which he said, “I’m going to prove to the world, that America can function as a non-white country.” Every white liberal I asked about the comment denied hearing it.

  3. They blame all white people for keeping them in a box. I going to rephrase the last sentence and it is all inclusive- Blacks blame all of the same people that we blame for keeping us in a box. We are all in a box and the size of it depends on your ability to adapt and overcome… to a point.

    • Boxes? Boxes you say! Well here is one — Take a look at the riots that have gone down since Watts. With rare exception, few riots ever make it out of the same neighborhood they started in. Boxed indeed.

  4. White Americans need to do a better job of telling African-Americans to fuck off when they start whining about their failures. Oh, and African-American is out. Just Africans. They love it so much, then that’s all they get.

    • Cool. How about a 1way ticket to Liberia?

    • Sean,

      Why not just call/define their racial status by the correct name ? Negro.

      From the Cambridge English Dictionary: “Negro meaning, definition, what is Negro: a black man.”


      Too bad we all can’t agree to just be Americans. But, that concept has been destroyed courtesy 8 years of the illegal Kenyan.

  5. I am white, and I am sick and tired of all the excuses for blacks. They have been given preferential treatment for virtually my whole lifetime. Government has stolen my hard-earned money virtually at the point of a gun and given it to blacks because of the color of their skin. Martin Luther King would roll-over in his grave if he knew of their wicked behavior and the opportunities squandered by blacks. Blacks refused to assimilate. Black America has refused to take responsibility its failures. Like Grandma used to say, ‘They made their bed, now they can lay in it’.

  6. I quit listening to these imbeciles when I realized they are simply retarded parrots. No offense intended towards actual parrots. At least they can be taught intelligent phrases to screech over and over and over…..

  7. Double irony:
    1) Blacks were making gains economically BEFORE Great Society came to fruition; even in the deep south.
    2) Every black hustler who pines for more Free Shit helps whitey. In absolute numbers whites outnumber blacks on govt assistance.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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    I did a better job. I have shunned these violent, physical, ignorant savages. I moved to Rawles Land. Even with the Cosmic Whites in Sandpoint and CDA, it is still, by and large, white and polite. And, we are armed to the teeth.
    It is also way too cold for them here.

    • Roger that, friend. That’s where I’ve been for the last 16 years. It’s just as you’ve described it. And I like it that way.

      Proud irredeemable Deplorable, well-armed infidel.