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  1. Thorougly as usual.

    “”Remember that there is no way to counterattack against an enemy advancing from a direction in which you refuse to look”. Future masthead nomination.

  2. I note his “Rep. Thomas Massie to Chair Revived Second Amendment Caucus in Congress … it’s roll back time.” from “Reason”. I also note that President Trump has missed at least one important chance to nominate on that front. I wonder if Mr. David Codrea might be available to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives? He could truly bring an appropriate perspective to that office…

    Do note that the “Law Enforcement” responsible for Fast and Furious and the other twenty-some similar operations by other BATFE Field Divisions across the country will NOT be held accountable. However, those who ordered them to do that MIGHT be, if the right people get the right jobs…

  3. an especially great issue/love it

  4. Thanks for the Woodpile links! I would miss some if it weren’t for WRSA!

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