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Hey CA – I was wondering if you’d be willing to give Forward Observer a shout out?

We’re setting into a production groove, we have over 500 subscribers, and are starting to add some staff.

– I’ve written 43 Weekly Intelligence Summaries this year, and will produce 50 next year. Those include Russia and China SITREPs, critical infrastructure reporting, indicators of social and financial instability, and other topics.

– We’re now publishing a weekly Dispatch, which is a one-page threat intelligence white paper on various topics.

– We’re launching a weekly Gang, Cartel, & Transnational Threats Report to document national and regional trends.

– By the end of this year we’ll have over 24 hours worth of webinar courses and lectures on Intelligence Preparation of the Community, OPSEC, COMSEC, Digital Security, Community Security, and several other

– I’m also working on some early warning indicator tools that are going to be EXTREMELY interesting once we get them up and running.

If folks are looking for a way to keep on top of global and domestic events, and learn how to implement intelligence at the local level, then they can sign up for $99/year. We would appreciate their support, and they’re going to get a lot of very relevant information each week.

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Always Out Front,
Samuel Culper
Executive Editor

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  1. I am a subscriber and long-time reader; highly recommended. Listening and paying attention are increasingly important, more so than some other activities these days.

  2. Likewise! I’ve been onboard since the early days and I can confirm it’s worth the time and money spent.

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  4. Typo in the subscribe link.

    Should be:
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    Become a lifetime subscriber and support these folks (and yourself).