The Deep State vs. Donald Trump


The Uniparty strikes back.

Best part?

Everyone’s true colors are showing.

And freedom?

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

19 responses to “The Deep State vs. Donald Trump

    • I like Trump. I voted for Trump and don’t regret it. I certainly can’t regret the hours and hours of entertainment his election has provided me and mine. But he’s not “my” president. Being an individual first and foremost before I’m anything else, I don’t have a president. Never have and never will. He’s the president of the United States government. I don’t need anyone to preside over me.

  1. Always hated the phrase, freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. It’s four words, not A word. It was written by a syphillitic lesbian whore who was addicted to both alcohol and cocaine, and who manged to kill herself with both before she turned forty. Her “music” consisted of ravings and roaring about people she did wrong, or vice versa, none of it memorable. Lastly, freedom is not about having lost everything, but instead about gaining the one thing that will give you a fighting chance of achieving your hearts desire. Adhering to or following the whims of some dirty stupid dead cunt is not part of the freedom quest, and never will be. The Deep State is what it is, and changing it is not an option, but dealing with it is. It’s also called Leviathan. And as the headliner presupposes, we don’t have a plan for what comes after it’s collapse. Ok. Such a plan would prove fruitless to make, since we also have no idea of what conditions will be like once that happens. An intelligent plan would be to be prepared for anything, including nothing, and have a general idea of where you want to go, with Team Freedom. Circumstances and conditions of the battlefield will dictate for the most important part what you actually try, and do. My considered advice is stay prepared, stay loose, stay frosty, and have as your only concrete plan, the willingness and ability to rapidly adjust to an ever changing environment. It’s what Leviathan does, and it works, as long as you have integrity. Lack of integrity is what is making Leviathan lose, right now. When you stop telling the truth, or receiving it as same, you begin moving towards eventual defeat.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      Kris Kristoferson wrote the words Janis sang:)


      Word, Sean. And, let’s talk about Kristofferson. Just another left-wing Hollywood puke. And, yes, I know he was a West Point Graduate, pilot, Rhodes Scholar, yada-yada. As they say in Hollywood, you’re as good as your last picture. It would not surprise me if that reprobate was another cheerleader for the Red Queen.

    • Sean,

      “….since we have no idea what conditions will be like once that happens (national collapse).”

      I agree with you a plan may be fruitless to attempt to make. However, the Bosnian War (1992-1995) could provide some insight on what could occur in fUSA upon fedgov collapse or success, by the Marxist element, to compromise the Trump election.

  2. Soros leads the Charley Manson wing of the deep state. Just like Charley, Soros was pushing blacks into a genocidal race war they can only lose, by funded Black Lives Matter to the tune of 100million, and pushing the fake news of ” hands up, don’t shoot” to inner city blacks. The end result is the Ferguson effect where cops just sit in their cars and drive slowly to the next crime scene to put up crime scene tape and the black kids bodies pile up in the morgues. Just remember, he admits to being one of Hitlers stooges in WW2.

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    If they successfully get the electoral College to elect Hillary you will finally start seeing Unintended Consequences and Bracken scenarios play out.

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  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. This is Life

    The time is coming when we, as patriotic Americans, must decide what we are going to do about the criminal Sayanim inside our borders.

  7. Fun times ahead, I wish to hell people would study history.

  8. just more of the dog and pony show. While it might be safe to take a breather for Christmas, now is not the time to stop prepping.


  9. Song written by the son of a General. An Army helicopter pilot, on his was to a teaching assignment at West Point. He resigned his commission and became a janitor. Like him or not, he lived his convictions.

  10. essentially, the (((Deep State))), that is, the Judeo-globalists, cannot win without taking down Russia. Trump wants no part of this, so the (((Deep State))) attempts to take down Trump. Who in most other respects – Trump is lifelong liberal Demoncrat with putrid (((NY))) values – is one of their own. I have no dog in this fight. Let the Breitbart Trumpaholics and the Beltway Slimewads destroy each other. Eventually, I’ll pick up the pieces.

  11. What scares the fuck out of the CIA?

    Donald’s Generals.

  12. Everyone’s (((Jew colors)))