The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming




19 responses to “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming

  1. My God……how desperate must they be to trot out this lunatic.

  2. Is Qweef Olberman broadcasting from The People’s Cube now?

  3. Sorry SJWs but Olberman will never be as funny as Alan Arkin.

    But hat tip to CA, the juxtaposition is DrudgeReport worthy.

  4. wealthy farmer

    Me thinks he (it) doth protest too much.
    Boob tube puppet in a studio somewhere screaming about another (alleged) boob tube puppet. Looks kinda weak. This is good.

  5. Hey, you know what would be great fun?

    Let’s start calling the Prog-tards “McCarthyists”. Hell, they’ve been doing it to us for 50 years!

  6. Shinmen Takezo

    OMG–this fucking nut-job is gone off the edge of his flat world!
    They/them are now completely desperate to keep Trump from taking power.

    Are these “Hail Mary” passes, or do we have something to worry about.
    Clearly Clinton is behind Olberman–lock, stock and barrel.
    It has all of the Clinton Machine’s fingerprints on it.

    They (meaning the Clinton crime machine) use all their media buddies to propel their messages (see Waco).

    If and when Trump gets into the White House he must immediately appoint a special prosecutor to go after the Clinton crim machine–else it will keep pumping out propaganda as you see above.

    Me thinks that Joesph Goebels rose from the grave to write this raging rant that Olberman delivered–it is right out of the Nazi era play book.

    These cocksuckers are definitely playing with civil war now.

  7. this just in, the DNA on the Monica’s blue dress was Putin’s.

  8. Keith Olbermann-

    I must confess, I borrowed the phrase. It was too good to pass up.

  9. The Usual Suspect

    Yes they are desperate, and Obertroll is screaming
    to persuade the left fringe lunatics to rise up and
    stop Trumps Presidency by violence if necessary.
    Careful what you wish for !

  10. I conclude that the presence of the word “cocksuckers” in Shinmen Talezo’s post above means I can describe how much I would love to eat a giant basket of fresh asparagus and drink a 40 oz torpedo of high octane malt liquor, then spend the next 20 minutes pissing in Keith Olberman’s face.
    That is all. We now resume regular programming.

  11. Ole’ Dick-in-the-mouth Olberman reminds me of a guy I once hit so hard, he went straight down for a ten count. Broke my fucking hand (again). It takes about ten weeks for your hand to start to feel normal when you do that. I kicked him, hard as I could, in the balls, next time I saw him. No sense in fucking up your hand twice, with the same bitch. Seemed to avoid me, after that. The guys in my platoon referred to me as, “That moody bastard”. Prejudice is a terrible thing, I tell you.

  12. Let the libturds keep trotting out their old, tired, lying, hypocritical idiots. Soon all of them will be exposed and normal, correct thinking Americans will see them as the MSM is now seen.

  13. Love that movie!

  14. Olberman was nothing but a bloviating @$$hole when he was just another jackhole sports reporter spewing from KCBS-TV.
    He hasn’t gotten any smarter since then.

    Can’t believe he’s still a thing anywhere, and can’t help but wonder how his empty head hasn’t exploded long since, or that he hasn’t fled to Venezuela where he clearly longs to be.

    Just declaring all of 2017 “Punch Keith Olberman In The Mouth Day” would probably do more good for this country than any person has a right to expect. Mainly because he isn’t worth a bullet, but a couple of black eyes and a busted jaw would do him worlds of good, at minimal effort or expense, and even offers an outside chance of reforming him, while still bringing the satisfaction of seeing him get the pummeling he’s deserved for some years.

    And pairing his logorrhea with the clip of Alan Arkin is genius.
    The only way to top it would be to dub Arkin’s lines onto Olberman’s mouth moving.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. illberman, doing his best to channel his inner Hitler, Mussolini, and Father Coughlin. What an asswipe.

    The clinton cabal is using the same tactics that worked so fabulously during the election as they know nothing else. Similar results are expected.

    Beyond the somewhat morbid entertainment value of watching rot consume the useful idiots, no one is paying attention.

    Whether Trump be one thing or the other, remains to be seen. We do know what was denied though.

  17. Comrade Keith, to hear you spouting “for Obamy to Protect the Constitution” was just too much!
    BTW, since you want the Truth Outed, Do you take extra walnuts and sauce on your pizza?
    Inquiring minds at the NYPD are curious