Viva Counterrevoluccion!


Aesop explains.

Just do it.

16 responses to “Viva Counterrevoluccion!

  1. outlawpatriot

    Please forgive me, but I must.

    Understand, not knockin’ the suggestion. Killer idea.


    Couple of guys have made similar suggestions in the past. MVB and Kerodin. Generally, roundly criticized they were despite “suggestions” that I deemed at the time totally appropriate.

    Now comes Aesop. Nothing new. Just a variation on a theme.

    So I gotta ask. Is he leadin’ the initiative? Or does he just want others to go out and risk their butts. Seems an appropriate question considering past suggestions by others.


    • Do what you like, op.
      It’s a nominally free country.

      As for me, I point out that WallyMart had some spiffy 2″ and 3″ stencil templates, and I’m cornering the local supply of Christmas spray snow.
      One can at a time.

    • Alan,

      “So I gotta ask. Is he leadin’ the initiative? Or does he just want others to go out and risk their butts?”

      “Lead by example” as I read your above.

  2. Matt Bracken

    I agree.
    is fake news.

  3. inventive. But Aesop left out Fox, which is equally bogus. Today, in between Limbaugh’s Trump apologetics and Hannnity’s Trump apologetics, I caught the Fox radio noon “news”: a blast of anti-Russian crap along several vectors (the latest from Aleppo, and “they interfered with our election”), then a blast of “climate change” propaganda (“a new study shows…”), and finally some more neo-con drivel about something or other.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Not gonna get much traction here, I’ll bet 90% of these guys watch Fox. The good MSM guys! and some free upskirt too!
      Nothing beats sucking on a drugged tit……..

    • Fox is the Rove Republican channel, and they are indeed as bad as ABCNNBCBS and their dead-tree fellow travelers. But it just doesn’t have the same ring to it if you add them…

      • ^^That right there.
        If I could have artfully added Fox, PBS, or 10 or 50 others without busting the meme, I would have.

        Some genius figures out a better mousetrap, I urge him to go ahead and put it out there.

        Meantime, I have some Christmas decorating to do.

        Stencil set: $2.18
        Can of snow: $2.78
        Sowing agitation and discontent with the lamestream media: Priceless.

        If anyone has a better way to have more fun with >$5, ROWYBS.

        • Aesop,

          The stencil/spray snow was a pretty damn, good idea. Put’s out a message without being destructive.

          • Thank you, Dan.
            And it’s a financial bargain as well.

            Short of artillery, the most destructive thing you can do to the opposition is ridicule them and instigate laughter at their antics.

  4. The Left’s media should be mocked as conspiracy theorists over their “fake news” fantasy, and their imaginary Russian hackers.

  5. In the movie,Major League, there is a scene where the pitcher,Harris, gets yanked and replaced by Wild Thing.Harris is asked what he is doing.His reply was something to the effect of throwing everything I got. That is exactly what the globalists,elitist,NWO,libtard ,commie pinko,mass media shitbags are doing.Throwing out everything they can think of. It is pathetic and entertaining, yet dangerous.These motherfuckers are not going to let up.Neither should you. Have a plan to repel boarders. Better yet, stop them before they set sail.

  6. here is one for ya…. be ready… to be ready……..


  7. The agitators (Omegas) pointing their fingers at the Alpha wolves. Classic Roman divide & fail tactics.

    ‘Suicidal Statecraft…The ultimate Cause of Imperial Collapse’.