WeaponsMan: The POW Experience As Seen In The 1950s


Worth the read, including links.

Once restraint is lost, all participants will know Hell.

6 responses to “WeaponsMan: The POW Experience As Seen In The 1950s

  1. Fuck the historical POW camps from any damn war, it’s black flag time right here and now.

    I find it interesting WeaponsMan lists Andersonville and not Camp Douglas as “the” example of POW problems but then what else can you expect when it’s probably the only POW camp known by “history buffs”. This whole bullshit about Andersonville doesn’t even get into the prisonor swaps that were conducted in the beginning of the war and then Lincoln’s refusal to do prisoner swaps as the war continued on longer than he and his advisors thought could happen. So if you wanna blame Andersonville on Jefferson Davis I suggest you look at Lincolns policy of no POW repatriation even though Davis was willing to do so through the end of the war. Essentially Lincoln made Andersonville the way it was by stopping POW swaps.

    Thank-you Mr. Booth.

    Grey Ghost

  2. The enemy have no intent of letting anyone who stands against them survive. They have already shown that REPEATEDLY. Restrain yourself, if you choose. I have NO intention of doing so. Happiness is dead pigs. And dead pig whores. They and theirs may be about to have a Christmas to remember, if they enable the treason currently being plotted across this nation.

    • Fucking brilliant, Mark. i knew I could count on two things today,

      Taking a giant shit.
      And someone here saying, fuck the police/pigs or such.

      Now I’m five pounds lighter and a penny wiser, for your sage advice.


  3. Sun Tzu succinctly points out, treat enemy prisoners kindly. You will gain the support of them, and their families, and they will often come over to your side. This will also help protect your soldiers when captured by the enemy from harsh treatment. There are no guarantees that the enemy will treat your captured soldiers well, BUT, they will be faced with the fact that YOU DO. Harsh treatment of prisoners will NOT profit you, but can cause you great harm. Ever notice how a small nurse can take even the toughest wounded soldier in hand, and calm and treat them? Honey cannot be resisted, but who would embrace a skunk? Do the smart thing, rather than the emotional one.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    As they gather their courage and peer into the void below
    what do they behold…..

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