Drain The Intelligence Swamp




Perish the thought.

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  1. LightninBolt

    Great article! Get rid of the past eight years of so-called intelligence muck. They know nothing! Except how to create and fabricate fake news.

  2. These are evil men, their hearts, their soles are black!


  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Do we really need 17 “intelligence” agencies? Seventeen. And they still cant find their ass with both hands.

    Why would this be any different than any other government program?

  5. Understand that there is a vast, and I mean YUGE, entrenched bureaucracy in the IC. The military rotate out every few years to other jobs, but the civilians who serve remain. They will slow roll any reformers, they will out last and out play by raising transactional frictions.
    The way forward would be to ideologically screen, then cashier the majority of them. Does the IC need 17 organizations? No, it does not… it is a reason why it is so inept, as well as consensus driven into mediocrity.
    There are inconsistent, deep pools of talent in the broader shallow sea. Hopefully at least Gen Mattis will get rid of those damn spaghetti diagrams that were all the rage and reduce the power point fulcrum. That, and stop bringing in the fad of the week think tankers and egg heads… they Soooo brought lasting wins to us over the past few decades. Ask yourselves if CNA has brought success, or that concept of “Human Terrain Systems” brought peace to Afghanistan. Those were (soft boiled) egghead jobs programs. Those cultures only understand consistent use of power and force. American lives were lost putting happy faces on it.
    In a larger sense, given the large budgets involved, is the intelligence budget process a means to fund intelligence, or is the production of intelligence merely the front to channel haystacks & pallets of currency into private & foundation channels for off books purposes? It is a question that must be asked and answered in detail, especially as we appear to be in a throw down between CIA and the FBI. The rest of the IC will not have the option much longer to stay mute on the topic, either.

    • Exactly.

      This is no different than any other government program. The goal being a self licking ice cream cone, lots of “threats”, and a bigger budget than last year. I firmly believe that if any “intelligence” of use is actually produced, it was by accident.

  6. It’s a sad world I live in, when I trust the Russians more then my own nation.

    I have no illusions of the Russians being good folk, their not. Their just the lesser of two evils in my estimation.

    I think we can work with them. I do not think we can work with our own deep state.


  7. The US intelligence paparatus is overrated, too convoluted & CLEARLY being abused by a amoral evil pathocratic kakistocratcy of Marxist criminals.
    Cull the herd & drain the intelligence swap. ‘Analysis paralysis’ X a gigaparsec. Cull the heard & get the US Constitution & individual rights restored. Let it’s moral code of natural law & human right’s & guide us back into the light & out of the dark forces that bind our country’s spirit.

  8. Never has the “intelligence” apparatus served the American people. Never.
    Not WW2, not Korea, not Vietnam, not Bosnia, not Iraq, not ever.
    These agencies (that word means something!) serve their masters. It ain’t us.

    It – all of it – is a political organization. Never forget that.

  9. Intelligence? All they really are is violence brokers.