“Fake News”, Censorship, Darwin, and Democracy


CHS walks through the mire.

One central fact:

No one in the MSM is concerned with bringing you an accurate rendition of reality.

No one.

8 responses to ““Fake News”, Censorship, Darwin, and Democracy

  1. RE: “Fake” News –

    What we are witnessing is the State Run Media pulling a “Lars Ulrich v. Napster” against legitimate reporting and social commentary.

    They’re done.

    Fork in the ass.



    Donion rings.

    What you’re seeing?

    Death throes. Pre-passing spasms and convulsions. They need to embrace the darkness, and slip into it like a warm bath. Good. Riddance.

  2. Said this multiple times, you don’t like what they do, don’t support them. I routinely pick the lowest rated main three news stations. watch the local stuff, then shut the boob tune off.

    Propaganda, on top of propaganda, personally I can watch virtually every religion on earth,,purchase trinkets from across the world, listen to good music,” which I enjoy”, and listen to out right lies, left and right.

    And I STILL can’t get the Fucking truth out of these cock suckers.

    The best part, it’s only 100.00 a month. A bargain !


  3. Anyone that knowingly lies to you, is a murderer of the truth. Anyone willing to murder the truth, is willing to murder you. Anyone willing to murder you, is only waiting for the right time, and the right place. Murder for hire is one of the things govt. does. Govt. and MSM sleep in the same bed. And MSM has deep pockets. “Honey, here’s a million bucks, now would you please go do something about those awful bloggers and alt-right freaks, and Trumpers, and you’ll be doing us both a favor? That’s a lamb”.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. It’s called full spectrum dominance. Why would they only want to control one side of the news, when they can control all sides? The difficult part is getting friends to understand that.

    • Uncle Larry, those important to me, already get it.

      I daily bombard the young in our pack with tasty morsels of knowledge as found on our sides web sites, multiple times a day. Im a lucky man, my pack is “carnivorous”, for solid conservativeness.

      No force feeding, I provide they digest, and learn their own way.


  6. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Re: Fake news

    Remember these gems?:


    As I’ve said to many for quite awhile, if one really wants to expose the press/media/pols for the disingenuous, duplicitous, mendacious fearmongerers they truly are all one need do is examine their statements about the 2A/guns/gun owners/gun ownership. It’s all there, waiting for someone w/ the appropriate acumen, fortitude, intelligence, interest, & relentlessness to use on the aforementioned.