SLL: Making America Competitive Again


The issue and how to fix it.

NB: There will be many oxen to be gored in the process.

9 responses to “SLL: Making America Competitive Again

  1. European American

    Competition is for the Competent.

  2. Shut up. Nothing I find in a showeoom or store says,”MADE IN AMERICA”, as opposed to the 70s when it was rare to see anything other than “MADE IN THE USA”.

    The bullshit piles up so fast you need wings to stay above it.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    A simple answer from a simple man–WORK.

    Put the 49% of the leeches in America to WORK. Sweep the streets, pick up trash, dig ditches. MAKE THEM SWEAT to earn their keep–like the 51% of the rest of us.

    Get their dumb and lazy arses out in the workforce and let them feel some PAIN in getting up at 0600 and slogging to work in a blizzard. What we’ve got here is a massive and sustained failure to communicate!

    You don’t work, you don’t eat. (Thanks, Paulie!)

  4. This will fix it, let’s keep selling citizenship to any asshole that has money, as long as they invest it in shit that we your overlords enjoy like skiiing at $100 bucks per day per person.

    America you were sold out and continue to be sold out by your alleged governments. This crap is a prime example of state govs working with fed govs to line their gloves. Fuck them all.

  5. We can all thank Congress & Senate collectively for their complicit cooperation collaborating in the ‘how’ we got to this point. I suspect the perfect Trump win / win would result will be to roundup & deport the Refugees & illegals using FEMA camps. Although it’s a long shot I realize w/ the current devolved & mentally compromised culture but, we all ‘have a dream’ from time to time ;-P

  6. I’m getting prepared for everything to go Mad Max anyway, so the details don’t interest me too much. C’est la vie.

  7. Good articles by Robert, but…

    “The chances of all or even some of the above happening are slim. However, the issue is American competitiveness, and we’ve gone downhill so long, that’s what it’s going to take.”

    Slim? None.

    As to competitiveness, the reality is, America only looks so fucked if you neglect to look at anyone else. “We’re the healthiest patient in the cancer ward.” If only there were some real competition out there, then we’d have to get some discipline. But there is not, so none of the changes Robert calls for are going to happen.

    We have to hit bottom first, like any drug addict, before any improvement is possible. And for this country to hit bottom is for the rest of the world to do so simultaneously. Many will die.

  8. My wife is a 35 year public school teacher. I’m praying she walks end of this,school year.. She is soooooo Fucking sick of the indoctrination, everything is a canned presentation.

    The down side is its Dumbed Down intentionally, for the Tard babies, the halfwitts, and the children who are products of fucking retards.

    When a nation dumbs down their education, not strengthen it, with rigorous studies you know socialism, even communism are ” in play” . ,when history is re written, when the constitution isn’t mentioned and when it is, its subverted, you know theirs a problem.

    This is a product right out of DC inc. let’s have a look at exactly who runs, and manages education at the Department of Education. AND let’s look at who Trump is Considering to run this agency. Anybody see more of the same.

    I do.


  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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