When A Culture Unmans Itself


Badness ensues.

Best news?

What real combat power can Pajama Boy and his ilk bring to the street fight?

The blacks?

Hajii hordes?

The Hispanics?


IMHO, Team Wuss is operationally limited to the Interwebs and its predecessor, the legacy media.

And we know how little of each is truly meaningful.


Skill building and maintenance.

Accountability folders.

Range cards.


27 responses to “When A Culture Unmans Itself

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    ROGER, CA! How many of these F***tards @Team Wuss have seen the elephant or heard the snap of bullets overhead?

  2. You ask what can they bring to the street fight? Their “Law Enforcement” enablers, as long as the right people are signing those paychecks. And understand that the Blue Wall will continue to get paid, even if the financial system collapses. Those paychecks will not stop until their Masters are safely away to THEIR North American Redoubt. Or their Caribbean Redoubt. Or their…

    • Not true , they are in the same boat as us. In the ’90s KGB colonels were reduced to beggary. Check this out -http://www.wsj.com/articles/dallas-police-and-fire-pension-fund-beset-by-withdrawals-1479750029

    • colddeadhandsdays

      Big fucking deal. There’s a million cops. How many are women? How many are fat useless POS’s? Give me a break…THINK!! If the shooting starts the blue wall goes home. They know they’ll all die.

  3. Never under estimate your enemy. Shit WILL happen.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      Out here in rural Wyoming you can’t tell the Democrats from the Republicans, they all hunt, fish, own guns, own horses, and go to the back country together. Even many of the pajama boy types. So when TSHTF, they will be shooting back.
      Quite a few of the tree hugging commies are as proficient in the back country as I am, so I don’t see them as a pushover later. It will be time for other tactics, and superior skills will be needed.

      • Meeting the basic necessities on a daily basis in a national crisis will mitigate a lot of those differences which are now being indulged/ignored.

        Guys who can and do hunt and fish and are competent in many of the other outdoor physical activities of life in your AO will be busy doing those things to survive. Mostly only the present id’d scumbags will go predator. Cooperation is much more prevalent way of life stuff out there.

        Natural selection my not be a good theory of evolution but it’s pretty effective at weeding society.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        SemperFi, 0321/14Dec16@21:50,

        And that ‘inconvenient truth’ is why #5 of CA’s list is = in importance to the other 4, it also happens to be one of FreeFor’s major problems as its adherents from CA/MN/WI/IL/VT/NH/MA/RI/NY/NJ/DE/CT/MD (a.k.a. “liberal/hippie/commie/perv/fag/anti-God/Anti-Uhmurruhkun/traitorous scum”) can attest.

        It’s a distinct pity that so many prefer the comfort of their prejudices & bigotries over the goal they profess to love more than life itself.

  4. Pajama Boy and others of his ilk are useful by their own incompetence. Intro to Victim Selection is a 1st semester course for budding dirt bags. Who would the graduates prefer to deal with – Momma’s Boy or somebody who exudes “Don’t f**k with me” by their general demeanor and the confidence arising from going armed? Thus, by serving as bait they divert the sociopaths from us. As much as we may joke about sending a bad guy off to whatever awaits, the vast majority of us wish to avoid conflict and I would rather watch Pajama Boy get mugged and beaten up than have to shoot the bad guy myself and deal with the concomitant inconvenience and expense.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Re: Intro to Victim Selection 101

      There’re also those who’ll appear to be harmless/give off that vibe to attract ‘predators’ in order to kill same, & there’s the type that’ll use bait (food, weapons/ammo/gear, booze/drugs, females/children, etc.) for that purpose who’d fit the all too often misused title of ‘sociopathic’ which many would (imo quite likely incorrectly) apply to you after reading “I would rather watch…….inconvenience and expense”. As that’s also my attitude toward both sides of that particular equation I’ve no prob w/ the sentiment you expressed & in fact heartily applaud it, w/ the caveat being the criticality of #5 in CA’s list.

      It’s a manifest shame that the exigencies of conflict more often than not preclude one’s being able to safely & comfortably enjoy the tableaux you describe, yet another of Life’s lil’ unfairnesses.

  5. LightninBolt

    The Etruscans, Greeks and Romans all fell for the “political correctness” back then as Western “Civilization” is now. All these “isms” are from generational indoctrination. Take a look at the history of the “public” schools in Britain especially, where the “Richie rich” sent their kids (Scotland was very bad for this)…most grew up to be generational pedies and psychos who are now in the British parliament and in Washington DC. Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Eton…you name it, they are all the same types that absolutely hate the little guy or gal just trying to make an honest living. These Harvard schooled types would like to depopulate all of us if they get the chance. Money ,power and debauchery is all they understand.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. D+ Three weeks!

    The soft targets will keep the non-govt. thugs busy for about three weeks after the axe falls; then militia on militia begins.

    Be the hardest target possible.

  8. The Left also starts from a logistical disadvantage in territory. Their area is small yet their own logistical demands (water, power, gas, food) are high. Turn off the water to NYC and it will fall like Rome post empire.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Left may have a logistical problem, but the Right has a concentration problem – its numbers are spread thin over a lot of territory, so it will have serious problems holding territory.

  9. One of first things the Reds did at the beginning of the revolution was take over communication and mass transportation hubs.

  10. Dave Soloway is always a great read. A wonderful writer.

    He is one of the very, very few left at PJM worth his salt. The others are the type (like that pig Radosh who savaged Diana West’s book “Amercan Betrayal”, a must read, BTW) who were #nevertrumpers from the get-go.

    I deleted their bookmark a long time ago.

  11. Stealth Spaniel

    Well, I’d say communications is about finite now anyway. Who believes anything that you hear on the news?? Hell, 4 different “news” stations could not get Alan Thicke’s death correct. He was 80, no, he was 69: he died playing hockey/basketball/golf with his son……it was almost comical. So, I’d trust “official” communications a lot less.
    We are in a weird age, where 49 yro Lesbos think that they are Tab Hunter in his prime whereas they are just fat, old, creepy women. College Professors in their entirety want to be all things to all enlightened thinking. Therefore-they stand for zero: Very Impressive. Pajama Boy is either that exceptionally brilliant young man who excels at written code or he is the stupid fag with poor fashion choice.
    It’s time to clean the complete mess up! I long for the days when you could look at someone and NOT THINK, it’s Pat from Saturday Night Live. Christ Almighty! Once our language got out of control, our society got out of control. People do not “transition” to another sex. They simply retain their DNA that they came with and then try masquerading as something that they are not and never will be. It is past time to put MEN back in their proper places, and WOMEN in theirs. Men command, fight, and win wars. Period. Don’t tell me about Comrade Mighty Michelle-she’d cave on the first volley of direct fire.
    I have always felt that men and women are equals-however, we have different roles to play.

    • Yeap… and let me tell you, it takes years and lots of
      patience to succeed in deprogramming during very
      hostile adversarial environments to avoid this “version”:

      Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • I grew up somewhat bemused by, and at times confused by the “feminist” message, having never been taught, nor accepted that females were “inferior” to or “unequal” to males. The most retarded thing I saw was women burning bras…at eleven years old I had a fairly good grasp of the law of gravity and remember asking my mom “those women are going to droop, aren’t they?” She thought it was a hilarious question, but I was deadly serious. “Drooping” was to be avoided, I clearly remember.

      I have three sons. I have raised them to be men, in every respect. Gentlemen, to be sure, but men…strong, firm, steady, all male, and unapologetically so.

      I expect them to be fathers to their children, the leaders of their respective households, and have taught them, in ways great and small, that females who do not appreciate their maleness, have no place in their lives. They can no more change their genders than they can stop the world from spinning. I did not do this as a single parent. My sons had a great father. He taught them to be men, first by being one. He was daily, present and accounted for.

      So much of this topic is unadulterated bullshit…women need to stand up and call it for what it is, whenever and wherever the opportunity presents. But more importantly, we should all…male and female…stop denigrating an entire gender for the unmitigated stupidity constantly on display whenever this subject is mentioned.

      We have so many options. We can refuse to fund institutions of “higher learning” by not sending our children to them in the first place. We can refuse to fund MSM by simply tearing up contracts for cable TV, in any iteration. It is very difficult indeed to lead an empty room. We need to turn on our heel and never look back. “They” may have the microphone from the bully pulpit, but those of us who do not agree, are not required to fill the seats. There is a reason they are sounding shrill these days…so much of what they hoped to achieve is simply not attainable by methods they have employed thus far. They have the low hanging fruit to be sure…but they do not have a majority…and they are not going to have that majority unless and until they decide to kill off the dissenters. We are all free to have a good chuckle between now and the time they decide to genocide us. I question whether they have enough testosterone to get it up…to speed, that is…but I have no doubt that I am surrounded by enough testosterone to object, effectively.

      God Bless the Alpha Males, and The Real Women who love them. It is with great hope, and fervent prayer, that we have and will raise up our young to celebrate the differences between males and females, to step boldly onto the path God intended for each, and to daily, increase appreciation, each for the other…not in spite of those differences, but because of those differences.

      It has to start somewhere…this utter rejection of the nonsensical…and if not with us…then with whom?

  12. They can stomach a fight. A long one. That’s what they bring. Oh, and lots of funding for the fight.

    • That’s whack: they can’t even stomach contrary opinion and harsh language.
      cf.: “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces”.

      They’re hell on wheels when it comes to tearing shit up and burning businesses when the cops are told to look the other way. The first whiff of grapeshot on a two-way range is liable to leave them somewhat the worse for wear, and many dead with a shocked look on their faces.

      And money’s going to buy them…what, exactly?
      Something to use for ransom payments?

      None of their usual list of tactics are going to work very well when they’re in the unfamiliar position of defending the status quo. It’s hard to be an insurgent when you’re The Man.

      You can also guarandamntee that the red flag will be hoisted, no quarter granted, and no fucks shall be given.

  13. a maniacal bastard (or an optimist, take your pick) would look at this and say we could use the warm-up practice, you know, before the serious trouble gets going.


    “There is one source, O Athenians, of all your defeats. It is your citizens have ceased to be soldiers.” – Demosthenes. Make no mistake, the Cosmic White collectivist pajama people will have their enablers with badges and guns out there to maintain their control over the dirt people. They know what will happen if they lose their grip on the political power switch. Mr. Matis is right. It is all about who is signing the paycheck. The proof of the pudding will be how the fence-sitters and Lee Greenwood-loving, flag-waving, normalcy bias deniers deal with this.
    I thought that by this time, there would be enough awareness over the meltdown of Eurabia, complete with the muzzies raping the blond Swedes and German girls, that the pendulum would at least be swinging back to the side of logic and sanity. But, the MSM, the harpies on the talk shows, their Mangina Amen Corner, and the Amerikan sheeple still have no clue. And I will be holding my breath until 12/20/2016. Keep prepping one and all. Godspeed and blieb ubrig.

  15. They’d scamper at the first volley.