Can Donald Trump Prevent The Economy From Falling Into A Black Hole?


Things are not good.

And HRC would have been worse.

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  1. It’s simple. The markets are at an all time high, and our nation is broke. Our govt, is flipping rocks over, looking for pennies. Govts, are raiding wishing pools for the nickels and dimes on the bottom.

    Next up your private saving and retirement accounts.

    You got money in a bank, or a savings account?, your about to take a fucking.” Consider moving to a smaller credit union” their member owned. Different rules.

    All Trump bought us is more time to soften the fall.


    • I would also look at assets that appear to be work. A $50k field of tomatoes? That’s work, IRS won’t care. $5k in an IRA? That will be nationalized.

      • Assets that take work to grab: “accounts” in any kind of paper/digits/promises are point-n-click “GONE”, where as real-property must be re-sold to a new sucker (tax farmer), portable property must be found and secured. IRS and most .gov Agents are profoundly lazy, and work is less appealing than easy-pickings.

    • Alfred E. Neuman

      All true. Cover your head and your losses…..

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    That’s not really the president’s job. The best he can do is try to limit the government’s involvement and let the system fix itself. It will be hard times for everyone, but it things will eventually correct.

    • Dow 20000!


      Good high cliff off which to jump.

    • <–what the Saint said!!!

      Unfortunately he's not only involving himself he's holding oligarch circle jerk sessions at "the Tower". I hear they are planning to make us all jobs cause they love us dirt people so much. What I see instead is Russia after the wall fell. They will next bring home all those Dollars which are currently offshored to help US as well by declaring some type of tax holiday on them. This will help us though, it won't be used to set up robotic plants or anything, it will truly be to help us. I can see it now $2 trillion dollars comes flooding into the US and everyone is given a new job making 100k a year to be able to afford to eat at Dennys. Party on garth. WTFU dirt people, Graham Kill house rules, Moscow Rules for the long version.

      • 2 silver dimes a day assures eating after “the system” turns inside out. Dimes make friends much better than a pistol, although there is that in the other pocket.

    • Jimmy, Obama clearly followed your advice. I agree with you, just pointing out the trees thru the forest.


  3. I would just keep a sharp eye on things, and hold tight to what you got. It’s going to be a bumpy night. And it may be a very, very long night.

  4. But, this very morning, the BBC informed me that “the US is on the cusp of full employment”.

  5. The math is inescapable. Interest on the funded debt is a third of the budget, and we presently spend 1/3 more than we collect in tax revenue. Right now, the Chinese and the Russians, among others, are dumping our debt as quickly as they can.

    If interest rates rise as they need to to restore real growth, the government will collapse after a hyperinflation that will make Venezuela’s look tame. If they don’t, economic production and tax revenue will crater, creating a hyperinflation to paynthe debt that will make Venezuela look tame.

    Either way, those EBT cards won’t buy a month’s groceries in short order. Then things get real sporty, real quick.

    • Historian, you have pointed out the ” fly in the ointment”, a no win situation is confronting us. We will limp along, eventually we won’t.

      As for Russia and China, dumping our debt. It’s in the TRILLIONS, wonder where that money’s coming from, most think their printing. Maybe?, those nations are in the same boat as us, their broke, and their trying to keep their own currencies relivant.,

      By trump early uttering the fact that ” China is a money manipulator”, publicly has sent shock waves thru the money world, it’s like the emperors, new cloths. But Trumps saying ” hey you fat ass Chinaman, your naked”

      I gotta wonder if all the missing money from the sandbox, the pentagon, and the state department, wasn’t somehow re discovered and magically used to slow the roll. I have no tangable evidence to support my hypothesis.

      Print it, hide it, pay off fake the debt, with fake money, brilliant!

      Just wondering out loud.


    • EBT does not NOW buy a month of groceries. 3 weeks for an informed careful shopper who avoids packaged food. Weeks 4 and 5 are food banks and “odd jobs” funded. Some people starve their foster children during weeks 4 and 5 so the real kids can eat. Just what I’ve observed in the Homeless Utopia of pdx.

  6. Short answer — NOPE.
    Long answer — I don’t think any of us have the time….

    Best Trump can do is attempt to get shorten the time to ‘recovery’ whatever that is defined as. But we are not 1980 anymore.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. 1) The collapse was programmed in after all those QEs.
    2) It would have been more satisfying in the short-term to have Shrillary holding the bag when the balloon popped.
    3) But we’d still have been stuck with President Marie Antoinette afterwards. 3>2) Not worth the temporary satisfaction of seeing her with a face full of doggie poo.
    4) Trump faces the same long-term scenario, and probably a Greater Depression than the one we’ve been lied out of seeing in effect in reality since 2009.
    5) Being an actual businessman, Trump’s got a better-than-average shot at seeing through the BS, and helping the nation claw its way back to fiscal sanity (or, at least softening the crash, and shortening the duration of the results) than the alternative.
    6) That being said, when (not if) the economy does go all ‘splodey, HopeyDopey’s “legacy” will be cemented in concrete for all eternity, and the mid-terms of 2018 will be downright grim for the DNC, and RINOs, who both log-rolled each other and the nation into this mess.
    7) None of which matters a tinker’s cuss at my or your level.
    Preps are unchanged, and unchanging:
    Beans. Bullets. Band aids. Books. Bullion. For years, not months.
    Defensible arable land. Local co-operative friendships.
    More PT.
    And you still don’t have enough ammo. Or anything else.

  9. Can we get that cap in coyote brown or ranger green?

  10. This was this weeks McAlvany’s commentary:
    Trumpo-Stocko-Mania! Let’s Party like it’s 1929

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  11. I say again… in case you people have forgotten the FEDERAL RESERVE is in charge of the economy as they control the interest rates and money printing to cover the CONgress annual deficit spending which flows directly into the stock market. Talk to the average American and if the stock market is ok then the economy is ok as far as they are concerned. They are gonna be surprised after the 3rd interest rate hike in 2017.

    And now the FEDERAL RESERVE has announced they plan to raise rates multiple times in 2017.

    The FEDERAL RESERVE is owned by the international banking cartel and have no intention of giving Trump an easy money economy like they did for Obama. The problem is the FEDRES balance sheet is over $4 Trillion to the red… they want some of that back and they are going to get it under Trump no matter what, so buckle up it could get bumpy.

    Aesop, you wrong about one thing. Had Hitlery won, the FEDRES would NOT have raised the interest rates and the economy would have muddled along like under Obama and slowly gotten worse over time. Since Trump won they intend to raise rates throughout the Trump era, which as long as he jump starts the economy QUICKLY may not be a bad thing but if he doesn’t then there will be a US bond/Govt Debt crisis and possible default due to interest on the national debt.

    Trump’s best bet is to END THE FED and force CONgress to do their job.

    Grey Ghost

    • The Fed controls our economy, but not the world’s economies, how people think anywhere, nor reality itself.
      The current schema is held together with spiderwebs, and nothing they coulda/woulda/shoulda done for Shrillary coulda/woulda/shoulda staved off the collapse to come, any more than they could rescind gravity on a whim.

      Rates rising, money supply shrinking, money printing decreasing, and the economy heating up are not all bad things, and if…IF…handled prudently, could be the difference between Sully’s landing on the Hudson River, and that of Flight 93 landing outside Shanksville.

      That’s probably the most, and best, anyone can hope for.