Herschel: Who Really Leaked The DNC And Podesta EMails To Wikileaks?


Hint: Not Russians.

And you think the central government may be legitimate if “the right guy” is in there?

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  1. PERSEC PROBLEM: Are you aware that this blog (likely because of its use of wordpress, not likely because of the blog owner’s agenda) extracts HTML5 Canvas image data? That data can be used to both track and uniquely identify your computer and browsing.

    BACKGROUND: https://tor.stackexchange.com/questions/3283/html5-canvas-security-flaw

    • Try the Brave browser. You can turn on Fingerprint blocking, which blocks multiple types including canvas data.

      Brave is Brendan Eich’s new project. You may recall he was the founder of Mozilla who got hounded out of his own company because he was insufficiently worshipful of the faggot agenda.


      • Thanks for the lead and the faggot alert. I will test Brave. I have been very happy with TorGuard VPN/Tor Browser, the combination that alerted me to the vulnerability here.

        My experience is not in accord with the HiddenWiki’s rankings, but the article did tip me off to TorGuard.
        Best VPN Services: VPN Comparison Chart

      • Alfred E. Neuman

        Downloaded Brave browser. Looks good. Has versions for windows, mac and linux….

  2. His name was Seth Rich.

    • DNC leaker ((Seth Rich)))…shot in the back of the head. DNC leaker (((Eric Braverman)))….missing, presumed dead. I’d bet both were hit on orders from (((John Podesta))), in between other “wet work” involving kidnapped, raped, murdered children…and maybe Scalia too. This is one ripe Zionist scandal. No surprise the (((MSM))) won’t touch it.

  3. Let’s divert attention to who is responsible and completely brush aside the content of the emails. This is the court of public opinion and evidence obtained by illegal means is still evidence to be considered. Fuckers.

  4. I’ve said many times the political class is a class of psychopaths. I have never said it in jest or to be derogatory, there just isn’t something right with how they operate. It has always been an intuitive sense something is wrong with their general behavior and the actions they take. Things that don’t add up, and there are certain actors who are always connected in some fashion, they keep showing up, almost like they are the gate keepers of something to be protected. And now with the advent and disclosure of this truly despicable evil, along with all the other terrible things we are discovering, these actors have vanished from the public spotlight like somebody threw a switch.
    What I’m getting at goes beyond simple corruption and lying they are involved in as a way of doing business. My intuition stems from how they have acted contrary to the will and wishes of the governed in ways that defy common sense, logic and reason or even ideology or agenda or dogma.It is almost like I am watching the possessed at work. Many times over the last 20 years I couldn’t help but think there was something really sinister affecting the outcome of so many things that in a “normal” political process would be very different, almost like something dark and evil is at work.

    I know one thing for certain, these revelations they are two things, you can’t make up the fractal pattern of their innocent isolated seeming connections, and they fit very well the puzzle of behavior and actions of the influential, rich, and powerful involved in the attempts to destroy the west and implement an entirely new and for them self serving system of government. And I think that last thing right there justifies the scale and scope of the hedonistic nature of this one world order.

    To them it is the perfect cover so to say.

    But here is the thing we got to think about. Is there anything more evil than what these monsters are doing with children. The truth behind this is outing, and it’s likely past the point of stuffing it back in the bottle. What we got to think about is what we as dirt people are going to do about. This is no small thing whats happening, these are people who can not be allowed ever to infect our cultures and societies with their evil, they need to be eradicated from our planet, hunted down like vermin, and eliminated.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. All the info put out a few years ago about Paralell Construction
    should get all these deviants rounded up. If not, then you know
    why – BLACKMAIL – There is NO HONOR in “that world”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  7. Almost certainly there are 100k IT geeks is Amerika who could have hacked Podesta. It was a simple phishing expedition that is taught in the first day of hacker school. Hillary’s state dept server in her bathroom was a bit tougher. But at least a million geeks world wide could have done that one. I still think Kim Dotcom had a hand in it but there are rumors that a rouge IT guy from in our govt did it.
    The problem is is that Clinton and Podesta weren’t practicing any cyber security whatsoever.