Schindler: Understanding Russia’s SpyWar Against Our Election


The story from a believer’s POV.

Worth the read.



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  1. there are warmongering Zionist moles among us. One of them is named John R. Schindler. He’s on my list.

  2. The real story (now buried, as usual) is weiner’s laptop and the NYPD. It’s all there.

    Unpossible to explain away…

  3. Schindler for ALL his “Spook” credentials omits a couple of teeny tiny facts.
    1. Hilarity’s Scamming Server for her Clinton Slush Fund.
    2. The DC Pedophilia Swamp, a blackmailer’s dream for Foreign & Domestic controllers.
    3. DemocRats being mainly Marxist and Moosie loving scum, Vlad the Impaler from the Kremlin seems quite reasonable to me in contrast.

    • Don’t forget Soro’s bucks, if that isn’t foreign interference I don’t know what is.
      Then there is foreign interference in the shape of importing millions of brown skinned aliens, which sure looks like a leftists dream template for international gerrymandering and disenfranchising Legacy Americans.

      • For sure, sooo many traitorous villains to include.
        Dear Santa,
        I want (even more) ammo for Christmas, so that future Christmases may even exist.

  4. Shindler is nothing more than one of the ‘useful remoras’ that service
    the parasite’s that imagine that they have any legitimacy with those of us that actually lead productive lives.

    Interesting that he doesn’t mention the cockroach nest of moslem brothood that all but openly operates throughout America..especially in ‘Mordor on the Potomac’..those moles being cair, isna, icna, nait and of course the moslem students association (msa).

    Guess if Schindler wants to imagine Russian bears under his bed..he will; but where the murderous jihadi hordes that obama bin lying is importing wholesale is concerned…crickets chirping….

    Putin isn’t a anyone’s standards yet I know that he DID NOT affect the ‘erection’ of this sociopathic power state any more than coal fired plants
    affect the weather.

    I call bullshit on Schindler and the rest of his ilk!

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • There’s a serious flaw in Schindler’s narrative. If those who have been “hacked” to disrupt this election where honest and not corrupt there would not be any problem, because there would not be anything worth exposing.
      So for me Schindler’s piece here is a piece of agitprop and he’s doing the double agent thing on us to distract us from the truth.

      • I totally agree. Whoever hacked those emails deserves a Presidential medal and our eternal gratitude. If it’s Putin, I say give him the Ukraine back….

        • There’s many layers of subterfuge here. They are willing to risk this fake news and Russian influence narrative lie backfiring, then there are things far more evil they need to survive and protect, including the core actors running things and what they are guilty of doing.
          Looks to me they are running right up to the ragged edge of plausibility probing for an escape route out of the mess they got themselves into.
          It’s got to be a doozy of a collage of high crimes and treason.

          Funny thing is, they screwed themselves big time. They have alienated so many people in the process, it will be the little people, the dirt people who bury them, the very people and their culture they set out to destroy, the ones they tried to silence and marginalize, the ones they deemed unimportant, not worthy of having a voice and consent, are the very ones who they now need to believe in more lies, who will destroy them. It is as simple as nobody is buying the bullshit, also known as withdrawal of consent. But it goes further than that, it is withdrawal of consent with the knowledge there could really end up being a fight. It’s not that the dirt people are itching for a fight, as it is the resolve, that if the sonofabitches pull off this last illusion of power by straw clutching pseudo looking “legal” desperate acts, it is game over, and the only ways out is to submit to a banana republic or take out the guns and start discharging them with enthusiasm.
          This faithless elector’s/fake news/blame the Russians crap, no matter how it plays out, is their undoing. The whole thing is a true clusterfuck in the making. They pull off this bullshit coup, this country becomes ungovernable. They got to know that. That right there tells you they got things to hide so dirty rotten, they are willing to pull the plug and destroy everything rather than be found out.
          And this lying bag of regime shit Schindler, deserves a dirt nap along with the rest of his fellow scum.

  5. source NBC News? More fake news if you ask me. DEMS, you lost> get over it!

  6. Risible & pathetic. None of it is credible & only makes America look ridiculous. Dumfookistan, America has some of the most consciously dumbest populace on planet Fooktardia. Whether it’s Psychotronic Weapons @ 2.8 Mhz – calcified Pineal Glands from the sodium Flouride poison, Amigdala HiJack, GMO toxicity, Weather Modification – ENMOD or Social Hacking etc. Truly a dystopic & disfunctional chronicle – epoch on time

    How about Russia hacked the Barking Moonbats – LBGT – Hipster’s – Millenials Brains for a better more credible Deep State narrative ?

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. What utter decayed dung. Couldn’t get past second paragraph. These fuckers are being run over by history. Not wasting another brain cell on their Trotskite natterings.

  9. “U.S. intelligence has determined…” which comes “according to NBC News”… [from an NBC story; NBC is in the YGBSM category] citing “officials” – [so 2 unnamed leakers become the rock of policy for a multi-agency national capability].

    “Putin’s motivation was revenge, according to unnamed senior IC officials, since he despises Clinton…” [this guy is now clairvoyant, he’s obviously got a better source than Tom Clancy’s CARDINAL.]

    “It’s an easy bet…” [now he’s gone from magically declaring fact to (almost) revealing that he’s guessing. Of course, receiving a Chief Exec’s briefing on something each day makes Obama personally responsible for everything – if it mattered, or if he actually read the PDB.]

    “if you’re a Washington macher of any variety who uses email, it’s a safe bet Moscow reads them…” [well Captain of the Obvious, so does your own country as well as a couple dozen social-engineering firms involved in advertising.]

    “To be clear, Putin ordered his spies to execute strategic Active Measures against the United States and top Democrats in 2016 because Moscow possessed enough stolen information to do so.” [back to Dr. Phil and magically identifying only 1 victim; since the RNC was smart enough over a year ago to heed the FBI warnings & tighten up their IT systems which were NOT carrying “admin admin” as their userID and password.]

    “American counterintelligence, which has never been a high priority in Washington, suffered complete collapse during President Obama’s two terms.” [see above about assignment of responsibility based on being briefed.]

    “The critical first step to unraveling ChekistGate is admitting what really happened.” [This guy admits the Dems were duped, organizationally & systemically stupid, victims of what all countries do & wants to single out Putin personally? I’m no big Putin-lover (respect for a nationalist-minded Christian is another animal) but I have a different view on who did what for what reason; no apologies. The Dems and their MSM Useful Idiots need to understand that the list of people out there smarter than they are is a long one.]

    This story was already running in RT for a couple days so I’ve been giving it some thought. But, in my view, this (as well as the NBC story) is an example of “fake news” – wasn’t someone going to do something about that? Keep pushing it; kinda like an internet video was responsible for Benghazi. Have to write that down in my “I’ll Be Damned” book.

  10. “The story from a believer’s an intel shill’s POV.” FTFY.

    “Edward Snowden . . . did enormous damage to Western intelligence”
    Even in the unlikely event that there’s any truth to that whatsoever, for the good of the country as a whole (as opposed to just the ruling elite) the target – ignorance of the vast extent of surveillance of ordinary Americans – had to be taken out. Collateral damage cuts both ways, and if the spook mafia caught some of it in the course of that operation, tough shit. To avoid such in future, clean up your act; give Americans reason – at present sorely lacking – to believe that the US ‘national security’ establishment is not a far greater threat to America than Russia’s could ever hope to be.

  11. Schindler is practicing his novel-writing. His so-called analysis asserts the DNC emails were not hacked from afar by Kremlin cyber-geeks, but rather were obtained the old fashioned way, on our own soil, by sigint moles. Shudder.

    Incessant use of adjectives–nasty, devilish–is one thing. But to slyly call the leaked emails “disinformation” is a howler. The emails were not fabricated nor doctored. They were revealed as they were created. They are, in fact, information, not disinformation.

    Now, of course, former UK ambassador Craig Murray affirms that the perpetrator was a disgruntled DNC employee who through an intermediary dumped the goods on Wikileaks. []. Not a single trace of the bear to be seen. Alas.

    How is Schindler gonna gin up a good, distracting war if he can’t even control the content of the Two-Minute Hate?


    So what if he did. I have more to fear from Hillary and her minions than from a Head-of-State, thousands of miles away, who never confiscated one cent of my earned wealth or attempted to take my means of self-defense.
    And what is the upshot of this? Does this “Zionist Mole”, as Haxo calls him, think we should declare war on Vlad? As more veils drop, the whole “Emperor has no clothes” meme becomes apparent. They are grasping at straws.
    It is absolutely astounding how this tiny cabal of msm/wall street/banksters/whore politicians have been able to fool so many for so long. But H.L. Mencken said it: “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

  13. Putin is trolling the MSM just like Trump and all he has to do is smirk. Schindler might even be a CIA disinformation clown, chaff thrown out there for low infos. They’ve been doing it for decades.

  14. All I got out of the article is that Barry the Kenyan failed in the arena of espionage too. Hell, truth be known that sorry sob is probably on Putins payroll.

  15. Schindler must be a lifelong Demoncrap. He has provided NO EVIDENCE, just his opinion and unverifiable “counterintel info/story” of what he thinks happened. Just because he claims a CI background doesn’t mean I have to believe a damn thing he says, in fact, the mere claim of a CI background is enough to make me believe he is lying. If he turns “whistleblower” and provides actual evidence to the public to support his claims he may be more believable. Because he dislikes Ed Snowden, I dislike and do not trust Mr. Schindler. Further, the continual claim by the Schindlers and Glenn Becks of the world that Wikileaks is a Russian “front” is again nothing but a claim. Bring your evidence into the sunlight you bunch of jackasses in order to support your claim or shutup until you can put up.

    Grey Ghost

  16. I like reading his work… most of the time. He has more in common with Weiner than you may consider at first blush, though.

  17. All youse guys is totally awesome!

    Seriously, after reading a couple grafs of that schill swill, I prepared to write pretty much all that has been written above. Couldn’t agree more, and thanks for saving me all that typing.

    First rate evisceration!

  18. “U.S. intelligence has determined that Vladimir Putin himself was deeply involved” I’m sorry, who? U.S. Intelligence who? What report, what person, what evidence? Oh, no-one? None? None again?

    Gee, I’ve been in U.S. Intelligence for decades and I haven’t heard a fucking peep.

  19. Stealth Spaniel

    What a load of BS from a supposed well connected spook. If Putin wanted anyone elected, it was Hillary the Whore. She was more than willing to sell American uranium to him, why would she not be willing to sell something/anything else??

  20. Reality is in the last sentence…

    Meanwhile: Obama Vows Retaliation Against “Russia Hacking”, To Hold Press Conference On Friday

  21. Charles,

    “US intelligence has determined….”

    Rhetoric, speculation and innuendo. Nothing factual. The media has been feeding us shit sandwiches for years.

  22. Lest We Forget…..

  23. The whole point of all this bullshit is to cause enough chaos to keep Trump out of the WH. Don’t think it impossible. It is possible, and the Left is just corrupt enough to say, “Fuck it, go for broke”. We are at Defcon 2, and holding. Monday, we could very well go to Defcon 1. Stay frosty. Obongo hasn’t left office YET.