What We Want Versus What We have


Fran Porretto and TL Davis view the scene in interrelated ways.

Fact: Team Freedom is outnumbered almost conclusively in the Uniparty and its adjuncts (the Deep State, the MSM, academia, the judiciary, and the minds of many most FUSAns).

Fact: The resulting momentum by Team Tyranny will lead them to the victory they sought in 2016 within most of our lifetimes, at current course and speed.

Fact: If Team Freedom is to reverse this trend towards irredeemable totalitarianism, mere iterating on the current playbook must be abandoned and a new playbook devised.


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  1. To prevent a catastrophic avalanche, a little (or as much as is needed) dynamite is in order.

    The fear of the Unknown/Unintended cannot outweigh the certainties known, as expressed above.

    If tyranny is certain failing appropriate action, TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION!


    What are the appropriate actions?

    Everything inimical to tyranny, from the monkeywrench to the cataclysm..

    Anything at all.

    It’s really quite a spectrum… something for everyone.

  2. FrozenPatriot

    Reminding people that nobody cheers for the empire, but rather the rebels who destroy government property, ignore government diktats, and kill government stormtroopers seems to make people in my sphere of influence consider the government in a new light. Always referring to government mercs as stormtroopers seems to catch people off guard, especially when they’re in pairs extorting money and searching for rebel paraphernalia or illegal vegetables along side the road in the land of the free.

    We in the freedom movement are all thinkers, determining the multidimensional and multi-order consequences of certain actions. The statist need weak-minded first-order thinkers, who are easier to manipulate and brainwash with poorly written tee-vee shows and sportsball. We didn’t get here overnight, and we won’t lead people to our way of thinking overnight. It requires individuals stepping individually up to conversations with other individuals. It stands to reason that a requirement of individualism is embracing the duty to act individually. No equivocating, no accepting the statist narrative, but be courteous, be professional, but have a plan to kill the argument of everyone you meet.

    Right now we want to gently persuade the gray matter in the brain bucket. The time for persuading in a supersonic fashion is not today. If freedomistas spent half the time on conversation or debate prep as they did on beans and bullets, we may not ever need the beans and bullets.

    • “If freedomistas spent half the time on conversation or debate prep as they did on beans and bullets, we may not ever need the beans and bullets.”

      Laudable, and fondly to be wished, but unlikely.

      Stlll, many off us are doing all we can in that regard.

  3. Further:

    Fact no. 1 is indeed a fact. In opposition to which is the fact that “they” are
    in an underwhelming minority, and extremely vulnerable by any metric of the means of production and delivery- small teams effect vastly disproportional results.

    “Fact” no. 2 is not a fact at all. It is an assertion based mostly on the prognosis of fear and inaction. Those who think of Trump as a mere speed bump are not prepared to make the most of it.

    He may or may not live up to the billing but he represents THAT WHICH MUST BE RECOGNIZED AND EXPLOITED to the uttermost- a very real paradigm shift in culture and politics. (See Mountain Doug’s earnest, perceptive, defiant and courageous comments). Those who voted Trump represent many more who can be awakened further… worse, better… and it will get worse. The more people feel the heat, the more they will see the light if it is shown to them. Be the Light.

    Fact no. 3 is true and I have given my simple recommendations in these two comments.

  4. We need to be bold in changing the Narrative, as Trump has shown. Which means not being “nice” about things like the massive vote fraud involving aliens, felons, and people who don’t exist. For example, a ballot box in Detroit with 50 total ballots producing 300 votes for Hillary.

    • I agree. The time for being “nice” about one party’s (or the other’s) shenanigans is over. Give no quarter in the court of public opinion anymore.

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    Stop being nice, stop letting the leftists develop the narrative, NEVER believe “the news”, do everything you can to stop funding “public” education-including keeping the kids out of government schools, and be the disrupter that they fear.

  6. MichiganderJim

    Ahem, it’s hardly rocket science. Strike the root or the weed will always come back.

  7. 1) True, but only barely, and mainly because most of Team Freedom has spent 60 years and more fleeing the media, and anything that reeks of being “culture”, like scalded cats, or Puritans downwind of a prom at a brothel.
    That has proven to be short-sighted shitheadedness of a monumental order of magnitude.

    Breitbart nailed this one:
    Politics is downstream from culture.

    Stew and chew on that one a bit.

    I’ll let everyone in on another secret: politics is but a rudder; culture is the engines.
    Despite this, and due entirely to the barest thread of remaining wisdom from the Founders, that numerical majority has proven to be unavailing in yet another election. (And as elsewhere noted, their side can be swayed with the thinnest shaft of truth piercing into their team’s enforced Darkness.)

    The challenge is to use the respite to start undoing that majority, undermining it at every opportunity, and monkeywrenching its working machinery when nothing less works. (Trump appointing people, almost without exception, who despise and want to destroy the very cabinet agencies they’ll soon be running is a healthy start on this.)

    The media has happily sabotaged themselves, probably for a generation. We should not let that time go by in idleness.
    If the “wild” forms of media are curbed or shut down/shot down by the MSM, we need to establish two alternatives to every one they connive to thwart.
    Call it Operation Medusa: every time you chop a snake, two more sprout in its place.
    If they publish a List Of Approved Websites, accuse them of anti-American blacklisting and McCarthyism, and break that broomstick off in their @$$#$ until they bleed.

    Academia is teetering on the edge of their little bubble breaking spectacularly. We should be planning to supplant it as well, at the opportune moment, and from K-Ph.D.

    The best thing to do vis-à-vis the judiciary is see that over the next 4-8 years, it gets packed with as many conservative/libertarian/constitutionalist jurists as possible, to bank that fire to last another generation, and begin to turn tides, district by district, state by state, circuit by circuit, until the avalanche of star decisis begins to suffocate the monster.

    2) Team Tyranny is currently dead in the water, and the engine room is gloriously aflame. Every effort should be made to turn off their water supply, cut their hoses, and pour gasoline down the ventilation shafts of that catastrophe, at every opportunity that presents itself. And then only agree to staunch the flames by flooding the space with all their hands locked belowdecks.

    If anyone reaches a hand out to the opposition, it should have a knife in it;
    if anyone reaches across the aisle, it should be while holding a grenade, with the pin pulled.
    These are not our friends, and they bear us no goodwill.
    They will never be good, friendly, nor amicable, except as a means of blowing up anything and everything we stand for given half a chance.
    Their leadership and public mouthpieces should be treated with all the tender loving care you’d give a jihadi with a Semtex vest, entering a security checkpoint.
    Defection from their ranks should be encouraged, and converts pursued with the zeal of Scientologists.
    Successful cases should be rubbed in the Left’s noses like a puppy’s house-breaking failures, and the tally roll of public figures abandoning the ship should be the unceasing daily drumbeat of failure that sends them shrieking to their safe spaces.

    3) Every effort, great and small, quiet and cacophonous, should be directed towards not just pushing the pendulum as far as it can go in our direction, but to lashing it there, and putting spikes on the other side, so that any shift backwards draws their blood, and causes them pain.

    We need a “Broken Windows” theory of conservatism: stop giving them little victories, in hopes of holding the line on bigger issues.
    No more safe spaces: they just become fever swamps to grow our own domestic Taliban trying to undermine and destroy the entire civilization.
    (Two exemplars:
    Before DiFi became a senator, she was a little-known city council member in SF, in a city that was tolerated as enemy territory in a mostly red state. Communist Maxine Waters got her political start on the school board in Los Angeles, mainly as reparations and white guilt for the Watts riots. Doubtless similar tales could be told for Chicongo, Detroitistan, NYFC, or D.C.)

    Stop. Giving. Up. Territory.
    Not physical.
    Not political.
    Not rhetorical.
    Not metaphorical.
    Confront the BS everywhere, at all times, relentlessly, like terrier on a rat.
    Make them so afraid to shit the carpet, even a little, anywhere, they’ll hold their crap in for an entire lifetime, lest the Rolled Up Newspaper Of Doom come down on their noses.

    If none of that works, prepare to repel boarders.
    But sweet suffering, Shiva, don’t let it happen because of too many defeatist twats pissing their underpanties because they’re afraid to so much as try.

    Because where has that approach gotten us for the last eighty years or so??

  8. Jimmy the Saint

    As the “Mr. Evans” character said in “Ride With The Devil”:

    “But my point is merely that they rounded every pup up into that schoolhouse because they fancied that everyone should think and talk the same free-thinkin’ way they do with no regard to station, custom, propriety. And that is why they will win. Because they believe everyone should live and think just like them. And we shall lose because we don’t care one way or another how they live. We just worry about ourselves . . . You fight for everything that we ever had, as did my son. It’s just that… we don’t have it anymore.”

    That’s the very scenario we will be facing if we don’t change things.

  9. Remind people that just because a special-interest group receives the most attention doesn’t mean they are the majority of the population. Good example is the LGBT community: They receive a tremendous amount of pious handwringing attention from the Corporate Media and the Fed .gov, yet they are merely between 1% to 4% of the population. But they have made tremendous strides in securing cultural/legal change for their benefit. There is a lot of truth to the old saying, “A tireless, vocal minority can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

  10. Some observations from the Porretto piece —

    Accordingly, we’ve been treated to all the following:
    “Comey threw the election to Trump.”
    — Shall I quote John Kerry here? You understand then.

    “It was the white racist vote that did it.”
    — But of course it was. As the largest voting bloc by race that was never in doubt. It is the matter of labelling then. Or to quote Time “We are all racists now.”

    “Voting machines were tampered with.”
    — Well actually that is true. What is coming out of Detroit clearly indicates that. Problem is, the tampering was to stuff the ballot box for HRC.

    “The Constitution is wrong; the president should be chosen by national popular vote.”
    — Good luck on that one. But hey, press forward with an article V to change it. But I won’t bet the farm on the outcome, its intentionally hard to get an amendment passed.

    “It was Russian hacking.”
    — Actually it appears to be DHS doing the hacking. Are they not telling us who they contracted with to do the job might be Russians?

    “It was fake news from right-wing sources.”
    — As opposed to fake news from left-wing sources? Start with the polling and work your way back from there.

    “When your enemy is digging themselves in a hole, hell give them a bigger shovel.”

  11. Team Tyranny from a political perspective is funded externally. Attack that source and they are severely hampered.

  12. What we should be most concerned about is that someone as personally and professionally flawed as Clinton got the nomination at all. We all know the ‘fix’ on the Dem side was in. That is extremely alarming.

    Second, the left is unhinged from reality. All they need do is look at an election map by county to see the stark reality of how profoundly they were rejected at the polls.

    Reject all former MSM news. They are propagandists.

    • I won’t disagree with the observation of the amount of land mass cause its true. But look at voting by population density and you will see that the GOP has abandoned the metropolitan areas. I would suggest to you that loss of the cities is not a Democratic problem but a Republican one.

      • The cities vote Dem because the Dems promise goodies. Goodies paid for by others. What do you say the GOP should do? The same? You cannot beat the Dem scum at their game and good folks know that others cannot pay their tab.

  13. Discuss; how many times have people said “local local local” & then sat back refusing to engage with anyone who didn’t think like they did?

    In terms of elected office, seek out & support locals who can talk in specifics, goals as well as motive. These are future state assembly, future circuit judges, future appointments as under-secretaries, etc. Don’t live in the angry rant; if you would grow anything that would enable the rudder correction you need to be able to make eye contact with some semblance of a smile while still engaging in facts. This applies not only to potential local officials, but voters – it’s not a game that’s changed, one must evaluate how you play it. I do agree with ‘oughtsix’ that avoiding making the most of the “postponement” many regard as the Trump election would be an epic failure. Hell, I personally know 3 people whose votes were influenced by me; just 3. Not blowing a horn here, but that’s better than voting dead in Cook County ’cause I’m still enjoying my coffee.

  14. Just wanted to share this with other people: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda – Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DzOz3Y6D8g_MNXHNMJYAz1b41_cn535aU5UsN7Lj8X8/preview

    • Interesting, but the premise is flawed from the beginning, it was not Obama that inspired the Tea Party, it was the banking fraud, something that touched everyone and deeply. Trump just doesn’t inspire that much anger, so while this plan is interesting and I was personally involved in some direct contact with Representatives over the banking and Obamacare issues, the banking crisis was real and Trump is not a racist despite the rhetoric of the left and they all sort of know it. It is an epithet and doesn’t have the power that emptied bank accounts, 401k’s and lost equity does. So, while it is good information, don’t get me wrong, Leftsts protest, that’s what they do and they are a lot better at it than the right.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. Gather information, watch closely what goes on, and be prepared for anything. It won’t take much more for the Left to lose what little sanity they have left, and then, It’s On. They always over reach because that’s what criminal gangs do. They think they have the numbers, and enough power, and they are going to make their move. This time, it’s not going to be just noise.

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  18. 100-200 million dead murkins is a good target number.


    Wait until 12/20/2016. The smart money is still saying that the EC will endorse the POTUS-elect. If and when that happens, the left will go full berserk. If the EC goes sideways, the deplorables will be more than upset.
    In either case, have a plan and make sure all of your lists are up-to-date. Bleib ubrig.

  20. Trump won by the skin of his teeth. At best he’s likely a one-term President

    What to do about it? A lot. Below is a start.

    Get your minds right:
    (1) No enemies to the Right.
    (2) Recognize that half of what you think you know is bullshit.
    (3) Adopt an inward sense of racial identitarianism. This is a f**king race war.
    (4) Outwardly project a civic nationalist persona.
    (5) Lose the self-sabotaging libertarianism – less “me,” more “we.”
    (6) Educate and train self, family, and close friends as political soldiers.
    (7) Useful, practical trade and technical skills. Have any? Get some.
    (8) Movement-building requires ground game. Ground game is face-to-face. Tweeting on Twatter is not ground game.
    (9) Look for salvation from the bottom, not from the top.

    Consider this: 47 million white adults are not registered to vote. 1/3 of the males in this subset is greater than the entire black voting population. Up to ½ of these people voted in national elections until the early 70s. We know why the Democrats shucked them aside. Question is, why didn’t Trump and the Republican Party go after them in 2016?

    Consider this: There are more than 3000 counties in the United States. If Trump had recruited 50 volunteers from each county, he would have had a political “army” of 150,000 throughout the U.S.

    (1) Easily removed, magnetic “Trump-Pence” signs on automobiles and pickup trucks across the country.
    (2) Trailer-mounted, home made, LED-lit “Trump-Pence” signs
    (3) Banners held on freeway overpasses during rush-hour.
    (4) Grandma and Grandpa in nursing homes bused/escorted to the polls.
    (5) Private pilots pulling “Trump-Pence” banners across the sky at sporting events.
    (6) Pro-Trump meets/rallies/brochure distributions in friendly Red-State towns across the country.
    (7) Unregistered white, blue-collar adults contacted, invited to meets, and registered.

    Consider this: America’s media cartels must be broken up and diverse thinking promoted within its ranks. This is how to do it:

    (1) Enact and enforce anti-trust legislation to break up the national and transnational media cartels and media monopolies.
    (2) Outlaw and require sale of all existing foreign equity or debt stakes in any FCC broadcast license holder.
    (3) Prohibit any US citizen from holding any financial stake, whether by equity, debt, permanent license of copyright or trademark, in more than one FCC licensee.
    (4) Convert all FCC licensees and all Cable Television and Satellite Television franchisees into common carriers required to sell all their broadcast time to non-related parties by public auction.