Advice That Will Be Disregarded By The Reds


An excellent AAR aimed at the Dems.

Good thing their arrogance is impenetrable.

(H/t Insty)

25 responses to “Advice That Will Be Disregarded By The Reds

  1. Good one here, CA….

    looks like the bolsheviks are going to take this hook or crook.

    • “looks like the bolsheviks are going to take this hook or crook.”


      Oh, bullshit. Utterly.

  2. He had me until he started referring to Trump as incompetent, and his reader comments indicated they thought so too. Trump is anything BUT incompetent. But I guess that’s another lesson they’ll have to learn too. As smart as the author is, he’s not THAT smart. Trump is already kicking ass and taking names. The Democrats are done for a long time to come, but that won’t stop their guerrilla tactics, beginning with their constant and predictable undermining of Trump’s Administration.

  3. Stewie,
    Have you seen this morning’s headline at the Drudge Report? A photo of a smirking Putin with the headline “PROVE IT.”

    These Democrats are so spun around, they’ll be their own demise. It will be mucho satisfying to watch them implode even more than they already have.

    • They’re insane but if obama does indeed do what I think he will do, what will the response be from all those who’s votes now mean nothing?

      They’re holding the cards right now.

      • You ask:
        “…what will the response be from all those who’s votes now mean nothing?

        “Law Enforcement” and their families in East Central Florida do not want to find out the answer to that question.

  4. A screed of cognitive dissonance is still a screed of cognitive dissonance no matter how much butter cream frosting you try to put on a cake of cultural marxist shit.

  5. Hey, where’s Hillary? I don’t want her popping up behind me.

  6. All this is fine and dandy, even if we don’t get what we want with Trump. But there is only one thing communists understand, and that is Death in the Face. They absolutely will not stop, until exterminated, or victorious. All games and chicanery aside, all politics and economics aside, that is the bottom line.

    • No doubt about it.
      No question what must be done either.
      Salt the Earth.

      Just watched the lame duck emperor’s address. He is delusional. I need a scalding hot shower to wash off the disgust crawling all over me.

    • Exactly right Sean. All 65+ million of them or we successfully peaceably secede from these collectivists.

      Grey Ghost

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Just realized Trump stole his banana…


  9. all stuff and nonsense. To “win” the election, the Republiscams ran a fake-populist Performance Artist who’s a lifelong liberal Demoncrat with poisonous (((NY values))). When the flyover country Whites realize they’ve been scammed yet again by the (((System))), the Repukes will be in no better shape than the Demoncrats. Expect a record low turnout in 2018…if the center-collapsed (((System))) lasts that long.

    • Aren’t you the same redundantly repetitious (but you repeat yourself), one note, predictably assaholic muzzlicker who confidently predicted the “Mrs. Clinton” would win in a landslide?

      You’ve made your one point, over and over, ad nauseum, through about ten of the most un-clever nom de troll evah, in the history of evah….

      Put a dirty old gym sock in it, whydoncha? or a turd, cock, other vile fetish of your choice.

      Then die.

  10. i watched regular news today on TV. First time in the past year.The wife and mini-me were home on Christmas break. The TV was on.I came close to a Elvis vs TV extravaganza. Lying,look you in the face cocksuckers. When you don’t listen to content or substance,I guess it is a fine presentation. Pieces of shit! No mention of Wiki-leaks drop man acknowledging the NSA leak to Assange.
    The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Get a new fucking routine. I lived this one already in my life. Blame this fiasco of a routine on the Burmese and of course….the Jooooos.

  11. Return to the fact that the author was addressing Dems (and likely no one here) pretty well-written piece. No worries here, they’re still in denial and too dismissive of reality in their face. But it was a good piece of writing, no matter the author’s persuasion. Thanks CA.


    So when will Barry, his Manginas, and screeching Harpies declare war on Vlad? This inquiring old mind wants to know.

  13. I can see no downside to the Dems being crushed and thence irrelevent forever. I am filled with glee and my spirit soars on wings of Schadenfreude. Their tears are delicious.
    Calling on Evil to be a loyal opposition is stupid beyond belief.

  14. That piece is the “best written” load of hopeless pleading I’ve ever read, aimed as it is on the most deaf ears on the planet.

    When a paradigm/faith/ideology is as insane and exposed as is that of the left/prog/oligarchy, there can be only one result, and it ain’t success…

    Unless “success” means everyone dies.