Stilton: Irony Man


As always, read the text, too.

2 responses to “Stilton: Irony Man

  1. Every body hold on to your butts. Obongo at his news conference just said the Russians, including Putin, hacked the election and the DNC and Podesta, and he has PROOF which will be published before he leaves office. 2:30 PM, CDT.

  2. So ooblowme is loosing control of the ‘narrative’ and is lurching forward to grasp what shreds of ‘leegituumacy’ that he imagines that he has (in his peanut mangina excuse for a brain..Homer Simpson is more gifted!).

    He dreams of going a few rounds in the ring with Vlad?!..give me a moment to get the popcorn done and I’ll put my money on Vlad to put him in a even better if it was a grudge match with Vlad and Trumpy as a tag team vs. ooblowme ‘n hiligula (or maybe poodesta)…”Get Ready to Ruuuumble””

    The entertainment value would be worth it in itself!…

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III