Syria, Simplified By “Black Swan” Author


Via ZH.

And look at FUSA’s allies.

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  1. Off-topic:

    Taleb wrote the Forward for the just released The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life after 40 (

    This is from the Starting Strength group; you can also get a copy from their site ( The book is excellent, particular the early chapters by Dr. Sullivan that describe the sick aging phenotype. Every patriot should have a copy; I got a second loaner copy for meatspace folks.

    Only downside is that it says I need to more conditioning. Rats.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    East Aleppo, Syria–formerly largest city in Syria.

    Here’s your handiwork Obama/Kerry/Klinton.NYT. Be proud!

  3. It looks like Berlin after WW2. They blame Russia, but is was our State Department that tried to buy another Arab Spring, and it blew up in there faces. War crimes.

  4. “Nominally Democratic…”
    Sorry, but you lost me right there. Syria is nominally Democratic in the same way that the Palestinian Authority is…..not.
    Holding some completely meaningless local election is just that….meaningless, when the whole system kowtows to the dictator, be that Assad or Abbas.

    • Think of these “dictators”. Then think of their countries, and the blow-back, after USgov decided to refine them with “democracy”.

      I suppose one would look a little crazy, keeping the CRAZIES, under the lid in Syria. The Syrian people, for the most part, were free to go about their business… just as long as they didn’t clamor for western style filthy American dumbocracy like a bunch of faggots swinging their dicks in parade all over downtown America, or swing the other way to our “moderate” Jihad 4 “freedumb” terrorism as in Wahhabism.

      What I just don’t get about Americans, is that they think “democracy”, and “freedumb”, is predicated on everything foul. And if you don’t let that foulness manifest itself… freely, then you are not free, and it ain’t a “democracy”. And here we are. Imagine where we will be.

      Of course, we’re technically not a “democracy” but a representative republic. But that sailed years ago because the people are stoo-pid.

      Syria couldn’t possibly be assigned as a “Palestinian Authority”.


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